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Reviews are necessary for businesses and marketing.

They influence the mindset of potential customers towards your product, be it a bad or good.

They are worth talking about. Since they matter for your business as well for customers’ satisfaction.

Research has shown the reviews are an important part of the purchasing cycle, especially during the early stages of research and scoping.

Capterra analyzed the effect of adding reviews for software products and found that conversion rates increased significantly as more reviews were added.

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With local search services like Google Places now prominently displaying reviews, they’ve become more important than ever.

They are essential for local business and driving traffic to both online and your physical store location.

However, people are not leveraging the full power of online reviews because they are underestimating the power of reviews or they are not getting reviews.

Why Online Reviews Matter For Local SEO

Local search engines love online reviews for one primary reason, consumers love online reviews.

They’re in the business of providing people on-the-go or at home with the most accurate information to help them predict and make decisions around their future purchases.

The faster they can do that, the more consumers will turn to them time and time again.

Psychological Tricks to Get Your Customers to Leave a Review on Google

1. Solve Their Problem

In a digital marketing era, when customers are looking for support, most of it is through online forms, emails, or chat.

Very little, do we have face to face interactions.

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Therefore, if you have the opportunity, give your customers that personal touch and help them to solve their problems effectively and efficiently.

Whether it’s a quick response time via email or an online chat service, these are great ways to immediately react to a problem and minimize any escalations.

More often than not, when problems or customer issues are dealt with after 24-48 hours, customers tend to get anxious and annoyed.

You want to keep them from feeling frustrated from the long wait time and help to solve their issues immediately.

When you’re able to provide them with quick customer service, your customers are more likely to write a positive review for you.

If they’ve written a bad one for you due to a problem, solving it could turn the review into a good one.

In fact, the customer can potentially become a brand advocate too.

2. Communication Skills

Having good communication skills is a must.

You should learn how to transfer your message quickly and wisely.

Poor communication could damage a relationship while good communication nourish it.

Communicate with your customers very politely.

In the effective communication, you must choose the communication method best suited for the message.

Develop the skill to get to the point in a clear and focused manner and communicate that across mediums.

Find the ways to cut the fat off, your verbal and written communications and notice whether it gets you better results.

3. Show Off Positive Reviews

People love to get surrounded by positiveness & that is where reviews play an essential role.

It encourages them to believe in your services.

If you’ve got existing reviews, print them out and place them prominently in your store, preferably somewhere idle customers will read them like a corkboard, placemat or – oddly enough – bathroom stalls.

This not only shows that you take reviews seriously but, also appeals to a customer’s ego – will they be next to be featured?

4. Family & Friends

This may not be the best option to go with. But it may be the easiest way to get reviews.

Don’t hesitate to ask your family & friends to review your business page on google+ but don’t ask for the 5 stars, leave it up to them.

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P.S. Don’t ask every single friend for reviews because it may look unnatural getting a lot of reviews in a single week.

5. Get Reviewed on Yelp

Businesses around the world are paying more attention to Yelp, arguably the Internet’s largest social-local platform.

Touting it’s average 135 million monthly users, dominance in local search engine results, and ability to shut down businesses overnight, Yelp is the force to be reckoned with.


And if you will put all your eggs in the same basket, then it might look fake.

Many users prefer Yelp & getting reviewed there can help you to make it to the top positions in the Google business-map, which will ultimately help you to get more customer.

Hence, you will get more reviews.

Legendary Marketer by David Sharpe - Frequently Asked Questions

PS- Yelp, strictly disallow to ask customers to review your business. Reviews should be natural.

6. Ask The Customers

The best way to get reviews is by asking your customers.

Your customers will not mind if you provide real good services or products.

Don’t hesitate.

People do know that their reviews matters for your business (people are Educated).


Ask your customers if they enjoyed your service, follow that up with: “Would you mind leaving us a review on Google Maps?”

Pretty easy.

That’s why I earlier mentioned ‘Communication Skills’ are required for every business.

7. Send an Email

Your customers are busy just like the rest of us.

Few may go out of their comfort zone to leave a shining review on Google, it’s likely that the majority won’t.

As part of ongoing marketing, it’s essential to keep in touch with your customers anyhow.

Send them an email thanking them again for their business and include a link to your page where they can leave a review.

Don’t be SHY, saying again!

Make them look clear that you’re asking for a small favor and offer something in return as an incentive.

The chances are most people won’t take you up on your side of the deal, but the fact you’ve offered will mean they’re more likely to do what you asked.

8. Use a QR Code

A QR code is a barcode that will take mobile users to a specific mobile page if the code is scanned by their phone.

By adding this code to your promotional materials like Business Cards & emails, you can refer people to your google plus business page & It will help you to get more reviews.

You can also use QR codes on the service tables.

Here is a pretty good example of it.


Daniel Smulevich mentioned some of the points that you should keep in mind for QR codes to use for your business.

1.  Use a URL shortener. The shorter the URL, the higher the error correction rate.

2.  If you are embedding a logo or an image (and please do it!), remember not to edit the highlighted patterns or your QR Codes readers will not be able to detect the code.

3.  QR Codes in color are not a problem, as the darker dots are the ones that are read. There should always be a contrast of 55% or above between background and foreground.

4.  You should leave a quiet zone of four modules (or dots) around the QR Code so that it can be read effectively.

9. Ask for a review after each transaction

After the customer has completed the transaction then don’t forget to ask them to review your service/product.

If the customer has made the purchase from your store, then you handle a receipt to the shopper with the review URL on the bottom of the printed receipt.

If the customer has made the purchase from your online store, then you enable a review feature & after the time can send an email to their gmail account to review your product.

10. Rewards

If you’ve some regular customers who shop from your store & already reviewed you service/product, then you can give them discounts.

But, make sure you don’t buy reviews.

Give them a reward for writing a review, and not just for writing a good review.

If the online customer leaves a positive review, then you can email them some discounts through the newsletter.

In each case, the rewarded reviewer is likely to tell friends, who in turn might write their own reviews.


Reviews are important for every business & especially for local business.

You can try all the steps mentioned above in the article :) & to be honest, It will definitely help you to get google reviews. It will shape your local business.

Local businesses can get found through inclusion in SEO online directories.

Adding a listing in these online directories will help you get more exposure. It will help you to grow your business drastically.

If you’ve any question then you can ask me in the comment section & most importantly don’t forget to share it with your friends.

10 Psychological Tricks to Get Your Customers to Leave a Review on Google by

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