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One of the most important keys to build a successful blog online is publishing very unique, great, epic blog posts.

Take the time to learn the best tips to write blog content effectively. It will pay off!

Learning how to write effectively will definitely help you create very interesting, and epic blog posts for your blog online. Writing epic and valuable content is a skill you should really master, if you want to build a successful blog online.

Today, I’m going to share with you 21 tips to write blog content effectively. These content writing tips will help you create the best blog posts for your blog online!

21 Tips to Write Blog Content Effectively

When it comes to publishing content on your blog online, you need to take it very seriously. If you really want to build a successful blog online, you can’t just publish any type of content.

I often come across many new bloggers online who don’t seem to really get it.

Quality content is king online – it is about time you really realize that!

You have to take great care of the quality of the content you publish on your blog. The reputation of your blog, in the blogging community online, will depend a lot on the quality of its content, never forget that!

Learning how to create and craft very amazing and epic content for your blog is not a very challenging thing to accomplish. You just need to learn the right tips to write blog content effectively, and start gaining experience by taking a lot of action.

Alright …. let’s get to business here!

21 Tips to Write Blog Content Effectively

1 – Be Unique, Tell Your Story

According to statistics, there are over 160+ million blogs online (at the moment) – what makes your blog stand out from this crowd?

You have to stand out by becoming a unique character in the blogging world. And what is one of the best ways to be unique online? … being yourself!

There is no one else like you!

When you are sharing content on your blog, just be yourself, and tell your life’s story. Telling your story, and showing your true character, will help you become unique amongst the other bloggers online.

Hold on there!
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People love to hear from real people – and sharing your own stories about your life, and your own experiences, will really get people’s attention.

I know it might not be that easy to start sharing your stories online at the beginning, and show your true character through words but it will all be worth it at the end, trust me.

It definitely is something you need to learn to be more comfortable with, and it sure does take a lot of time and practice.

Your true character and your life’s experiences will help you become a unique writer!

2 – Share How You Feel Through Your Words

You can really share a lot of emotion through words.

Words are very powerful. People can really feel your energy from the words on your blog post.

It is okay to share exactly how you feel through your words. Never be afraid to share your feelings and your mood through your words.

Just be yourself, and share what you feel like sharing. Remember; you want to be unique, right – so, not being afraid to share how you are feeling and what you are feeling, is being yourself!

3 – You Will Never Please Everyone!

Never, ever, stress too much about pleasing every single person in your audience. You can never please everyone, and that is it.

Learn how to be okay with that. I know how it is to be a perfectionist, and wanting to please everyone really badly, trust me I know :) … I’m still somewhat a perfectionist, but I have learned that you will never please everyone in your online audience no matter how much you try.

It just never happens!

The sooner you realize you cannot please everyone in your audience, the sooner you will free yourself up from extra unnecessary stress!

4 – Write About What Really Matters to You

When you are very passionate about something, you are great at it!

Passion can be felt in every way – even through words. People can really feel how passionate you are about your blog’s topics.

People tend to listen a lot more and follow those who are very passionate about what they share, because they share the best content around.

This is why it is very important that you choose a niche you are very passionate about, for your blog online.

Passion will help you create the best content ever!

5 – Understand the Information World!

The internet (and the world) runs on information.

People online are always looking for something – they either need a solution, want to be entertained, want to be informed and educated on certain topics, need motivation and inspiration, etc.

You want your blog to be able to provide people with the best information possible. If you want people to love your blog site, you must give them what they are looking for and what they might be very interested in.

If you want to laugh, you look for jokes and funny images and videos – if you want to be inspired, you look for inspirational quotes and videos …..etc.

You are always looking for some sort of information online. Understand how this all works online, and build your blog accordingly.

Once you really understand how information runs the internet, you can start building the best blog you can build on information you are very passionate about!

6 – Experiment with Different Writing Styles

You have to find your own voice. Experimenting with different writing styles will help you find your own voice and writer’s character online.

You need to be able to show your true character through the content you share and with the way you write.

You have your own way to say things, and explain things. Learn how to do that through writing.

Experimenting with different writing styles will help you find the unique voice that you truly are. People tend to follow those who they find very interesting, and unique.

Being yourself, and showing a unique voice and character through your writing, will help you gain the right followers online. And those are the best followers you can get online, people who truly get you and like you!

Legendary Marketer by David Sharpe - Frequently Asked Questions

7 – Mix Up the Length of Your Blog Posts

I know people say … short and sweet is good, but long and detailed is EPIC!

I see a lot of new bloggers who only publish 400 to 500 words blog posts on their blog – and one of the main reasons why they keep it this short is because they are trying to push out a lot of content fast.

Publishing content on a daily basis is not a bad idea, and it does help your blog move forward – but the length of your blog posts is more important.

You want to mix it up with the length of your blog posts –  some days you can publish short and sweet posts and some other days publish long epic posts!

If you do not have enough time to write long epic blog posts very often – then cut down how frequent you publish content.

You do not need to publish content on a daily basis in order to build a successful blog online – check this post out for more info on this: How Often Should I Publish Content On My Blog?

From my own experiences, long epic blog posts do a lot better online and a lot more for your blog  And whenever you are having a “lazy” day, you can publish a short and sweet blog post.

8 – Always Work On a Catchy Title

Your blog post title is the main door to your content. You can make someone interested or not interested on your blog post just with the title.

Learn about Copy-Writing, and learn how to come up with the most eye-catching titles. If you become really good at coming up with very interesting titles for your blog posts, you can easily boost up the traffic and audience of your blog!

There are many good titles you can play with.

Let me share with you a big list of good title examples:

Eye Catching Titles | 21 Tips to Write Blog Content Effectively

9 – Write a Short Intro

A blog post with a nice short intro goes a long way. People like short intros, they help the reader get prepared for the information on the blog post.

I used to never care to write a short and sweet intro for my blog posts – I would just go straight to the point most of the time. Then, I started reading other blog posts on different blogs online, and noticed most successful bloggers had a short and sweet intro for their blog posts.

Just look at other successful blogs online, and pay close attention at how they structure their blog posts.

You can also see an Intro on articles from very popular websites online. I don’t think most new bloggers online really take the time to learn how to structure their blog posts the best way possible.

This is why I am sharing this with you (you might be a brand new blogger online). If you are a new blogger online, you should really invest in your blogging education, and learn as much as possible. Don’t just write because you can! LOL

Just think about this for a second; you can make the visitor want to really read the entire blog post with what you say in the intro.

10 – Read, Read, Read!

Reading can really help you become a great writer. The more you read, the more you will understand the art of writing.

You will learn new words, and you will remember how to spell words correctly a lot easier. You will also learn how to structure your content a lot better.

You should read books, and other blog posts online. Just find information you are interested in, on books or ebooks and websites online, and read.

Read daily if you can!

If you are still learning how to become a great writer, and you are not reading as much – let me challenge you!

Test this out.

Read every single day, for at least 3 months, and write as often as possible during these 3 months. Track the quality of your writing throughout the entire time – and see how your writing skills improve. Let me know in comment below how this goes for you!

11 – Understand WHO You are Writing for!

It is very important that you take the time to really understand who your audience is. You need to understand very well, who you are writing for, in order to deliver the best content possible.

Learn more about your audience, and the people who you want to write for.

This is a common mistake amongst new bloggers online, most fail to learn about their audience before building their blog online. I have made this mistake myself.

I am telling you that you really need to learn more about your audience, and the people you want to write for – it is extremely important you do this before you even buy a domain name for your blog!

The more you know about who you are writing for, the better content you will be able to deliver.

12 – What are Your Intentions?

Intention is everything!

Check out this post to see what I’m really talking about here: Intention is Everything!

Not a single thing happens without intention. You always have an intention behind everything.

Your intentions will affect your outcomes.

What are your intentions with your blog online?

What is your intention with your blog post?

Ask yourself these type of questions before you start writing a new blog post. Your intention will have a big impact on what the blog post does for you and your blog online.

13 – Learn Solutions to Specific Problems

The best way to build a successful blog online, fast, is by solving as many specific problems in a niche as possible.

Most people come online to look for solutions. If you want to get a lot of traffic to your blog online, simply share a lot of great solutions to as many specific problems as possible.

The more solutions you share, the better.

Making good money with your blog online, it is all about sharing problem-solving information.

Of course, a little bit of entertainment doesn’t hurt either, and it can actually help, but if you want to sell a lot online, you need to solve problems.

If you focus on providing the best solutions to specific problems in your niche, very consistently, you will build up traffic, a following, and a lot of sales online.

14 – Take Your Time!

You already know this …. Quality Content is King Online!

With that being said, you must make sure you create the best problem-solving, epic blog posts you can ever create, for your blog online.

And the best things in life do not come that easy, and that fast. It does take time to create and craft the best content you can come up with.

Take your time! …

Don’t ever rush things, unless you are a pro in your field and can come up with epic content very fast, with no problems.

If you are a new blogger online, it is okay to take your time to create the best blog posts ever. It does pay off to publish epic content consistently!

15 – Be Interesting and Entertaining!

People love very interesting and entertaining content. If you combine this with value and problem-solving content, you got yourself an amazing and epic blog post!

You will make people feel a lot more comfortable and happy while reading your blog post, if they can laugh a little and learn interesting information.

Let’s take a break for a little bit here …

Be Entertaining!! | 21 Tips to Write Blog Content Effectively

hahaha Dilbert is hilarious!! :D

I hope you enjoyed this short Dilbert comic strip.

Entertaining enough?? ..

Let me know in a comment below!

Alright alright … let’s get back to the main topic here! ..

A little entertainment can really help your blog post be more interesting to your readers. Who doesn’t like to laugh, and just be a little entertained for a few minutes? … you know what I mean! ;)

16 – Ask Your Readers Questions

Interacting with your readers is a great way to turn them into loyal followers and subscribers.

When you ask them questions, they will feel like they belong here and are more likely to leave a comment and comeback to your blog.

Did you pay attention to how many questions I have on this post, so far?

What are the chances of your leaving a comment on this blog post now?

Do you think you would have left a comment on this post, if there was not one question on the entire post?

Do you see how many question I am asking by now!? .. hahaha

Questions are a great way to learn more about your readers, and make them feel very welcomed on your blog. It will also help you get more comments on your blog posts.

17 – Take Your Readers On a Journey

Your readers are very important – they are the ones who will make or break the success of your blog online after all!

Really care about your readers, and give them the best experience possible. If you take your readers on a very informational, and interesting journey, they will follow you for life.

You can take people on an epic journey just with your words. It is just a matter of knowing how. This is why learning to master the art of writing, and learning more about your readers is very important.

Words are powerful. You can make someone feel a certain way with just words. The better you make a reader feel, when reading your content, the more likely that reader is to follow you, subscribe to your blog, leave a comment, and share your blog with others.

Your blog will become part of your life’s story……so, learn how to take people through that journey with you! ;)

18 – Brainstorm!!

As a blogger, I can tell you that there is a lot of brainstorming to do while building a successful blog online. You are pretty much an online writer, and writers do a lot of brainstorming.

You want to do a lot of brainstorming, because you want to come up with the best ideas ever. Taking a lot of time to do some deep brainstorming on new ideas for your blog online, can really make a difference in the success of it.

One great blogging tip I can give you right now, is to plan your blogging in advanced. Coming up with blogging ideas ahead of time, can save you a lot of time.

Brainstorm on new blog post ideas for the following week – write down these ideas and start masterminding to create the best content possible. Doing this in advance will save you time, and you can use that extra time to increase the promotion of your blog.

And you know what they say …. money is just an idea – so, if you want to make more money, you just need to have more profitable ideas! ;).

19 – Do Your Research

I mentioned this earlier; the quality of the content you share on your blog online, will affect the success of it.

It is very important that you do your research before you publish specific information, especially solutions to specific problems.

You want to take good care of the information you share on your blog. Doing a good research, and double checking information, will help you write the best content you can come up with for your blog.

Always double-check the information you are about to share with your audience. You don’t want to share wrong information!

20 – Fall in Love with the Art of Writing

At the end of the day, the truth is, you need to be passionate about the art of writing, if you want to build a very successful blog online. Unless you are outsourcing ALL of your content and you don’t even write one paragraph for your blog online … hahaha

You can outsource most, if not all, of the content for your blog online, that’s for sure – but, I have noticed that the most successful blogs online are from people who are very passionate writers.

If you really hate writing, and you don’t have much money to outsource, then you will have a very hard time trying to build a successful blog online.

But, the fact that you hate writing right now, does not mean you would not be able to fall in love with it! …

Take me for example; I used to HATE writing so much before I started learning about blogging online – I’m a high school dropout, AND English is not even my first language … but I have learned to love writing!

Now I can write a lot, on many topics, with no problem. I wrote this entire blog post in one day!!  … (this blog post is over 3,500+ words long!)

Mastering the art of writing is not a big challenge. Anyone can do it, but not everyone will – and that is a matter of choice.

You become what you think about!

Realize, that you are the only one who calls the shots in your life. If you keep telling yourself you cannot become a good writer, guess what …. you will not become a good writer!

Confucius said; “He who says he can and he who says he can’t are both usually right!… “

Whether You Think You Can or Think You Can't You're right | Fall in Love with the Art of Writing

21 – Write Like a Maniac!!

Practice makes perfect!

The more you write, the better you will become at it. It is a simple concept. Now, if you just don’t want to write a lot, and you are very lazy about it, that’s a whole different story! LOL

If you are not willing to write a lot, in order to gain experience and improve, then you should never complain about not being able to build a successful blog.

Building a successful blog is not for the very lazy. But, it sure is for the AMBITIOUSLY lazy. There is a big difference between these two type of “lazy”.

If you learn exactly how a successful blog online can make you money, you know exactly what I mean! ..

Once the revenue of your blog is earning you a couple of hundreds every single day, THEN you can be a little bit more lazy. You can take big breaks from blogging, and still earn a passive income online from it.

BUT, your blog will not get to that level online with very little work. You have to put in the hard work to get your blog off the ground and gain momentum.

The success of a blog will depend a lot on the quality of the content AND on the promotion of that content. But it all starts with the quality content, I would say.

This is why you must become a good writer, and one of the best ways to become one is with a lot of practice.

I suggest you to have a notebook, and write on it as often as possible. Whenever you feel like writing, do so!

Writing like a maniac is a good thing! ;) …

This is how I started to love writing, because it got a lot easier the more I did it. The more I wrote, the better I got, and getting better helped me gain more confidence in my writing skills.

Let me tell you, at the beginning of my blogging journey online, I sucked at writing big time!! ..

My writing was so bad that even people in my email list replied to me with mean messages. You can imagine what type of replies these were! haha

Write as much as possible, as often as possible, for as long as possible! ..

Just force yourself – it will pay off at the end, I am telling you!

This is my best advice for you to learn how to write the best blog posts for your blog online.

It’s your turn to speak!!

Do you have any more tips to write blog content effectively? … what is your favorite tip here? .. please leave your thoughts and comments below!

I hope you have enjoyed this very long blog post on these content writing tips. Let me know in a comment below.

What an epic blog post!! .. I’m glad I’m done! hehehe

Take massive action with everything you have learned on this post, and with everything you learn on my blog.

Thank you for passing by my cool blog here!

Don’t forget to subscribe for updates, and share this to help spread this knowledge online!

Have a fantastic week! :D

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