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Blogging has grown by 12% since 2015. 77% of internet users read blogs.

We can all agree on how much potential a niche blog has – to make money.

Today, you will learn the top 3 reasons why most bloggers fail online.

Why do most bloggers fail?

The quick answer is these three reasons; you’re creating too much content, you’re promoting your blog in the wrong way, and you’re creating a generic blog online.

The truth is there is a lot of competition in the blogosphere. If you don’t put in the work making your niche blog stand out from the crowd, you will fail.

Why do most bloggers fail

It’s time to elaborate.

Let’s dive into these top 3 reasons why most bloggers fail to build a successful blog in any niche.

If your goal is to build a blog that generates targeted traffic, builds an audience (subscribers), and makes money – you want to avoid making these three mistakes.

When you are building a blog in any niche you don’t want to waste any time.

Time is precious.

I’ve been blogging since 2010 and I can tell you I wasted a lot of time doing things I thought were great to build a successful blog.

I don’t want you to make these same mistakes.

Most new bloggers spend about 3 months trying to build a successful blog online, and when they don’t see the results they are looking for, they quit.

And when this happens, the chances are, they will always believe that building a successful blog online is just “too hard” and something only the very “lucky” can accomplish.

Hold on there!
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…..when all of that is completely not true! … not true at all!

You can actually hurt yourself for life when you fail to build a successful blog online, multiple times.

You might not want to try ever again ….. and building a successful blog online is probably the best thing you can build in your life, to live the life of your dreams!

This is why it is very important that you learn exactly how to build a successful blog online – and if you fail for any reason, do not get discouraged, and try again and again.

Learn as you go!

And realize that the reason why you did not get the results you are looking for with your blog, is because you did not do the right things. That’s it!

If you truly want to build a successful blog, you must do the right things.

I am telling you this because I know what a successful blog online can do for you, and how much it can really change your entire life. I really care about your success in life you know! :)

Read this blog post: Blogging for Profits is the Best Job in the World!

Anyone can build a successful blog online. But, that does not mean everyone will.

WHY Most New Bloggers Fail Online?

Most new bloggers online do not care to REALLY learn and truly understand the psychology behind why bloggers fail

If you want to succeed at something, one great way would be to learn why people do not succeed, and then avoid doing those same things! ;)

It is a fact that if you do an incredible amount of work, and you get little to no results from it, you are going to get discouraged. And possibly want to quit.

Even the most ambitious people can get very discouraged when they put in MASSIVE amounts of work, and they don’t see the results they were looking for.

It’s just human nature!

If you want to build a successful blog online, learn what the right actions and steps are, and take a lot of consistent action with them.

Do the best research you can do on what it really takes to build a successful blog online.

You should also invest in the best blogging education you can get!

Don’t just take any advice, or the first advice you come across. I am very serious here, DO YOUR RESEARCH before taking massive action!!

Because, you do not want to take a lot of action with the wrong information.

There is so much misleading and outdated blogging information online. You need to be aware of these outdated blogging tips online.

This is one of the reasons why I am building this internet marketing blog – I truly want to help you out, and teach you the right blogging knowledge to help you succeed in life!

I have done a lot of research on blogging, and I have experimented a lot too. It took me a lot of failures and mistakes to get it all right.

When I first started online, I didn’t even know what “blogging” really was, or even what a domain name was! …. I came a long way ever since!

You came to the right place to learn the right and the best blogging information to help you build a successful blog online (don’t forget to subscribe for blog updates).

Alright, let’s get down to these 3 reasons why most blogs fail to succeed online.

3 Reasons WHY Most Blogs Fail to Succeed Online

The main reason why most new bloggers online will never succeed is the fact that they waste their time doing the WRONG things.

Doing the wrong things to build your blog online, is a big waste of time. And this is why you probably get discouraged as time goes by.

These are “3 Time-Wasting Things” that can cause a new blogger online to fail.

1 – Creating Too Much Content

When I first started learning about building a successful blog online – one of the tips I learned was to blog as often as possible.

But later on I found out that was not a good blogging tip!

Do not get me wrong here, publishing content on your blog every day can help, but it is not the best way to build up a huge readership online.

And what is the end goal of your blog online?

To build a HUGE readership – that will help you build up a Subscribers List. Which, in the end, will help you earn more (a passive income) from your blog.

That is the end goal when building a blog online, isn’t?!!

Publishing content very often, when you do not have a good amount of readers coming to your blog daily already, is just a waste of time.

Let me ask you …..

WHY would you keep on creating new content for your blog online, when less than 100 people have read your previous blog posts????

This is a huge blogging mistake I have made myself, a lot of times, online.

It took me a long time to get it all right. And today, you are very lucky, because you are learning something I did not learn when I first started trying to build a successful blog online.

You need to implement the 80/20 Rule online!

Top 3 Reasons WHY Most Bloggers Fail To Build A Profitable Blog in Any Niche

This means, spend 20% of your time creating QUALITY content for your blog, and 80% of your time PROMOTING the heck out of your content on your blog.

Very simple concept to understand – and if you take a lot of massive consistent action with this, it will pay off big time!

You need to FOCUS a lot more on driving traffic to the good blog posts you already have.

Just think about this for a minute; if you have a very valuable blog post that 100 people loved and really benefited from, chances are there are 100,000 other people (if not more) who would also love the blog post and benefit from!

You need to learn various internet marketing strategies to drive traffic and take a lot of consistent action with them.

I teach a lot of traffic generation strategies on this blog alone – and there is so much information on driving traffic to a blog on the net.

You just have to look for this information, learn it, and implement it until you get the traffic you want!

Check out the ‘Traffic‘ category on this blog to learn more ways to drive traffic to your blog online.

2 – Promoting Your Blog The Wrong Way!

I have met many new bloggers online, so far – and when I ask them “how do you promote your new blog posts online?” ….

….most have the same answer; “I share it in my social networks, sometimes I tell friends about it, and that’s it!”

And what do they do after that? …

They create more content for their blog!!

This is the wrong way to promote your blog posts online.

You have to do A LOT MORE to promote your blog posts online.

Sharing it on social networks, and directly telling people about it, is just not enough. And it will never be enough!

You need to learn the right ways to promote content on the internet. This is where internet marketing strategies come in.

You can learn many ways to promote your blog posts online here.

There are many ways to drive traffic to your blog online – but one of the best strategies I have learned is Guest Posting.

Having other successful blogs online (that have huge readership) send readers to your blog – is a very powerful way to build up the readership of your blog!

But, how can you make other popular blogs send your blog traffic??

You should be building your blogging network. A network of like-minded bloggers in your niche.

Guest posting is more about knowing other bloggers with successful blogs online – this way you can ask them if you could publish a guest post on their blog.

But, before you ask other successful bloggers for a guest post (linking back to your blog), you need to make sure your blog looks good and has VERY valuable content.

In other words, your blog MUST stand out from the blogging crowd, if you want other popular blogs to even consider linking back to it.

This is where the next time-waster comes in ….

3 – Creating A Generic Blog Online

If you want other popular blogs, in your niche, to pay more attention to your blog, and really consider linking to it, your blog MUST STAND OUT from the crowd!


What blends in gets ignored, and what stands out gets remembered!

I see a lot of new bloggers online who go for creating a “me too” blog – meaning they are building a generic blog that just blends in with the bunch.

You need to create a very unique and epic blog online!

Don’t just go with the crowd. Instead, look at the crowd and see how you can stand out from it.

Look for new ideas to create your own crowd!

You know what I mean??!

A blog that blends in with the bunch of “look-alike” blogs, will always have a hard time to reach the expected success online. That is just the truth!

Now, the main question here is …..

How do you really stand out from the blog-crowd online?

One of the best ways to build a blog that will stand out from the crowd online is with VERY SPECIFIC information.

The more specific you are with the content you share, the more unique and valuable it will be to specific readers online.

I don’t really see too many bloggers online being real specific with the content they publish.

Example; don’t just write about “Weight Loss” – write about “how can 35+ years olds can lose their belly fat and get in shape fast.”

You see how specific that is?

That’s how specific you need to be with the information you share on your blog online.

Find the very specific audience you want to talk to, and write content only for them.

Once you really OWN that audience, you could move on to another specific audience.

Plus, you will attract the right type of readers to your blog the more specific you are with the content you publish.

If you do this, your blog will stand out, and you can get more attention from popular blogs in your niche.

Just think about this ….

If you sent me a message requesting a guest post on my blog here, here are some of the questions I will have for myself, before letting you link back to your blog from the guest post:

– How can this blog help my readers?

– What type of valuable information is this blog sharing online?

– How unique is the content on this blog?

– Is the content on this blog solving problems in my niche?

These are the type of questions a popular blogger online will ask when other bloggers are requesting a guest post on their blog.

Why should a popular blog online send readers to your blog?

The best answer here would be because your blog is unique, very valuable, and it is solving very specific problems in the niche!

Makes sense?! …

I hope so! :D

Wrapping it up

If you really want to build a successful blog online, you must do the right things!

One good way to find out if you are doing the right things or not, is by taking a closer look at the results you are getting daily, weekly and monthly.

Find out exactly what you are doing wrong when building your blog online, and change it!

If you want a different outcome, then you must change the things you have been doing and implementing so far. That’s it! ;)

It’s your turn to speak!!

Share your own experiences with these 3 time-wasting things when trying to build a successful blog online. Please leave your comments and thoughts below.

Are you guilty of any of these? … I would love to hear from you and what you got to say in this topic!

Thank you for passing by my cool internet marketing blog, I hope you have learned a lot today!

Don’t forget to spread the love, and subscribe for future blog updates!

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