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Blogging involves a tremendous amount of work and it’s only natural for you to seek monetization.

After all, you deserve to be rewarded for all the time, effort and money put in building a great blog. And for this, one of the most popular options is to sell affiliate products and earn commissions passively.

In affiliate marketing, a blogger or site owner earns a commission whenever a user clicks the affiliate link and completes a sale.

However, a lot of affiliate marketers struggle with the conversion process by failing to create a seamless experience for the audience.

Remember that your content must engage visitors and lead them to a contextual affiliate page.

Furthermore, the affiliate link must be included naturally and should not disrupt the content’s flow of thought.

Today, successful bloggers use three different content types to increase the click-throughs of affiliate links: product reviews, lists, and product comparisons.

Here is more information about each of these content types and how to use them:

Product Reviews

Product reviews are as natural as you can get when it comes to including an affiliate link.

It only makes sense for the reader to check out the product’s official website to validate the points made on the review.

Furthermore, product reviews load up users with valuable information about the product – building confidence and setting them in a buying mode.

However, it’s also important to avoid sounding biased and sales-y when writing your product reviews.

Remember that it’s all about offering a valuable experience to your visitors.

They need updated facts and practical tips that will help them solve their problems. As an affiliate blogger, you need to commit to this even if it means listing down the cons of the product you’re trying to sell.


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For example, take a look at this Colorlib review of Bluehost.

By maintaining a neutral perspective, digging deep and exploring all angles, the review can successfully intrigue readers into checking Bluehost’s pricing plans and features themselves.

The review also did a good job in putting the CTA at the end of a lengthy and highly informative post.

List-type Content

If you happen to promote multiple affiliate products under a similar niche, then it’s a good idea to produce lists that reviews those products in the same page.

The audience’s discretion may dictate which product gets sold, but as long as you earn commissions, there should be no problem.

Just make sure to organize your lists and avoid having unrelated categories all in the same page. Remember that the entire list must appeal to a particular type of audience to stimulate conversions and maintain a consistent experience. This means you should only include products that will offer value and relevance.


However, you may include subcategories in a single product list as long as they are related.

For example, take a look at this list of content marketing tools at NicheHacks.

While the tools highlighted in the post are segregated in different categories, the entire list comprises of products that offer value to their target audience – digital marketers.

Comparison Chart

Sometimes, it comes down to two of the most popular products that people are looking for.

If you already have a clear idea on the products that are guaranteed to capture the interest of your audience, then you can create a comparison that will guide the audience into making the best decision.


Of course, you can write a simple comparison with a written article, but you should also utilize other formats to make a clearer comparison.

Charts, for example, are extremely helpful when highlighting the differences between two similar products.

They are also more convenient for readers who need answers fast.

For example, take a look at TopTenReviews and their comparison charts/lists.


Profiting from your blog is not a pipe dream.

As a blogger, you must understand and embrace the different content types that unlocks the profitability of your site.

All you need to do is focus on content that educate, fosters trust, and converts visitors into buyers.

What else are you going to do with all that traffic?

3 Types of Content that will Help You Earn more Money from Your Blog by

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