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Using beautiful and clean photos on your blog makes a difference.

37 Free Stock Photos Sites Where You Can Find Beautiful Images for Your Blog!

If you are building your own website or niche blog site, using a lot of images is inevitable, and you need to be careful with what type of image you use.

You don’t want to deal with any copyright issues in the long run as you grow your digital business online. Chances of this happening are very low – but it’s better to be safe now than sorry later, right!

You need to make sure you have the rights to use any image you borrow from the world wide web on your website.

It is highly recommended that you use Royalty Free Images.

If you don’t know what royalty free means, here is the wikipedia definition;

Royaltyfree, or RF, refers to the right to use copyright material or intellectual property without the need to pay royalties or license fees for each use, per each copy or volume sold or some time period of use or sales.

Important Note: Always make sure you check the copyrights of the image you want to use. When using free public domain images you should double-check the licence and terms before using it on your website.

So, where do you get these type of images online?

There are many websites where you can find royalty free images you can use on your blog.

I have gathered a long list of free stock photos sites where you will find high quality photos.

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37 Free Stock Photos Sites

1 – Burst.Shopify.ComBurst.Shopify.Com

2 – Deathtothestockphoto.ComDeathtothestockphoto.Com

3 – Dreamstime.Com/Free-PhotosDreamstime.Com/Free-Photos

4 – Epicantus.Tumblr.Com

5 – Fancycrave.Com/Category/Collections/Free/Fancycrave.Com/Category/Collections/Free/

6 – Flickr.ComFlickr.Com

7 – Freedigitalphotos.Net


Image courtesy of dfrsce at

8 – Freeimages.ComFreeimages.Com

9 – Freerangestock.ComFreerangestock.Com

10 – Freestocks.OrgFreestocks.Org

11 – Gratisography.ComGratisography.Com

12 – Isorepublic.ComIsorepublic.Com

13 – Jaymantri.ComJaymantri.Com

14 – Kaboompics.ComKaboompics.Com

15 – Libreshot.ComLibreshot.Com

16 – Lifeofpix.ComLifeofpix.Com

17 – Littlevisuals.CoLittlevisuals.Co

18 – Makerbook.Net/Stock-Photos/Makerbook.Net/Stock-Photos/

19 – Mmtstock.ComMmtstock.Com

20 – Morguefile.ComMorguefile.Com

21 – Negativespace.CoNegativespace.Co

22 – Nos.Twnsnd.CoNos.Twnsnd.Co

23 – Pexels.ComPexels.Com

24 – Photos.Bucketlistly.ComPhotos.Bucketlistly.Com

25 – Picjumbo.ComPicjumbo.Com

26 – Picography.CoPicography.Co

27 – Pixabay.ComPixabay.Com

28 – Shotstash.ComShotstash.Com

29 – Skitterphoto.ComSkitterphoto.Com

30 – Snapwiresnaps.Tumblr.ComSnapwiresnaps.Tumblr.Com

31 – Splitshire.ComSplitshire.Com

32 – Startupstockphotos.ComStartupstockphotos.Com

33 – Stocksnap.IoStocksnap.Io

34 – Stokpic.ComStokpic.Com

35 – Styledstock.CoStyledstock.Co

36 –

37 – Unsplash.ComUnsplash.Com


Right when I finished working on this blog post I did a little bit more research and found an additional 14 free stock photos sites to add to this list.

You can find a variety of beautiful free stock photos that you can use on your blog or website now. No more excuses.

Quick Note: You might want to bookmark this page for future references.

Hold on there!
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If you have been googling images to use on your blog, stop right away!

Start using the right type of images.

Trust me, you want to start building your niche blog site the right way from the get-go.

Use royalty-free images from the beginning.

This is a long list with a lot of stock photos you can use for free. Go through them and use the ones more suitable to your niche.

Using beautiful and clean images on your blog posts makes them more appealing to your readers. I really like looking at a picture that is somewhat related to what I’m reading about.

People love visuals!

You don’t want to create boring blog posts for your niche audience. Make your blog posts look GOOD!

This also makes your blog site look professional.

Don’t you agree??

Your turn

Which one of these free stock photos sites are your favorite to get royalty-free images from?

Do you know of any other free stock photos sites we can add to this list?

Share your thoughts in a comment below.

And if you think this list would be helpful to someone please share it with them. I’d appreciate that!

37 Free Stock Photos Sites Where You Can Find Beautiful Images for Your Blog!

37 Free Stock Photos Sites Where You Can Find Beautiful Images for Your Blog! by

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Download the eBook - It's FREE! | Click Here |