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Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the ways online businesses meet their goals and gain profit.

The main idea of this online marketing approach is to reach the top page of the search result for your target keywords gathered from your research.

The methods involved in getting to this point require marketers and owners to optimize their sites both on- and off-page.

On-page optimization is the approach taken by marketers to boost the performance of their web pages on Google by increasing their chances of being crawled by search engine spiders.

This involves different practices such as creating a sitemap, writing keyword-rich meta data, create alt tags for images, and increase site speed, to name a few.

Unlike on-page optimization, implementing off-page optimization tactics require a more sophisticated approach.

The biggest and most difficult aspect of this optimization practice is link building.

4 Tips to Ensure the Success of Your Off-Page SEO Campaigns

Due to the algorithm changes made by Google throughout the years, building links aren’t getting any easier.

Also, since you have full control on how your pages will appear in on-page optimization, off-page requires you to make a conscious effort of reaching out to websites in order to gain backlinks.

Despite this, the strides made in off-page optimization is a good thing. Through the algorithm changes, Google was able to weed out the bad SEO practices that are instrumental in filling up the top pages search results with spammy sites.

More importantly, marketers are forced to approach off-page optimization not simply as a way to drop links at different websites, but to build genuine relationship with people online.

Never go to the dark side, always stay “white hat”

It’s easy to be lured by quick and painless link building schemes that promise to rank your website at the top page for your keyword within x number of days.

However, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

This is not to say that black hat link building services are not effective in the short-term. In fact, some of them will get your websites to rank up high for your keyword.

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However, as Google keeps cracking down on link schemes, there’s a chance that the links built by black hat services will not only be invalidated, but also cause your ranking to drop out of search results!

Also, instead of going with quick and easy link schemes, go for link building strategies emphasize on sustainability and scalability.

The tactic will take time to develop and implement, but the results will be much more evident and will also help build your authority in your niche.

Build relationships, not just links!

As mentioned, the premise of a sustainable link building strategy is grounded on good relationships with website owners.

By building working relationships with owners of premium websites related to your niche, you have the opportunity to not only gain a backlink from their site, but also use the relationship for favors in the future.

For example, you can request from the owner to write a guest post for their site.

Take note that the guest post should not be used to build links, but more of a way to build your brand.

Earning links is much better than building them

Google encourages people to earn links instead of building them.

What this means is that marketers should be focused on developing strategies and approaches that will compel their target audience to link back to their site instead of them reaching out to other sites for a backlink.

The beauty of link earning is that you don’t have to go through the time-consuming process of emailing sites and people to link back to your site.

Instead, you drive traffic to your site through your content and make them link to you.

Measure, measure, measure!

One of the most efficient ways to make the most out of your off-page optimization campaigns is to track and measure their performances.

If you have installed Google Analytics to your site but are not fully aware of how to interpret all the recorded data, refer to these resources so you harness the true power of this website analytics.

Another tool to use is Monitor Backlinks. This lets you record all the backlinks you have earned throughout a certain period of time and lets you track their status on a regular basis.

The tool notifies which links need to be removed or taken down according to Google’s policies to help you raise and maintain your ranking on search results.

Final thoughts

The success of your off-page campaigns is dependent on the three factors mentioned above.

In order to get to this stage, however, you need to take it step by step.

SEO is not a sprint – it takes time to publish high-quality content, build relationships with bloggers and website owners, and earn backlinks to your site.

Just like Lao Tzu said in this collection of success quotes; “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Therefore, take it one step at the time until you’ve accumulated enough steps that will get you to the top.

4 Tips to Ensure the Success of Your Off-Page SEO Campaigns by

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