6 Ways To Keep Your Readers Reading Throughout Your Whole Blog Post

(Last Updated On: February 5, 2018)

You have an important message you need to get out there.

You know exactly what to say to turn potential interest into a conversion, but you just can’t say it quickly enough.

If people aren’t reading your whole blog post, they’re missing all of those wonderful points you’re trying to make.

When your readers aren’t sticking around as long as you’d like them to, you might need to make some changes to give them a reason to do so.

Here are six ways to keep your readers engaged throughout your entire blog post.

1. Keep Things Lively

Nothing really seems exciting about long blocks of text.

If it did, then college work would have been a blast.

Using things like images or videos to support your point will add areas of interest that compel readers to stick with your post.

A picture can tell a thousand words – and in the case of blogging, it can instantly show visitors why it’s worth to dedicate the next 5-10 minutes to read your post.

Colors and shapes that aren’t plain black letters on a white background provide visual appeal – you’ll be engaging your readers from multiple angles.

2. Soft and Subtle Does The Trick

You probably have a marketing message you want to convey, but the average person’s interest in watching a commercial or listening to a sales pitch is limited.

The only people willing to devote themselves to those things for the duration are people who were already aware that they had a need for what was being advertised.

Instead of being pushy, subtly incorporating your marketing message with a gentler hand will allow you to reach more than just the people who came specifically to learn about a product or service.

They’ll be gaining other valuable knowledge as they read and, how knows – they might even become regular readers.

3. Beef Up Your Writing Skills

If Moby Dick had been written by someone who was in a hurry to get the story over with, it would have never seen the light of day.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re writing your fiction or nonfiction – you could probably improve your writing skills.

There’s always space to grow as a writer and even if you’ve been blogging for a while now, there are many tricks you have yet to discover.

If your blog post reads like stereo instructions or is riddled with typos, people might feel put off.

In fact, visitors who see that type of mistakes are far less likely to consider your expertise – and read your entire blog post.

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of putting the right adjectives in the right places to capture and retain the reader’s interest.

Other times, you might need to rewrite the entire piece, seek help from some great blogging tools or even consider hiring some freelancers who might help you with writing.

Either way, ensuring that the person preparing your content has great writing skills is a sure way to keeping your readers glued to the blog post – regardless of how long it is.

4. Write for Short Attention Spans

Writing for short attention spans don’t mean that articles should be kept limited to as much information that can be conveyed in a Sunday morning newspaper comic strip.

In fact, you can easily write a long article for a short attention spans, as long as you’ve pieced it together correctly.

Don’t make people wait to get to the point.

If you have more things you’d like to explain or supplementary information to add, you can always link to it for the people who’d like to dive deeper.

Just be sure to make each point in as few words as possible, even if you have a lot of points to make.

It’s smart to use the introductory paragraph of your blog post to define the problem and show how you plan to solve it.

That way, visitors to your blog will know in advance that they will get the solution if they decide to follow your line of thought and read the post until the last paragraph.

A captivating first paragraph will attract their attention as well – the AIDA marketing model comes in handy here.

Standing for Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action, that model could easily serve as the foundation for your introductory paragraph.

5. Organize Your Thoughts

There are many advantages to breaking down a blog post into smaller blocks.

One is that it makes it easy to create tweetable quotes or shareable excerpts that your readers can use to promote your post on social media, and the other is that it allows people to understand where they’re going as they read.

Layer information from most to least important when possible.

If you make a great first impression on your readers, they’ll be more inclined to hear you out on everything.

6. Focus On Readability

Just because you’ve got something interesting to say, it doesn’t mean that your post will automatically become readable.

In fact, readability has less to do with your content or angle – rather, it’s about the structure of your blog post and the ways in which it helps readers understand your point.

Remember to keep your paragraphs short – few readers are willing to go through a chunk of text.

Three to four lines should do the trick.

Divide your post into sections and add subtitles to help visitors skim the text quickly – if you come up with attractive subtitles, the chances are high that they read your entire post.

Include bullet point lists and strategic formatting – for example, use bold for extra visual emphasis.

If you’re ever unsure, have someone uninvolved read your blog post before you publish it.

Make sure it’s someone you trust to tell you when you’re being boring or wordy.

Even messy ideas can be edited into perfectly readable posts with a few small adjustments.

6 Ways To Keep Your Readers Reading Throughout Your Whole Blog Post





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    I vibe with beefing up your writing skills Sarah. I write thousands of words daily. Done so for many years. Writing like a boss helps me create clear, crisp posts. Perfect way to keep readers engaged, reading that sucker until done. I trim fat and kick out filler as well. Sometimes folks see imaginary required word count and fill a post with content that need not be there. Rocking tips here 🙂


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    If they’re going to bounce after 2 seconds because you don’t write your blog post correctly, or arrange it in an interesting manner, then you’re not going to build much of a business.

    These ideas are all really great and I especially like the idea of writing short, clear paragraphs.

    People definitely need to see white space.

    It gives them mental clarity and peace of mind instead of feeling overwhelmed and burdened with your content (and anxious to move on).


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    I love how you mention writing for short attention spans. While I tend to write long-form content, I always make it a point to break up my content in easy to read chunks.

    Another thing that helps me keep readers on my blog is using images and videos. I have personally found that when I break the text up by adding images and video it doesn’t seem like it’s all text.

    I know that when I visit a blog, if there is nothing but text, I don’t hang around very long.

    Thanks for sharing these tips with us. I have no doubt that they will help bloggers improve their writing and keep readers on their blog posts longer.

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