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If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, going mobile is the most surefire way to do so.

Why is that?

Because text messaging is the most attention-grabbing, immediate, and reliable way to reach all your customers.

And with 90 percent of all American adults owning a cell phone, going mobile offers you the greatest reach possible.

Here, we’ve presented the 7 first steps you should take to jumpstart your mobile marketing today!

7 Ways You Can Set Fire to Your Mobile Marketing in 2016

1 – Know Your Customer

The foundation of any great mobile marketing campaign is the customer, and the more you know about them the better your campaign is going to be.

Who is your target demographic?

What do they like?

What don’t they like?

Where do they live?

What time do they want to be contacted?

What channels do they prefer?

What mobile devices do they own?

When you attract a customer, be it through gated content, newsletter sign-up, a form triggered by a text or scanned QR code, etc., ask a lot of questions and actually use the information you get in return.

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In fact, 78 percent of consumers said they are more likely to be a repeat customer if a business provides them with targeted, personalized offers.

By using the information you gather to make your offers and messages more relevant, you’ll greatly increase customer satisfaction, decrease opt-outs, and ultimately make more sales.

2 – Create Great Content

You can make your messages look incredible using cool plug-ins, complicated graphics, embedded media, and so on, but all that truly matters is really good content.

Content is all about conveying two things: whatever it is that makes your business unique, and how that unique factor will help make consumers’ lives better.

If you’re having trouble, there are some fantastic content creation tools that assist with everything from brainstorming to distribution.

Consider real-time content too. By making your messaging grounded in the real world, your customers will see the humanity in your business.

3 – Build an SMS Subscription List

Texting: It’s not just for teens anymore.

In fact, a study from 2010 found that 60 percent of people over 45 years old say they’re just as likely to use texting as they are to make a voice call, and that statistic has only grown since then.

Not only do text messages have an awesome open rate of up to 99 percent, SMS campaigns also perform 7 times better than email campaigns.

When it comes to getting your message in front of decision makers and being sure that they’re actually reading what you want them to read, the immediacy of text can’t be beat.

4 – Invest in Responsive Design

If you ever want to chase away consumers in droves, give them a page that’s slow to load.

Nobody wants to waste time waiting for a complex graphic to appear pixel by pixel; people want information, and if they have to go elsewhere to get it, they most certainly will.

Responsive design not only loads promptly, it also adapts to fit the screen and parameters of the device on which it’s being viewed, and that kind of intuitive layout is very consumer-pleasing indeed.

5 – Offer Digital Coupons or SMS Deals

About half of smartphone users in the United States say they have made a direct purchase after receiving a discount code or other deal via text.

There is undeniable ease of use with these types of direct-to-consumer deals – all the end user has to do is click on an embedded link and they’re immediately transported directly to the advertised product with the savings already applied.

No clipping coupons, no searching the internet for a working code.

Digital coupons are also a lot less likely to be lost or forgotten since they’re stored on the one thing your customers never leave their homes without, their phones!

Like an impulse buy at the register, SMS deals offer up immediate gratification with minimal muss and fuss.

6 – Incorporate Visual Content

You can rarely go wrong with a smartly conceived and well written article or blog, but not everyone easily absorbs and retains information through straight text.

By peppering your mobile website and app with infographics, videos, and other picture-heavy content, you’re creating content that appeals to the 65 percent of the world population that learns better through visual means.

Especially focus on video marketing, a growing field.

Consider that when making a shopping or buying decision, 90 percent of consumers said that they find videos helpful.

7 – Bridge the Gap Between Old and New

Mobile marketing may seem like a technologically advanced endeavor that only applies to new media, but it can also help connect the old and the new.

Take radio, for instance. There are some pretty surprising ways that text messaging can help build a radio audience by giving listeners both old and young, forward-thinking ways to interact and have an influence on the music they hear.

People love to feel like their input counts, and text-based polls, requests, and contests only help to please people on both ends of the line.


Not every consumer has heard of your business, but 80 percent own a mobile device and are just waiting to discover what you have to offer – all you have to do is deliver your message in the right way.

Good thing you now have seven powerful ways to get started!

7 Ways You Can Set Fire to Your Mobile Marketing by

LEARN The Number One Secret To Build An Email List & Make Money!

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