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This is a question I saw many times around the internet marketing forums online. Can you really build a successful blog online without doing any search engine optimization to it??

You might think that in order to build a successful blog online, you must learn and implement SEO – this is not really true.

As a matter of fact, this is not true at all. You do not need to implement SEO to your blog’s content, for the blog to become a successful one.

If someone ever told you otherwise, then they do not know what they are really talking about when it comes to building a successful blog online.

I’m going to tell you how you can build a successful blog online – without having to implement much SEO to it or no SEO whatsoever.

What you need to learn first is the basic concept of building a successful blog online.

This is no algebra formula or rocket science – you should be able to understand this concept very well.

The challenge most people have when building a blog online, is the traffic generation part of the process. And this is why they choose to learn everything about SEO (and most of the time they get too sucked into it, you’ll see what I’m talking about later on).

Here is the simple concept to build a successful blog online – lets take SEO out of the equation….

How to Build a Successful Blog Online

Can You Build a Successful Blog without SEO??

And of course, once your blog is getting a lot of daily traffic – you have to monetize it with the right offers – so you can make money from it. The way you monetize your blog is just another subject I’ll talk about on another blog post. 😉

As you can see, the process to build a successful blog online is very simple.

I know it is easier said than done – but trust me, most people overlook this simple concept and make it more complex than it actually is!


Why are you complicating the simple concept of building a successful blog online?

Is it because you want to get faster results online? … I think so!

If that is that is the case …. blogging is not for you!!

Building a successful blog online and making money from it, will be a long process. Unless you work at this full time and put in A LOT of daily hours, without skipping one single day, then maybe and only maybe you can get great results in a month or two.

Depending on exactly what you do and how you do it, of course.

You should give blogging at least 90 days or more to become a profitable asset online. If you want faster results online, then do some paid advertising or some powerful Facebook marketing strategies.

Understand that building a successful blog online is a process and an asset that needs to be built from scratch and with a lot of hard work.

Now, how can you build a successful blog without doing any SEO to it? …

By simply following the concept showed above VERY well!!

If you want to rank in the search engines – of course you need backlinks and keyword optimization BUT if you think about it, back when blogging and the search engines were new to the cyberspace – not too many knew about SEO.

The way blog sites were ranking back then was thanks to the quality of their content. Their content was SO GOOD AND VALUABLE! …that other sites just linked back to it!!

Think about it!

Back then, not everyone was getting backlinks to their blogs ON PURPOSE!!

What I mean is that the backlinks blogs were getting back then, were acquired NATURALLY!

When a blog post is soo damn GOOD & VALUABLE, what are the chances of other sites linking to it??!!

What are the chances of people sharing that epic blog post?

You tell me (in a comment below)!!

Write EPIC Blog Posts!!

This is how you get people to link back to your content, and also share your content on their social networks.

Nothing can beat an epic blog post, packed with a lot of value!!

Packed with information people are dying to learn!

For an instance, you are more likely to share this blog post if you find it VERY valuable and Epic! … right?! ..

At the end of the day, we all share very valuable and epic content in our social networks. We share what WE think is valuable to us and to others online. Humans just love to share!! .. don’t they?!

Think about this for a minute…….

If you want people to share your blog posts, you gotta give them a reason why to do so!

Why should people share your blog posts in their social networks?

Is you content very valuable and unique?

If it’s not, then why are you complaining about no one sharing it online?

I’m going to be very blunt with you here….. boring and crappy content SUCKS ONLINE!

You need to be able to over-deliver in the value, uniqueness, and problem-solving content you publish on your blog online!

You need to find out exactly what your blog’s audience wants and needs…

…and just give it to them!!!

If you really laser focus on the quality of your content and presenting it to the right audience online – the backlinks will come naturally.

You can also get a lot of Social Network Shares and Comments that way. Natural Backlinks, Social Network Shares, and Blog Comments, will dramatically boost up your rankings in the search engines.

I see a lot of new bloggers online worry way too much about backlinks! ..

They stop trying to create epic blog posts because they get obsessed with search engine optimization.

Don’t be that person!!

You are only going to hurt yourself, by not getting the results you are looking for when blogging online.

No matter how many backlinks you give to your blog posts – if it is crappy content and with not much value to an audience – then you are going to get frustrated trying to rank up!

It will be a lot easier for you to rank up an EPIC Blog Post! …

If you concentrate a lot more on the quality of your blog posts, than on trying to rank in the search engines by giving it a massive amount of backlinks, you will rank higher and faster naturally.

You will not even have to work so much on getting a lot of backlinks to that content – because it is so damn good everyone will want to share it with others and link back to it.

Makes sense?

I hope so!

I think this answers the question; Can You Build a Successful Blog without SEO?

The simple answer is here! .. now is your turn to take action!

What do you think?!

If you have any more tips on this topic, leave them in a comment below. Leave your thoughts and opinions as well!

For more Blogging Tips – go to the Blogging101 Section 🙂

Take a lot of action with everything you have learned here today, and just make it happen.

Thanks for passing by and reading this!

Don’t forget to share the knowledge online! 😀

I wish you the best success online!

Love&Harmony! …


-Freddy Gandarilla
“Freedom Blogger”
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