EPISODE 1: The Best Ways to Promote Your Blog Online [Podcast]

Let me start by saying …… if you do not have your own blog online, you are homeless online! …

That is just the raw truth.

Your own blog site online is your home online. It is your own online store.

It is your own place, and a place where people can come visit you, learn more from you, and most importantly, buy from you – any time, any day.

In today’s episode, I will talk about WHY you need to build your own blog site – and the best ways to promote your blog online.

I’m also going to share with you one effective strategy to get free traffic to your blog from Facebook!! ….

… just make sure you read this entire blog post!!

Let’s get started! … πŸ˜€


This is the first episode from a new season of the internetmarketingblog101.com podcast shows.

I hope you enjoy the value and are getting inspired and motivated to take action online!

You should realize by now, how important it is for you to have your own blog online.

Ways to Promote Your Blog Online

There is enough information here, to help you build your own blog online, and build up the daily traffic flow to it.

You have no excuses now – to why you can’t build your own blog, and build up the traffic flow of it!

Now, let me share with you a simple strategy I have been using to drive a lot of free traffic to this blog, from Facebook.

Drive Traffic to Your Blog from Facebook

I already talk about this in today’s podcast show. I just want to show you, real quick, how effective this simple strategy is!

– Step 1

Find Facebook Groups Related to Your Blog’s Niche

There are millions of people on Facebook and on Facebook Groups.

There are many Facebook Groups on different topics too!

But, of course, the ‘Internet Marketing’ Niche has the most members in Facebook Groups. lol

You can still find a lot of people who are interested in the topics you are sharing on your blog – you just have to do a good research and find them.

But if you are building an internet marketing or home based business blog, Facebook is a gold mine!

Just take a look at how many members some of the internet marketing Facebook Groups have:

Find Facebook Groups Related to Your Blog's Topics

That is A LOT of people who might be very interested in what you are sharing on your blog!

You just have to MAKE SURE you are sharing very unique, very valuable, and EPIC blog posts!

Like this one right here.

This is why I will always recommend you to invest in your knowledge. So you can share very valuable information on your blog.

– Step 2

Reach Out to the Group’s Members

Once you find a Facebook Group where you think members would be very interested in reading your blog posts, reach out to them.

I have tested many different messages over the past months.

Now, I’m going to reveal to you what message has been the winner, so far.

Consider yourself lucky to learn my powerful tips and tricks here! haha πŸ˜€

I message from 20 to 100+ members from an internet marketing group, in a day.

I know.

It can be a tedious task to do, but let me tell you, this pays off big time!

Plus, this is a real business you are trying to build, RIGHT??!

Don’t make excuses, just put in the NECESSARY WORK!

Okay. Let me show you what type of responses I get from the messages I send out:

Test Out What Messages Work Best for You!

As you can see, people are open to check out what I have to offer.

You just have to find the right approach!

This same message might not work out so well for you, so I do not want to guarantee anything here.

You have to test out different messages, and different approaches, to learn what works best for you.

This is what is working best for me.

And just like this one reply, I have gotten hundreds like it, so far!

Remember; if you get one good result, that means you can get hundreds and even thousands of the same result. You just have to do A LOT MORE of the same work!

– Step 3

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Them to Support Your Blog

When people come back to you, and tell you they are loving your blog and the content – ask them to support your blog by liking the Fan Page and sharing it on their social networks.

Never be afraid to ask for support!

Most of the time, the difference between the successful people and the people who never succeed, is the simple fact of asking for help, for support!

The difference between the successful and unsuccessful is the simple act of asking for help! Click To Tweet

You have to do whatever it takes to build what you want to build online.

And if you are looking to build a successful blog online, you need to put in the necessary work and make smart moves!

The Key to Make this Strategy Work

One important thing I need you to know; is the reason to why I can afford to spend a lot of time messaging people here – and that is the very VALUABLE and EPIC Content I share on my blog.

Once someone who is interested in learning internet marketing, visits my internet marketing blog here, they love it!

This is why I highly recommend you to invest in your knowledge, and take the time to craft the best pieces of content you can ever create!!

You want people to LOVE your blog.

So much that they bookmark it, share it online, and even highly recommend it to others!

This strategy can be a waste of time if your blog has very low quality content.

You need to make sure you have an incredible amount of value for your niche’s audience, in your blog.

You have to make all of this promotion very well worth it!

You get what I mean?! .. πŸ˜‰

People on Facebook are sharing my blog – and I haven’t even asked them to do so!

They just love the knowledge I am sharing here, so much! ….

Just take a look at a few shout-outs …..

This Facebook Marketing Strategy Only Work with a VERY Valuable Blog!

This Facebook Marketing Strategy Only Work with a VERY Valuable Blog!

This Facebook Marketing Strategy Only Work with a VERY Valuable Blog!

This Facebook Marketing Strategy Only Work with a VERY Valuable Blog!

Just imagine people sharing your blog on Facebook like this! πŸ˜€

You can get these same results!

I believe you can – and you need to believe the same!

I really care about your success. And this is why I have put together this internet marketing blog.

I want to teach you the right ways to promote online.

So you can build a successful business.

And when I get messages like this …..

This is What Inspires Me and Motivates Me Every Day!

I know I am doing something right!

It makes me happy and it motivates me to keep working on this blog.

My audience is what gives me the drive, the passion, the inspiration and motivation, to keep moving forward, no matter what!

This is why I also recommend you to go with a niche you are very passionate about.

In order to do great work, you have to love what you do!! Click To Tweet

A lot of passion gives a lot of energy.

You must love what you blog about and get inspired, by the people who needs your help, to keep learning and keep growing.

That is how you will build your own big audience online!

That’s it!!

This is a simple Facebook Marketing strategy I have been implementing for the past few weeks, to spread the word about my internet marketing blog here.

And so far, Facebook has been at the top of my traffic sources for this blog.

Now, add other ways to promote your blog online to the list, and take massive action with everything!!

The traffic flow will add up!

Create Your Own Daily Action Plan to Follow!

It is important that you get organized online. And build up a strong self-discipline to put in the necessary work every single day!

If you would like to learn how to get more organized to work online – read this blog post.

What do you think about these topics?

I would love to hear from you. Please, leave your thoughts and opinions in a comment below. If you have anything else to add here, please do so!

Wrapping it up

There is a lot of very valuable knowledge in this blog alone. There is no way you cannot get results online, unless you are not taking this SERIOUSLY!

Seriously, take it very serious! πŸ˜‰

This is a real business you want to build online, treat it like one!! …. and it will pay you like one!

Thank you for coming by my blog, and for listening to my new podcast show. I really appreciate you!

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About the Author:

Freddy G. Cabrera
Modern nomad. Calisthenics maniac. Living me dreams. You should live yours too.Thank you for coming by. Follow my daily life on Instagram. Don't forget to subscribe for blog updates. I really appreciate your visit and your support. One Love.


  1. metz July 12, 2015 at 12:23 am - Reply

    Great podcast with a great topic!

    Free traffic entices newbies and professionals. Free means, you don’t need to pay and one example of strategy to use is using social media like Facebook. It’s very noticeable how many people use Facebook to be updated, share views and so on. As you also observed, Facebook has advertisements, pages of big to small brands, groups and forums.

    Well, it is proven that it’s not just a place to hang out with friends, but also a place for marketers and businesses make more money.

    You can use Facebook to gather attention, curiosity, build your brand, reputation and drive traffic to your blog if your follower will find your post interesting and helping.

    Join and be active on a Group that have the same interest will open the opportunities to be connected with them and their blogs.

    Amazing article. Thanks for sharing. The example also is an idea that we can put to use.

    • Freddy G. Cabrera
      Freddy G. Cabrera July 12, 2015 at 6:35 am - Reply

      Hi Metz!

      You’ve got it!

      A lot of times free targeted traffic is the best! .. there are many ways to promote your blog online – and social networks are a great source, no doubt about it!! πŸ˜‰

      I have been able to drive a lot of traffic to this blog, from Facebook – and I am confident in doing that because I know how much value I teach here. I can spend time telling people about my internet marketing blog here – and expect people to love it, bookmark it, and even recommend it to others!

      This is why I also recommend you to work a lot on the content you share on your blog. You want people to not just like your blog, but love it! …. to the point they will bookmark it and recommend it to others! .. when that happens, all of your work promoting your blog is well worth it! πŸ™‚

      Thank you for passing by and leaving a comment, Metz!

      Have a great week!

      I’ll see you around!

  2. Sunday July 13, 2015 at 1:58 am - Reply

    Hi Freddy,
    Its cool that the podcast show of the Internetmarketingblog101 has finally kicked off. This first episode is thrilling. There is no better way to start off a big project than to give full valuable details. The podcast is about 63+ long. This is awesome!
    Ways to promote your blog? The details are on track!
    I left the above comment in kingged.com

    • Freddy G. Cabrera
      Freddy G. Cabrera July 14, 2015 at 7:47 pm - Reply

      Hi Sunday!

      It is a new exciting journey for this blog, for sure! πŸ™‚

      Yeah, I got a bit carried away with the podcast show, I think it was too long! lol .. but hey, that is just how I am! .. very passionate about what I do!

      I also wanted to share how I’m driving a lot of free traffic to my blog from facebook – very cool strategy, I must say.

      Thank you for coming by and leaving a comment!

      Have a great week!

      I’ll see you around! πŸ˜€

  3. Don Purdum July 14, 2015 at 7:32 am - Reply

    Hi Freddie,

    Just epic! You have offered some incredible value and detail. I’m looking forward to reading some of your articles from the links.

    Your Facebook strategy is a really solid one. When I first started out I met a lot of great people through Facebook groups. It literally helped me flip my blog in just a few months.

    Well done and I hope you have an awesome week Freddie!

    ~ Don Purdum

    • Freddy G. Cabrera
      Freddy G. Cabrera July 14, 2015 at 8:05 pm - Reply

      Hi Don!

      Glad to see you around here! … and thanks for the support!

      I gotta admit, I still get nervous while recording haha .. but hey I gotta keep moving forward with it, right!

      I’m sharing a lot of great knowledge here to help out a new blogger. There are many ways to drive traffic to your blog – you just have to open your eyes and seek out the right internet marketing strategies. The methods are all here, already!

      This Facebook Marketing Strategy alone – has been driving a lot of free traffic this blog for weeks now. And I just revealed it to the world! πŸ˜‰

      I know it will help a lot of new bloggers out there. And that makes me very happy!

      Thank you for coming by and leaving a comment, Don!

      Have a fantastic week!

      I’ll see you around! πŸ˜€

  4. Ivan Bayross July 20, 2015 at 12:00 am - Reply

    Hi Freddy,

    I really found this Blog post informative. It laid out a nice road map about what I should be doing to drive traffic to my site using Facebook groups. I’m sure that the same work flow would pay rich dividends on LinkedIn groups as well.

    Somehow, I’ve always had the feeling that LinkedIn groups were more serious about what they are doing, although I could be wrong.

    Another problem I face is the difficulty of delivering unique / excellent content to groups where there are people with a ton of more life / work experience in the niche I’ve chosen to be Digital Marketing. Multiple people have been there done that so to speak.

    So it’s pretty darn tough to consistently deliver – very unique, very valuable, and EPIC blog posts!

    I love the way you reach out to group members via FB messaging. Personally I find FB messaging just a teeny tiny bit restrictive, but I will now put that aside completely and follow the great advice you’ve shared here.

    Even if I cannot message 20 to 100+ members in a day, I will make a start with 5 to 10 members in a day and see where this goes. Even at such a low number I will have contacted at least 150 to 300 group members in a month and I’ll be able to figure out the impact this has on my inbound traffic.

    I agree I have to try out different messages, focused landing pages until I figure out the right mix that works for me. I’m sure the journey is going to be exciting.

    I’ve always been very hesitant to ask for any kind of help. I guess it’s the very strict upbringing I’ve had. After reading what you’ve written AND listening to Steve Jobs I’m going to work really hard at changing that side of me.

    Thanks so much for sharing this Blog post Freddy. I came to your site via a link on Kingged.com

    • Freddy G. Cabrera
      Freddy G. Cabrera July 20, 2015 at 11:03 am - Reply

      Hi Ivan!

      I’m glad you found this information very helpful and valuable to you!

      I would say LinkedIn Groups are a great place as well. As you said, people on LinkedIn might be more interested on valuable knowledge that could help them in their businesses. You have to be someone who is into building a real business, or already own a business, to have a LinkedIn account.

      I think LinkedIn Groups would be my next target to promote my internet marketing blog! … I will try it out and share it!

      Thanks for giving me the idea, Ivan! πŸ˜‰

      ANd yeha, I recommend you to take action every day. Any amount of action is fine, as long as it is done consistently. Things add up!

      The key is in the quality content on your blog. The reason why I can spend a lot of time doing this, is because I am confident people will love my internet marketing blog here. And so far, I am getting better results than I was expecting!

      You can always find good knowledge to write about. And most of the time, all you should do is find content that others in your niche are already sharing, and simply create a better blog post on the same topics! ..

      That is actually one of the things I do. I find blog posts that I see people are liking and sharing online, and then I create an even better blog post!

      You get my strategy here?

      This would be one of my best tips to help you come up with good content for your blog!

      Also, asking for help and for support is always a smart move. Not asking for help and support is never a good move.

      I was also like that, before. When I first started online I did not want to talk to anyone and was always afraid to ask for any type of support or help. But that only led me to many failures.

      Later on, I learned that asking for help and support is actually what the most successful people do!

      Just take the advice from Steve Jobs. He has accomplished so much. He has changed the entire world. So, I think if his advice is to never be afraid to ask for help and support, we should really take it seriously and apply that piece of advice in our life!

      You will improve as you go through this online journey, Iva. I know it! πŸ™‚

      Thanks for coming by and leaving an awesome comment!

      Keep up the great work!

      Have a fantastic week!

  5. Chery Schmidt July 24, 2015 at 6:20 pm - Reply

    Wooo Hooo Freddie! I love your marketing strategy my friend! I do try to connect with new people everyday on Facebook, but 20-100 Not Even close.

    How do you find the time? I do try to be consistent with 5-10 each and everyday though.

    Once these people start chatting this is all I can handle. I have met so many amazing people this way.

    I do like your script that you shared and have copied it, Well on my way over to Facebook to give it a try.

    Great Share Thanks and Do have an AMAZING Weekend ahead!
    Chery :))

    • Freddy G. Cabrera
      Freddy G. Cabrera July 24, 2015 at 8:42 pm - Reply

      Hi Chery!

      This is a great strategy to get some new readers from Facebook! πŸ˜‰

      I got my own effective strategies to get this done fast, daily. I also work online full time, so I have plenty of hours to do this. But you can just do a little bit each day, and the work will add up.

      When people message me back, it is usually to ask for the link. And when they just want to chit-chat, I exchange a few words, and then tell them I’m busy or something. You know what I mean?

      Facebook groups have been a great traffic source for my internet marketing blog here. People just love value!

      And when you take the time to get the value you are already sharing in front of the right people, you will start to gain good authority online. It will help your blog tremendously.

      I can share a blog post on my Facebook timeline now, and get a lot of likes and engagement. That is because people know I deliver good stuff and they check out what I share. πŸ˜‰

      Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment, Chery!

      Have an AWESOME weekend yourself!

      I’ll see you around! πŸ˜€

  6. Simulator November 4, 2015 at 9:48 am - Reply

    Very useful article, I followed step-by-step, and succeded. Thank you so much. I am waiting for more articles how to promote blogs. If you have dicovered any other ideas.

    • Freddy G. Cabrera
      Freddy G. Cabrera November 5, 2015 at 7:35 pm - Reply

      hey there!!

      Im glad you are taking action with what you have been learning here!

      Thank you for coming by and leaving a comment! πŸ˜€

      Keep up the great work!

      have an awesome week! ..