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Today, you are going to learn what is the fastest way to make money online.

I am going to teach you the simple formula, and concept, you need to implement, to start earning money online, as soon as possible.

First, let me share with you, a little bit about my story and journey.

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My curiosity to learn how to make some extra money, working online, started back in late 2010.

I was a miserable construction worker.

I hated working for a boss and for peanuts.

After years of working in construction, I finally got fed up, and walked away.

One afternoon, I was browsing around the internet, and stumbled upon some sites where people were talking about how they are now making a good income working online.

When I saw that, my eyes lighted up!

I saw a BIG opportunity, and I told myself; “that is it!!.. I am making the settled decision to learn how to make money online!!!” ..

But, it was not as easy as I was expecting.

It took me long years to learn it all, and many failures and mistakes, to finally start making some money online.

Especially, being someone from another country, being a high school dropout, and having no clue about anything online.

When I first got started online, I did not even know what a Domain Name was, much less what a Blog was!

I had to learn it all from scratch – and I had to try it all, make many mistakes, and fail many times. For a few years. Before getting it all together the right way, and finally make some money online.

If you are just starting out online, you are in luck. Because, I am going to help you cut the big learning curve in half, and save you many mistakes and failures!

I’m going to teach you what is the fastest way to make money online.

And the fastest way to make money online, is to LEARN EXACTLY what and how you need to do things in this industry.

I’m going to teach you the right formula and concept that you need to know, implement, and take a lot of action with, to make money online as soon as possible.

Just one thing I want you to get and understand, very well, before I teach you this……

You still have to take massive consistent action!!!

If you are looking for an easy, get-rich-quick button, leave now!

This is for the SERIOUS people.

There are two reasons WHY most people in this industry, fail.

One, is because they look for easy ways out.They are lazy, and do not want to take massive consistent action.

They look for a “get rich quick” program. And they never find them!

The other reason, is because people are doing the wrong things. They are willing to do the consistent work, but they are just working on the wrong things.

And this where I’m going to help you out!

I’m going to teach you the right way to make money online.

And because these are the right things you need to know and work on, when you take consistent action with everything, it will help you make money online a lot faster than most.

Let’s get to it!! 🙂

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Now you know what you need to know, to implement and work on, online, to make money, as soon as possible!

Let’s review what I talk about in today’s podcast show …

Learn, Implement, Teach

This is what we can call the L.I.T. or L.D.T. (learn, do, teach) rule.

It is a very simple formula to find success online.

You just have to really understand what this is all about, and take massive consistent action with everything!

I did not know about this simple concept, when I first got online.

I had to learn this, the hard way. By making mistakes, failing, and adjusting along the way.

Today, you are lucky that you get to learn this!

We live in a world that runs on knowledge, on information.

Everything around you, is information. And society runs on information as well.

Why does everyone want to invest in school?

The simple answer is; because knowledge is power.

The right knowledge, that is!

Why do you pay a mechanic to fix some things in your car?

Things that are probably very easy to fix, and if you knew exactly how, with the right tools, you would fix it yourself!

But, it takes time to learn the right information, and implement everything to see what works best.

You would rather pay someone who already took the time to learn it all, and implemented everything to become very good at it.


You always pay someone to do something for you, something that you do not know how to do. But, that does not mean you couldn’t learn how to do it yourself, does it?

You are always paying for information. Whether it is a product or a service.

You pay because they provide you with something that you need. And most of the time it is just information that you do not know.

Information is one of the reasons why we buy things. There are other reasons, of course. But, my main point here is that you need to understand how information works in this world.

You go to college and invest a lot on your education, so you can learn knowledge that you want to get paid for. Right?

You pay a doctor to see you for just a few minutes, because he or she knows more than you do, about human health.

Information is power.

Steve Jobs learned this early in his journey…..

And power, means money.

If you want to earn more money, you should learn more information.

When you know more, you can teach more, and teaching the right knowledge, will allow you to have more authority in front of the demands.

When you have more authority in front of people, they trust you more, listen to you more, and buy what you recommend.

More knowledge means more authority (power), in front of the ones who are looking to PAY for the information you have.

And the sell will become easy!

Because you are just supplying the demand.

Makes sense?

And this is a simple concept you need to apply online.

Find the existing demands, and supply them!

Find the demands online, in your niche, see what solutions they are looking for and buying, and then learn the solutions to supply them with. 😉

You invest in your education, implement what you learn to get some results (to solve the problems,right), and then learn how to monetize all of that knowledge!

As simple as that!

When it comes to making money online …. you need to follow a simple formula ….

1 – You find out what type of information people are paying for. Find the existing demands.

2 – You learn all that information very well, and then take massive action with it, to get results.

3 – Teach people some of the right information. Give them good value, so they can start to trust you and take what you recommend very seriously.

4 – Once you have all of this knowledge, and authority, and on top of that you can back it all up with your own results, you can sell a lot!

That’s it!

Why over-complicate things?

This concept works very well!

And it works well in the “make money online” niche.

Because, there are HUGE demands in this industry.

For example; you can learn how to get 4 to 10 leads online every day. And you actually work to get those results yourself.

There are soooo many people online, in this niche, who are ready to buy information that will teach them how to get some leads every day.

And if you got that information, and not only that, you also have the proof and the results to back up your knowledge, you can sell an ebook or even an online course to these groups of people.

Get it?

And remember; just because you already see others selling the same type of training, and the same type of knowledge, it does not mean you can’t profit from the market as well!

This is a big mistake I made, at the beginning of my journey online.

I wanted to sell information too.

But then I saw hundreds of other people selling the same information.

And I thought; “what chances do I have here, when there are a lot of people trying to sell the same information I’m trying to sell?!”.

So, I got very discouraged and never went after my great ideas.

This is small thinking!

And it only led me to failure and frustration.

There is enough for everyone in this industry, even if you are selling the exact same information!

If you think small, then you get small.

If you think big, then you get big!


You need to believe in abundance!

Open your eyes.

And realize, that because a lot of people are selling the same type of information, that only means there is a HUGE demand, and everyone can profit from it!

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Most people think the key to making a lot of money, either online or offline, is creating a new market, a new demand, and selling to them. And this is the reason why a lot of start-ups fail.

They want to create a new market, a new demand, and sell to them. But that is really hard to accomplish in today’s world.

Maybe it was easier back in the 60’s and 70’s. But not today!

The key to making a lot of money, either online or offline, is actually finding an existing market and demand, and supplying them with the best products and services!

That is why you cannot think small when you see others already selling what you want to sell!

A lot of competition is GOOD!!

That only means there is a big demand, it means a lot of people are buying, and that is why a lot of people are selling.

And this means you can also profit from it!!

You would just work on delivering the best products and services that YOU can deliver!


And the beautiful thing about the “Internet Marketing” Niche, is that you can learn a lot of knowledge, fast, without spending too much on trainings.

You can even learn for free and take a lot of action to prove that what you just learned works!

Then, teach a lot of good value. Take the time to teach people who are behind you, some of the right knowledge.

And once you gain more authority, thanks to the value you share, you can start to sell to the people following you! 😉

If you are getting 2 to 10 leads a day, for an instance, you are already ahead of thousands of other people who cannot get 2 to 10 leads in a week or month!!

You get the big picture here now?

You have a HUGE market and demand, to sell information on how to get some sort of result online. You just need to learn how to capitalize on it!

This is why you LEARN, IMPLEMENT, and then TEACH.

If you apply everything you learned here, online, the right way, you can start profiting fast.

It is not rocket science, it’s a simple formula that works every time.

This is why I always tell people; INVEST IN YOURSELF and in your EDUCATION ONLINE.

And right after you learn, IMPLEMENT. Take massive consistent action with everything, to get results!

Once you are getting results, and gaining authority online, you can start to find the people who are willing to pay you for the information that is helping you get the results.

You can find a massive amount of people who are looking to get those same results, and are looking to buy trainings and ebooks on how to do it.

And all you do, is either put together your own trainings, ebooks, or find affiliate trainings and products you can recommend.

Very simple stuff!

Find the demands, learn the information they are hungry for, put the information into practice to get proven results, teach value to gain authority, create your own infoproducts or find affiliate products, and sell them to the demands! 😉

This is how to make money online fast!

I talk more about this simple formula (L.D.T. rule) here: How to Become Successful Online – The L.D.T. Rule Never Fails!

What are you thoughts on this??

If you have anything else to add here, or simply want to share your opinions, leave them in a comment below!

I hope you have learned a lot today!

Start implementing everything here, right away. Take massive consistent action with all of this!

Thank you for coming by my cool blog here. Do not forget to subscribe to get updates, and spread the knowledge online. 😀




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