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Blogging and dreams …. this is one of the best combination in life! …if you asked me

Today, I’m going to talk about the right way to accomplish your goals in life, and the best way to build a blog online. It’s going to be a passionate podcast show, so get ready! 😉

Blogging has changed my entire life.

And I know, for a fact, that it can change yours as well.

You just need to learn the right knowledge, work on your mindset, and take a lot of consistent action. That’s it!

After a long weekend, relaxing at the beach …. .. I am very passionate to help you accomplish your goals online!! …

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My points here, are very simple, but yet very powerful.

Let’s recap a little bit here ….

Here are the two main things I talk about on this episode:

  • The right way to go after your goals and dreams.
  • The best way to build a blog online.

The reason why I started talking about the “right” way to accomplish your goals in life – is because I come across people, all the time, who are doing one part correctly, but fail on the second most important part of the entire manifestation process.

You have heard about self-development and how you need to work on yourself, while you are working on accomplishing your goals in life, but yet you have not gotten it all right! …

And in this case, we would be talking about your goals online.

I know how it is to do a lot of self-development, self-improvement, work on your mindset daily, take some action, and still not get the expected results online.

I have been there.

Can you relate?

Let me know in a comment below.

I have realized many things, throughout the years and throughout my own journey online.

I started online from scratch. I had no clue about anything online.

All I had was a dream.

I had a vision – that one day I will be traveling and making money online from a website.

I didn’t even know what a blog or domain name was when I started online. That is how new I was!

And today, all of my dreams are coming true.

So, I know, for a damn fact, that you can accomplish the same, and even more.

No matter how new you are, and where you stand in life at this moment.

You can do it!!

I am here to make you realize how powerful you are.

And teach you the right knowledge in life.

If you get the law of attraction right, and use it to help you build a successful blog online, your entire life will change fast!

One of the most common mistakes, I have seen people make, and made myself, is misunderstanding the law of attraction and self-development to accomplish your goals.

This has happened to me. A lot.

And I see it happening to a lot of people online, all the time.

This is why I started thinking about everything.

And I like to find the right answers within. Because that is where the best answer are.

This is why I love taking long walks in nature. And go to the beach to relax, and analyze my life and just life in general.

Recently, I had a bit of a breakthrough about how this law of attraction and success works.

I have realized that most of the people trying to accomplish their goals online, are misunderstanding some of the process to make it happen.

This is something that happens in the back of the mind. In the subconscious mind. So, it is hard to realize what is really going on, unless you take the time to listen to someone pointing it out.

Sometimes, we cannot see the real truth about something, until someone comes to us and tell us exactly where that something is. You get what I mean?

Now, when it comes to manifesting and applying the law of attraction to accomplish your goals online …… there is a right and wrong process.

And a lot of people do it wrong.

That explains why not everyone who attempts to manifest things in their life, actually makes it happen.

Some will, and some will not.

And the big question is WHY?

Right?!! …

I always asked myself that question.

WHY do some people succeed with one simple process (formula) and others do not?

And it is in that question, that I deeply sink my mind in – to see what the real answer is.

I came to the realization that the problem is misunderstanding how everything works.

Some people will only do one part of the entire process correctly, and fail in the other parts.

For example;

You write down your goals as clear as possible, you read your affirmations daily, you read your goals twice a day, you are reading self-development books weekly, you are listening to positive audios, you are meditating, you are taking care of your health and mind, etc, and you are doing everything here for months and months, but yet you are not really getting the results you want online!

What is really going on here?

What is missing here?

You are doing the right things for only one part of the entire manifestation process, but there is a second part where you are failing drastically.

And that part would be HARD WORK!

You see, you might think that because you are doing all of the right things for your mind, your energy, and your goal setting, that it is enough to manifest the results you want to get.

That is the wrong approach!

And, you might be taking some action. I’m not saying that you are probably not taking a lot action.

In fact, you might be taking a lot of action, BUT, you are probably taking the WRONG ACTION!

All of the affirmations, and meditation, and self-development, etc, is not going to help you much if you are only taking some action with the wrong actions!

You know what I mean?

It is very important to take the RIGHT actions!

So, you must invest in your education to learn the right actions to take in order to build a successful business of your own!

The self-development part, is just that …. a part!

Working on yourself, and your mind, is not enough to manifest things in your life.

And if you have been thinking it is, you are in big big trouble.

You have to take a lot of consistent action!

And not just any type of action, but the RIGHT ACTIONS!!

This is why you must educate yourself. No excuses allowed here!

Taking massive action WITH the right knowledge is the answer to manifesting things in your life fast.

You know that clarity is one of the requirements in the law of attraction process, right?! … I’m sure you know that very well …

You take the time to be very crystal clear with your goals ….. but what about also being crystal clear with the actions you need to take?

What about doing whatever it takes to learn the right actions, the right knowledge, and the right tasks you need to be doing, on a daily basis, to accomplish your goals online???

Have you ever thought about that?

You can’t just wish things, and only follow one part of the entire manifestation process the right way.

You have to follow every single part of the process the right way!


Plus, your actions are a direct reflection of what you truly believe in your life!!

This simple statement, is what has given me a huge breakthrough in my life.

Because, I was doing the right self-development part, I was doing the right law of attraction process of goal setting, vision board, etc …. but my actions would suck!

Even when taking action, I was taking action with the wrong things.

So, if at some moment I take massive action with the wrong actions, I would get little to no results. And that would crush me inside. It would discourage me no matter how positive I am.

It happens. And that is the raw truth!

I had to invest money and time into my internet marketing and blogging education. I had to learn the right knowledge to build a successful income stream online, right!

And once I had that right knowledge, I needed to put in the hard work!

Knowledge only becomes powerful when implemented consistently.

Knowledge is only as powerful as the actions that go along with it! Click To Tweet

AND ….

If I did not truly and deeply, believed in myself, and that it happen for me, I would take as much massive consistent action.

That is just how it is!

Remember ….

Your actions are always a direct reflection of your true beliefs!

And sometimes we fool ourselves. Sometimes we get lost in some information. We can get lost in parts of the manifestation process.

It happens.

For an instance, we can get stuck with the first part. The part where you do self-development, goal setting, reading, meditating, etc.

We get stuck there and we forget to test our beliefs. Our true beliefs.

How do you test if you truly believe in something?

With ACTION! …

How much action, and what type of action, you take, is always a reflection of what you truly believe deep inside.


So, if you are thinking you believe in yourself, and that you can accomplish your goals online, and you are doing the first part correctly, but then your actions are wrong – you are shooting yourself in the foot!

Your actions is what will demonstrate what you truly believe in your life – not the affirmations and meditation and stuff like that.

This is a big misconception that I see happening all the time.

Maybe in the back of your mind, you think self-development and wishful thinking is enough to manifest your goals online.

I can say that I admit to that statement.

Can you?

You have to humble yourself, and empty your cup. Realize that you have been approaching this entire online business the wrong way.

And as with any goals in life, you need to do things the right way, there is no way around it.

Even winning the lottery takes the right mindset and the right massive action!!

Nothing in life happens by chance. Everything happens deliberately.

You need to start to embrace that as much as possible – and start studying. Get hungry for not just knowledge, but the right knowledge!

If you want to see how much you believe in yourself and your goals online, take a good look at your actions.

Step back for a little bit.

Take a good, deep, look, at your daily action.

And ask yourself; am I doing whatever it takes every single day?

Am I choosing to sleep 4 to 6 hours a day, so I can put in as much work as possible with the right things …. or am I choosing to sleep 8+ hours and just taking some action with what I think are the things I’m supposed to be doing … ???

You tell me. You tell yourself.

If you do not like where you are at, right now, in your life, then it is time to step back for a minute, and analyze every single thing possible!

You have step out of yourself, to study yourself, and see the big picture.

Are your actions reflecting what you currently believe deep inside of you?

You will always find out that you are!

Your mind and what you believe in your heart, are what will always control your actions outside.

And things in the mind can go very deep. So, you need to be very careful here. Because you might trick yourself into thinking that you are doing the right things, when you are not.

If you really want to know if you are in the right path or not, simply look at your actions!

Your actions are what will tell you the truth about what you truly believe in your mind and heart.

You have to understand this simple concept very well.

A lot of confusion happens in this part.

Your mind can trick you into thinking that you are on the right path to accomplish your goals online, but most of the time that is what you want to believe, and not what you truly believe.

Your mind will tell you the possibilities in your life.

And your actions will tell you if you truly believe in those possibilities or not.

It is your actions that manifests things. Not your mind.

Your mind is simply the compass. It is the engine. An engine itself cannot run – it needs a driver.

And that driver is your actions!

If you have a great engine, but no driver, no operator, how can you get to your destination, to your goal?

Belief cannot work well without the right actions. And the right actions cannot work well without the right beliefs.

Both need each other in other to function correctly.

It is time you pay close attention to your ACTIONS!

They will tell you the real truth about what you believe in your life.

Okay. Now, let me tell you about the blogging tips I gave you on today’s podcast episode.

I wanted to explain about what are the right ways to go after your goals and dreams, first.

Because, once you really get this, you can start working on what you truly want to accomplish in your life, and make it happen fast!

I know that you want to build a successful blog online, otherwise you would not be reading this. 😉

I’m going to give you one powerful tip to build a successful blog online.

This is the best way to build a blog online – and take it to success fast.

It all starts a simple statement ….

Blog not only on your own blog, but all over the internet!

This is a simple concept.

I have met many bloggers who have applied this simple rule, and are now very successful bloggers online.

I am sure you have heard a popular blogging tip that says “you should be blogging daily” in order to build a successful blog online.

This is not only the wrong advice – it is also advice that can hurt you and your beliefs about making money blogging online.

You do not have to blog daily in order to build a successful blog online!

The reason is because; in order to stand out from the blogging crowd, you must be EPIC, you must be creating the best content possible!

And, when you worry too much about blogging daily, and publishing something daily, the quality of that content goes to the floor!

That is just the real truth!

The more often you create content, the lower quality gets.

When you take your time creating an epic blog post, you will come up with the most spectacular blog post ever!

And those are the type of blog posts you want to be sharing on your own blog, if you want to stand out and become a very interesting blogger in your niche.

I have lowered the number of blog posts for this blog – I am only publishing about 2 blog posts a month now.

I’m focusing more on promotion and just sharing valuable content on other sites. I need a lot of that to build up a good traffic flow to my blog here, so it only makes sense to dedicate more time into that.

You get what I mean?

Implement the 80/20 rule when it comes to building a successful blog online. You can read more about that rule here.

Spend 20% of your time creating the most epic, most valuable blog post ever – and 80% of your time spend it promoting the heck out of the content you already have.

Cool?!! 😀

What you should do is a content marketing strategy.

This is where you share valuable pieces of content all over the internet and reference back to your main blog.

This is what you need to be doing most of your time online.

This is the best way to build a blog online!

You have to blog all over the internet pointing back to your main blog.

It is important that you invest in your internet marketing and blogging education.

So, you know exactly what you need to be doing online – and you also have a lot of knowledge to share.

And once you know exactly what you need to be doing, come up with a daily action plan to follow.

Take as much massive consistent action with the productive activities online!

You should be:

  • Guest Posting
  • Blog Commenting
  • Connecting with fellow bloggers
  • Growing your Social Networks
  • Branding your Blog and yourself
  • Publishing valuable content on other sites
  • Implementing simple internet marketing strategies

As much as possible!!

Get out of your comfort zone, and just put in the hard work!

The hard work will not be forever. It is only a temporary thing. Understand that.

How long you have to work hard, will depend on how hard you work.

That is the bottom line!

You can build a successful blog online in just a few months. But, only you and your actions will make that happen.

One thing that I like to do, to promote my internet marketing blog here, is to publish valuable content on other sites and other blogs online.

This simple strategy for blog promotion works very well!

But only if you put in the necessary work, that is. 😉

Here are a few sites where you can publish valuable content to gain more exposure for your blog:

You should join these online communities and start sharing very valuable and unique content in them.

Then, reference back to your main blog. If people love what you share, and how you write, they would want to go check out your own blog.

It is just a matter of doing a lot of this, in order to gain a lot of exposure for your main blog.

You can also share valuable articles on article directory sites and point back to your main blog. Here is a blog post on that topic.

Here are more interesting blog posts to help you with your content marketing strategy:

If you just follow everything that I’m teaching you here, with massive consistent action, you will accomplish your goals online. There is no doubt about it!

The question is; will you make it happen no matter what?

This is enough information for you to go after your dreams in life!

I love making money blogging online, because it gives me the true freedom in life. I can travel around, with just my laptop and smart phone – and enjoy life to the fullest!

You can do it too!

I believe in you. Now you just have to believe in yourself.

And remember; your actions are a direct reflection of what you truly believe in your heart and mind! 😉

Thank you for coming by, listening to podcast show, and reading this awesome blog post today!

Don’t forget to spread the love, and subscribe for blog updates!

Let’s keep on growing forward!


Talk to you soon.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row]




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