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Get Free Traffic from Free Solo Ads that Work

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There are many ways to drive free traffic to your blog online and to any website online, pretty much.

Today I’m going to teach you about getting free traffic from free solo ads that work.

There are so many free solo ads sites online and you can really choose which ones you want to use for your marketing online.

There also are paid solo ads you can purchase from other marketers online but this would be another topic to talk about, another blog post.

Stay tuned. ;)

When I say; “free solo ads that work” – I’m not really saying there are some that do not work.

So far I haven’t come across a free solo ad site that doesn’t work. They all deliver clicks.

What I really mean is to find the free solo ads sites that work best for you and for what you are promoting.

You can drive this traffic to any website online, so use this strategy wisely.

I’m not very sure if you can drive this traffic to a website in any niche.

But the one niche you can have a lot of success with here – is with the Internet Marketing, Home Based Business Niche.

The people using these free solo ad sites online are also people who is more open to new online business opportunities.

And we could say that most of them would also have a blog online.

I haven’t tested this free traffic strategy in different niches, just in the internet marketing niche.

So, if you would like to know if this works with your niche, the best way to find out is to try it out for a little bit.

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Do a little bit of a research and split-testing and find out what works and what doesn’t.

If you don’t find success in your niche, then you could still go for the home based business or blogging niche.

There is still a HUGE market in the home based business industry. From blogging to internet marketing, SEO, Content Marketing, etc….

Getting free traffic from free solo ads that work and get you a good amount of clicks to your links, will take some trials and errors during the learning process.

You will have to learn about Split-Testing and Copy-Writing Skills.

Let me share with you a rookie video – where I talk about using free solo ads that work to get free traffic to any website online.

You can also drive this traffic to your blog if you want, by the way. But at the end of the day, it is up to you where you want to drive this traffic to.

Learn this simple free solo ads strategy and master it! ;) … it will be worth the hard work! .. :D

Get Free Traffic from Free Solo Ads that Work

This is my first video talking about this strategy and I’m still working on my video skills – I hope it was good enough to teach you this powerful marketing strategy. ;)

Here is my personal list of the Free Solo Ads Sites I use: – updated: 8/29/17 –

A very important key to getting good results with free solo ads is to do this in bulks.

What I mean is to use as many free solo ads sites as possible to get the best results.

The more you do this, with the right email swipe and right website, the better results you can get.

It is all about taking massive action.

These solo ads sites will let you get a free account and free credits to get started.

You also have the option to upgrade to have better options and the ability to send a solo ad more often.

The free memberships will only let you send a solo ad every couple of days.

Most of them will be from 5 to 7 days. If you would like to send an email more often, then you need to upgrade.

If you do this free solo ads strategy the right way and in a massive amount, upgrading can really pay off.

Just learn how to get the most clicks and the best conversions as a free member and then when you get it right, upgrade to get even more traffic!

Here is what you really need to learn and master, to get the best results with free solo ads:

  • Copy-Writing Skills (email swipe skills)
  • Call-to-Actions
  • Capture Pages
  • Click & Opt-in Conversions

These are the basics things you need to learn about if you really want to get the best results with solo ads.Get-Free-Traffic from-Free-Solo-Ads-that-Work

There are many people who gets really good results with free solo ads that work – and of course there are also a lot of people who get little to no results at all.

You need to understand and realize that there will always be people who do not get any results with any marketing strategy.

This does not mean the strategy doesn’t work. It just means people are doing it all wrong.

Be very consistent with the work here and never give up. This is the attitude you need to have if you want to get good results with this simple internet marketing strategy.

Once a week – you can get a good amount of free leads and potential buyers from these free solo ads that work!

If you missed this in the video; it is very important you create a brand new email address to use when you sign up with these free solo ads sites.

The reason is because these sites will send you a lot of emails every single day. You don’t want to clutter your personal email’s inbox with this.

Another reason why you want to use a separate email address for all of these sites is because the emails you receive will allow you to earn free credits once you open them, and you want to find them all in one place. ;)

Whenever you run out of mailing credits, go to your specific email address and open a couple of emails to earn free credits. This is how you can keep sending free solo ads. :D

I also highly recommend you to get organized and bookmark all of the links you will use.

You want to have easy access to each site, just to make this task a bit easier and faster.

I think I have talked enough in the video above and on this post about getting free traffic from free solo ads sites.

I really hope you have learned something new today and that you take massive action once you learn this.

I have shared very valuable and powerful information to you, the results you get are all now on your hands.

Go make it happen buddy!

What do you think? …

If you have any experience with this strategy or you have any comments/questions… leave them in a comment below! :)

Thanks for reading!

I wish you the best success online!



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