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There is something very very important that you probably do not know about guest posting on blogs online …..

….would you like to learn what it is??

I remember my very first blog online. It was a blog on dating and relationship advice. It was a Blogspot (blogger) Blog.

It looked “alright” for my very first blog online.

This is when I was just getting into the blogging world. I had no clue about anything when I first got started.

I had to learn everything from scratch.

It was very challenging (at the beginning). I’m going to be dead honest with ya.

Of course, as many reading this might relate, my first few blogs online failed miserably.

My second blog online was in the Brain Improvement and Memory Improvement Niche. That one actually got a lot farther than the first one.

Anyway ….

…. one of the biggest mistakes (that I’ve made) at the beginning of my blogging journey online – was the lack of action with one simple content marketing strategy ….

Wanna guess what exactly I am talking about here?

You guessed it!!

Guest Blogging.

I did learn a bit about Guest Blogging back then.

Hold on there!
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But, I just did not really care to take it very seriously.

My weird ego got in the way there.

My ego actually got in the way of many important things during my blogging journey. But we won’t talk about that on this post (for the sake of the length of this awesome blog post LOL).

Anyhow, I really thought I could build a successful blog online MY WAY!

I’m sure you might be able to relate here.

A little … maybe?

Let me know in a comment below!

One of the most important lessons I have learned when building your own blog online (and wanting to build an online income with it) …..

…. is to EMPTY YOUR CUP!

Guest Blogging Tips: What You Didn't Know About Guest Posting On Blogs!!

Do what the Successful Bloggers are telling you to do. PERIOD.

Are you currently struggling to drive more traffic, get more leads, and make more sales online?

I am sure that most people already have enough knowledge and information to improve their online statistics.

Knowing exactly what to do and how to do things – might not really be the problem.

The knowledge to make it happen online and build a successful, money-making, blog online, is already all over the World Wide Web.

Let me raise my right hand here!

Guest Blogging Tips: What You Didn't Know About Guest Posting On Blogs!!

Because, I can talk from my own experiences that NOT Taking Massive Consistent Action with what I already knew how to do – is what kept me failing online (over and over again).

Sometimes, you just get too caught up in the Learning and Learning, and Learning, and Learning some more and some more … and on … and on …

And never really take the massive consistent action that you need to put in!

Is like a vicious, unproductive, cycle – that you might fall into.

Heeyy …. it happens, okay!

If this has been you, so far, that’s okay.

Today is the day you change your mindset!

I want to inspire you and transfer some great energy to you!

Alright alright .. let me cut to the chase now …

… you probably came here because of the one interesting sentence in the title; “… what you didn’t know about guest posting on blogs!”

Guest Blogging Tips: What You Didn't Know About Guest Posting On Blogs!!

Legendary Marketer by David Sharpe - Frequently Asked Questions

Is that right?

I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

When I was doing a bit of research for a good title for this new blog post, I wanted to find a title that could Spark Curiosity to the new and experienced blogger online.

Did it work?

Hahaha … if it did, do let me know in a comment below please! :D

But, there is actually something that you probably did not know about Guest Posting on Blogs, though.

And that is the fact that it can help you build a successful blog online FAST!

Plain and simple.

Oh wait!! ….

There is another thing you also probably did not know about guest posting on blogs online – and that is to BE CAREFUL.

Be careful to not waste your time and energy publishing guest posts on blogs that do not get a lot of traffic online. In other words, try to stay away from guest posting on brand new blogs in your niche.

* If you are still on the fence about guest blogging, by the way, you can read my previous blog post on this topic – here (I recommend you to read it if you haven’t).

Guest Blogging is Powerful

But only when done right & consistently.

I did not really realize the True Power of Guest Blogging – until last year.

Last year, I started to really get more into guest blogging. And, let me tell you, this is when things evolved to a higher level for me.

Today, I am taking guest blogging a lot more seriously than ever before.

And today, I would like to share with you – a very simple Guest Blogging Strategy I’ve put together to promote this internet marketing blog.

This would be a good “example” and Guide for you to follow, if you are also looking to get serious with guest blogging.

Okay let’s get to it!

Simple Guest Blogging Strategy


You must do some research and gather up a list of blogs that allow guest posts.

Blogs relevant to your Niche (your blog’s niche).

In order to find blogs for guest blogging, just do some smart Google research.

You can use Search Queries like these;

“write for us”

“submit guest post”

“guest post guidelines”


Add the + plus Sign next to such search queries – followed by a Keyword (from your niche).

Like this; “write for us” + KEYWORD

Here is an example:

Guest Blogging Tips: What You Didn't Know About Guest Posting On Blogs!!

You can also just google something like; ‘list of blogs that allow guest posts’

Some people have actually gathered a big list of blogs that allow guest posts.

When it comes to doing research, be creative and resourceful!

You can also use these online tools; and

Take some good time doing good research and find from 10 to 50 (and more) blogs where you can possibly publish a guest post.

How many you gather up really depends on you. The more the better, of course.

The reason you might want to gather as many blogs as possible is because some of them might not be accepting new guest posts at the moment. You get what I mean?

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Second thing to do

While doing your research make sure you Save your list of blogs in a document.

Preferably in an Excel (spread sheet) document.

You can use Microsoft Excel or the Google Sheets Tool (online).

I personally use the Google Sheets Tool. It comes very handy because you can access your files on any computer with an internet connection.

Make sure you get well-organized to keep track of everything.

Here is an example of what I personally do when putting together a new guest blogging strategy on a Google Sheets Document:

Guest Blogging Tips: What You Didn't Know About Guest Posting On Blogs!!

As you can see, I keep it simple, handy, and well-organized.

I want to make sure I can keep track of as much as possible. Especially when looking to guest post on multiple blogs online.

Good organization can help a lot in the long run!

It also helps a lot with productivity.

Let’s go over a few more important things to learn when putting together your own guest blogging strategy.

Set Clear Goals

It is important that you set very clear goals that you would like to achieve with your guest blogging strategy.

Being very clear with the goals you want to hit will help you visualize. And when you visualize achieving your goals it would be much easier to stay focused and productive.

Obviously, the most common goals would be to get more targeted traffic back to your main blog. And, also capture leads and make some sales online.

One thing that I would not set as a goal, though, would be to get a “Backlink”.

If you get into guest blogging with the only purpose of “getting more backlinks” to your blog and blog posts, you are already cutting yourself short from benefiting as much as possible from your guest blogging strategy.

I always say, backlinks should be the very last thing in your mind – when it comes to guest blogging!

What you want to Laser Focus on the most – is getting the most traffic from your guest posts as possible.

And how would you be able to do that?

Pay Close Attention & Analyze

You want to take the time to go through the entire blog where you want to publish a guest post on – so you can learn more about WHAT TYPE of Content their Audience Engages with the most.

You get what I mean?

You need to see how the blog posts are structured on that blog.

Look closely at how other guest authors are structuring their guest posts.

Are most blog posts Media Rich (many images and videos)?

Or are they mainly Plain Text Based?

Which type of content and blog post/article structure gets the most comments, and shares in social networks?

What type of blog post titles seems to get the most attention?

These are essential questions you need to ask yourself when going through the blog where you want to submit your guest post to.

Of course, I also recommend you to come up with your own questions here. I’m just showing a quick example.

Taking the time to do all of this research and analyzing the blog’s content and audience – will help you craft the best guest post ever!

This is how you will be able to get the most from the guest post you submit.

Another thing that I would personally do is to try to become a Regular Guest Author on most of these blogs (the ones you want to submit a guest post to).

Why would I want to blog on someone’s blog very frequently?

The answer is simple.

Doing this will help my own blog’s traffic, authority, and brand, grow VERY Fast Online!

Want to start getting hundreds (and thousands) of targeted visitors to your blog, every single day, in just a few months?

Implement what I am advising you here.

Guest blog more than you blog on your own blog!

Catch my drift?

I have met many bloggers who took their new blogs online to success (fast) by just guest posting like maniacs! LOL ;)

Guest Blogging is really that powerful my friend!

Just think about this for a long minute ……

….. what if you shared a few of your most epic and valuable blog posts on a popular blog (in your niche)?

Your epic blog post would do so much better on that blog and get you a lot more traffic than if you were to publish it on your own blog.

The reason is simple.

That is because that blog, where you have submitted your epic content, has a lot more authority online and a much bigger audience than your (new) blog.

Got it?

Want to know how often I am blogging on my internet marketing blog here?

About 2 times a week.

The rest of my time I spend it publishing unique, valuable content on other sites online. And I also spend a lot of time promoting all of my blog posts and content I share on other sites.

* If you are a brand new blogger, this is a great blog post I highly recommend you to read.

Okay, let’s get back to these guest blogging tips.

Become An Expert

Guest blogging is all about crafting and publishing the most epic, valuable, and fresh content for the niche’s audience.

Invest in your education and knowledge in your niche.

You need to be constantly learning, and also taking action to learn from experiences.

Doing this, will help you a lot when you have to come up with new content ideas.

Become the person to go to, when there is a question in your niche.

This is also a great way to get people attracted to you. They know you know your stuff, and they will follow you forever because of that!

The next important part of your guest blogging strategy is the Guest Post “Pitching” part (contacting the blog owner).

To craft the best message/email pitching your guest post(s) – you should go over the blog’s Guest Post Guidelines, first. If they provide such guidelines, of course.

Usually, they do let you know what exactly they are looking for and how you can approach them for good consideration.

Just take a look at an example of a very informative guest post guidelines page from

Guest Blogging Tips: What You Didn't Know About Guest Posting On Blogs!!

As you can see, they are very straight forward about their Guest Posting Guidelines. This information can help you create the best message for them regarding your guest post.

Also, it is important to note that you should keep your message (guest post pitch) short & sweet and to the point.

Understand that most of these popular blogs in your niche get many emails every single day and tend to ignore very long emails/messages with unnecessary information.

Help them out by being straight to the point, and be very clear with your message.

Here is a sample message that you can use a guidance – to craft your own;

Hi ______,

I am a big fan of your blog; ________________. I have been enjoying the content shared, and learned a lot from your blog alone, so far. I’m currently looking to share fresh, unique, high quality content on similar topics that I know your blog’s audience will love.

Content on topics such as; “____________”, “_________________”, “_______________”.

I would love to contribute a blog post (or a few) to your awesome blog. If you would like me to send you sample of my writing skills and the type of content I share online, let me know and I’ll be happy to do so.

I look forward to hearing from you, and contributing to your audience.

Thank you for your time!

Best regards,
– ________________

This is a simple short & sweet message that you can use to pitch your guest post ideas. You can play around with this message, of course (and I highly recommend you to do so).

There is one last tip I would like to share with you – before I wrap up here.

I mentioned this earlier on this post.

When you are looking for blogs where you can submit a guest post, you really want to make sure that blog has a big audience already, a good authority online, and it gets a lot of good traffic consistently.

It is very important that you make sure of this!

You do not want to waste your time publishing guest posts if you are not going to benefit from them as much as possible.

If you submit a guest post to blog A, for instance, and that guest post only sends you about 50 visitors in like a month and never sends you any more traffic after that – then maybe you do not want to submit another guest post on that blog (again).

Just learn from that experience and move on.

Here are the signs that will tell you a lot about the authority and traffic flow of a blog online.

Social Media Presence

How big are the blog’s social media accounts?

How many followers do they have on twitter?

How many likes on their fan page?

How many Youtube subscribers?

And so on ….


On average, how many comments does a blog post get?

Take a look at how many comments each blog post gets. The more comments per blog post – that means the more traffic the blog is getting consistently.

Wrapping it up

You’ve made it to the end!!

Congrats on making it all the way here. This has been a very long and valuable blog post on guest blogging. I did have fun creating it (for you).

Guest Blogging is not a complicated thing to learn and understand.

You just learned what you need to know (today) to just get going with it.

It is time you put together your own guest blogging strategy and take massive consistent action with everything that you need to do!

Thank you very much for coming by and taking the time to read this epic blog post.

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I’ll talk to you on my next blog post!

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