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If you have been building a blog online and haven’t gotten many readers yet, you are probably asking the question; “how do I get more readers for my blog online? …

The answer is simple but the process might be a little more complicated to you. In this post today I will share with you a simple process to get more readers for your blog. These are the same things I do myself to build up readers for my blog.

There are many internet marketing strategies to get a good amount of traffic to your blog, if you are very consistent and you do ALL of the necessary work to get the job done.

When it comes to getting more readers for your blog – it all will be about how consistent you are with the work you need to get done. You have to be willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish the goals you have for your blog.

How do I get more readers for my Blog?

How Do I Get More Readers for My Blog?When I used to ask myself this question, 4 years ago, I had no clue!

I searched and searched for the information I could afford online at that time and I taught myself how to get more readers for my blogs little by little. It was a long process and a lot of self-discipline to teach myself the right information.

It is easy to fall for the wrong information and go in many wrong ways before you find the right path to getting the results you want.

There are no little, powerful secrets to get any amount of traffic to your blog online – the secret sauce although, is in the commitment you make to make it happen no matter what.

Once you enter this ‘Blogging Game’ with this type of attitude, the rest will get easier and easier….

I said Blogging Game because writing is not really a hard job and could be easily considered a fun game that pays your bills in the long run and if you play it for a very long time.

Building a successful blog online that earns you money will take time, a lot of patience, a lot of effort and a lot of goals. One of the keys to success will be about how you break down your goals, so you can accomplish them little by little.

Set measurable GoalsGet more readers for my blog

Getting that feeling of accomplishment very often can really help you get the energy to keep going and keep taking closer steps to your main big end goal.

Writing down measurable goals you can accomplish fast and easy, will actually encourage you to keep accomplishing little goals at a time and eventually get you to where you want to get (your end goal).

You will need a lot of motivation and a lot of inspiration to keep going even when you fail multiple times during the process of building a successful blog.

And accomplishing something you put yourself up to, even if it is the smallest goal, can really make you feel good and work harder each time.

Let me tell you; there will be times where you are going to fail, this is nothing to hide and nothing you should be afraid of.

The truth is the truth and the better you understand this entire process of building a successful blog online – the better results you will get. It is a matter of how you approach this, with how much knowledge and what type of mindset.

The bottom line here is that if you truly want to get more readers for your blog online, you will need to take the time to learn how to get more readers for your blog and run with it.

How to get more readersTake Massive Action!

It is very important for your success here.

Taking Massive Action with the information you learn, will definitely have a HUGE impact in the results you get online.

It all needs to come together (like a puzzle), in order to work, and you need to learn how to get the right mindset, learn the right knowledge and take the right massive action simultaneously.

Everything you do needs to get the same energy from you, so you have the best results because you have put a lot of productive work to build the right foundation.

Get Organized & Treat it like a Real Job

How to Get more traffic for my blog

If you want to build a solid income generating foundation online; meaning you will build a blog that has enough revenue to potentially earn you 4 figures a month from the internet on autopilot; you will have to put in the right work, the right way.

Let’s be honest…

Building a blog that will get organic, natural traffic from not only search engines but also from social networks, is what you are going after, here.

The end goal is to earn a good amount of money from the daily traffic you get to your blogs – right!

Of course, I will strongly tell you to focus on the real job of someone who makes money online as a blogger/internet marketer – and that is Helping People and Solving their Problems the Best Way Possible.

Not only that, but you will also need to learn how to get as many people as possible to read your solutions, otherwise there will be no point on creating valuable, problem-solving content.

Once you Focus a little more on helping people by providing them with very helpful and valuable information that solves specific problems for them, that’s when you will start to get better results blogging online.

This is where organization and self-discipline comes into play. If you are not organized and do not have a strong will-power to maintain a strong self-discipline to do all of the necessary work – then you might find yourself struggling to get results.

It is very important to treat this as a Real Job and give yourself a working schedule you can follow and one that works for you.

We need deadlines and we need organization in order to get the most productive work out of ourselves. Just like a Boss getting the most productive work out of its employees.

Learn How to be as Productive as PossibleWays to get more readers for my blog

It is very important you learn how to use your time online and stop clicking around like a maniac.

This part can be the most challenging part for many people online, especially the newbies.

The key to success here, will be in how much will power you have to do a lot of productive work. I know a lot of work can get scary sometimes for many of us. :D

One thing you might forget a lot, is the fact that when you are building a successful blog online – the hard work and the struggles will only be and come at the beginning – once you get the snowball rolling, the rest is history.

You can ask many successful bloggers online or do research on couple of them and see how they live their life. Try to find out how much work they put into their blogs today, after years of building it.

What you will find out can be hard to believe but that’s what owning a successful blog online does to you and your life.

Now, I know you probably want me to jump right to the strategies and information on your question; “how do I get more readers for my blog online“.

But I hope what I have shared on this post so far, can be valuable to you and can help you accomplish success online. The main goal of this information is to put you on the right path to success with your blog online.

The process to get more readers for your blog is simple.

How do I get more readers for my Blog?

  1. Build a Simple, Clean, Well-Organized, Easy-to-Navigate Blog.
  2. Create very Unique & Valuable Blog Posts that are Hard to find Online.
  3. Create & Build a Facebook Fan Page & a Twitter Account for your Blog Site & Grow a Social Following.
  4. Blog very often. And make sure you Keep Improving your Copy-Writing Skills.
  5. Find Forums on your Niche & Become a Very Active Member.
  6. Find Facebook Groups on your Niche & Encourage People to go Read Content on your Blog.
  7. Build New Connections & Relationships Online with like-minded People very often.
  8. Become an Expert in your Niche & Become an Article Author in Many Sites.
  9. Record Valuable Videos & Video Tutorials & then Promote them as Much as Possible.
  10. Build a List & Keep Offering them very Valuable Information through your Blog Posts.
  11. Rinse & Repeat as much as possible.

These are the simple things you need to follow and always keep in mind when you are working to get more readers for your blog online.

It might seem like a lot of work and it can be intimidating to think you have to do all of this when you have other things to do in your life. Like going to work, if you have a job or taking care of kids and the house, if you have a big family & house, for example.

But trust me, the end results after doing all the hard work will definitely make up for everything else.

Let me talk a little bit more about each step to help you get more readers for your blog.

1 – Build a Simple, Clean, Well-Organized, Easy-to-Navigate Blog.

It is very important for you to have a good-looking, easy-to-navigate design and structure for your blog site.

I’m not talking about going over the board with your site and installing more plugins than you can handle and installing heavy themes.

I’m talking specifically about WordPress Blogs here, just so you are aware.

One thing I did when I first started building my blogs online was look at other blogs online, model after them and eventually come up with my own ideas.

When you are building a new blog, you have to use your creativity along with the right knowledge to build a powerful, well-monetized website online.

One important thing some people might forget is the fact that you need to make it very easy for the reader to share the content, and this is where Social Network Buttons plays an important role on your blog.

I tried my best to keep this blog very simple for the visitors, and I could really use your help with some Feedback. So please leave your feedback in a comment below. (by the way, you can model after this blog too)

2 – Create very Unique & Valuable Blog Posts that are Hard to find Online.

Creating very valuable & unique content is as important as building a powerful blog site.

The Content of your blog and the Quality of it, will be King.

I know you have probably heard the saying; “Content is King”. And it is.

But there is more than just Content; you will need Quality Content and a good number of Quality Readers of that Content, for it to be King for you.

I hope I make sense here.

You need to make sure each one of your Blog Posts you publish are solving specific problems for your readers. Once they love your content, they are more likely to share it online if you ask them to.

The Reputation of your Blog Online will depend a lot on the Quality of your Content. Quality Information always gets good Reputation.

3 – Create & Build a Facebook Fan Page & a Twitter Account for your Blog Site & Grow a Social Following.

If you are not taking advantage of the Social Networks, especially Facebook, then you are nuts!

You should create a Facebook Fan Page for your Blog and Build up a Following by engaging on the Page as much as possible.

Work on getting as many ‘Likes’ as possible for your Fan Page – interact with people and encourage them to share&comment your Content.

With time, you can definitely have a really big following in Facebook and get readers to every post you publish on your blog, every time you share the link on your Facebook Fan Page Wall.

The same concept goes for a Twitter Account for your Blog. Tweet valuable tips and content on a regular basis and encourage people to follow you for more.

The bottom line is you need to brand yourself as an Expert in your Niche in the Social Networks and encourage people to learn from you through your Blog Posts. If people see that you know a lot and you can definitely help them solve their problems and help them accomplish their goals, then they are most likely to follow you.

4 – Blog very often. And make sure you Keep Improving your Copy-Writing Skills.

Publishing new content every week is very important if you want to grow your readers number fast.

If you can blog daily, then blog daily. Of course not everyone will blog daily and that is okay as long as they make it up on the quality of each blog post.

If you are not going to blog daily then what you can do is create very valuable and most likely a very long blog post that solves a lot of problems for your readers.

I’m talking about a Blog Post like the one you are reading right now. This blog post is taking me couple of hours to finish but at the end I know it will be very helpful to a lot of people.

With content like this, I can comfortably rest for 1 – 2 days before I start writing a new blog post for this blog. I know the content I put up is very valuable & of good quality, and that is more important than quantity any day, any time.

Since blogging requires a lot of writing and you are going to be writing a lot, then it is obvious you should invest in your Copy-Writing Skills. Invest in your education to get better results.

Always keep improving as a writer and blogger. Never forget this is just another Job you need to respect and I can assure you that this will be the best job you’ve ever had in your entire life!

5 – Find Forums on your Niche & Become a Very Active Member.

There are hundreds of Forums all around the internet and there are thousands of people interacting in them daily.

Your job in this part is to engage with the members, the community, as much as possible and brand yourself as someone who is there to help them and solve their problems thanks to your knowledge.

The key to get results will not be in promoting the heck out of your blog in the Forums. The key to getting good traffic from the Forums is to make people want to learn from you, Naturally.

You know you are most likely to follow someone who seems to know a lot and knows how to accomplish success online – and you are also most likely to build a Curiosity for those knowledgeable individuals that are accomplishing or have accomplished what you want to accomplish.

You want to become the person you would follow to help you accomplish success online. Make sure this is how you approach the Forums and become a very Active Member.

What you want to do for this Strategy is find Forums on your Niche, find out if they allow you to have a Signature with a Link to your blog, if they do then sign up for them and bookmark the Forums Links to login on very often.

The next step would be to spend 30 to 60 minutes a day posting in these forums and engaging with people. You can do this for however long you want and as much as you want. As long as you do it.

Here are two websites you can use to find Forums on your Niche:

And if you want to read more on this subject – you can read these two other blog posts:

6 – Find Facebook Groups on your Niche & Encourage People to go Read Content on your Blog.

There are thousands, if not millions of Facebook Groups on many different subjects online and you need to be taking advantage of them.

Getting Traffic from Facebook Groups is very easy but the traffic will only come as long as you keep posting. This is a good task to do very often to gain a few readers for free every week.

Just like you would with the Forums, take 30 to 60 minutes to post in Facebook Groups Promoting Content from your Blog every day or couple of days a week. With time, the readers you get from here will add up. The results you can get with this strategy will depend on how long you do it, how you do it, how much and how often.

Facebook Groups are a good way to gain your very first few readers for your blog. And this is where very Valuable & very Unique Content can be the huge difference between getting more traffic with traffic or not.

What I mean here is that if most of the readers you get not only like your content but LOVE it – then they are more likely to share it and leave a comment. This will definitely help your blog tell the search engines how important your content is and that will result in more organic and viral traffic.

Here is an interesting blog post I wrote about getting free traffic from Facebook groups – How to Get Free Traffic from Facebook Groups

7 – Build New Connections & Relationships Online with like-minded People very often.

If you are not making friends in the process of building a successful blog online then you are missing out on new readers.

One of the best ways to gain a follower/reader of your content is by connecting with other like-minded people and tell them to support your blog. You can also make a deal with them and give each other’s blog sites a lot of support.

Working in teams can definitely pay off and it can definitely help you get more exposure online faster. The more people know you and the more people you have in your online circle then the more people you can talk about your new cool & amazing blog site and content.

One thing your really need to keep in mind here is to make sure you have very valuable & unique content, otherwise your online friends will not take you seriously and are not likely to support your content. Try to build good relationships with people based on the value you bring to them more than on what products you can sell to them.

8 – Become an Expert in your Niche & Become an Article Author in Many Sites.

If you are not learning something new every week then you are not going to get very far online.

It is extremely important you invest in your education if you want to help people and solve their problems. There is no way you can help someone in something you have never experienced before or have very little knowledge about it.

Don’t tell people what you think you know, and tell them what you actually know. You want to make sure the value you deliver on your blog is the real deal and there is proof or examples to back that up.

By becoming an expert in your niche or various niches, you will then have a lot of knowledge to share and this will make it easier for you to come up with fresh unique content. As long as you keep learning new information, you will never run out of ideas for new content for your blog.

Having a lot of knowledge can definitely help you write good, valuable articles to become a known author in different Article Directory Sites like for an instance and get more exposure and readers for your blog.

People can really notice the Authors who stand out because they always over deliver in value through their articles. You want to become that author online. Make sure you make it a goal, if you want to make it happen.

If you would like to learn more on Content Marketing – I recommend you to read this post: Getting Leads with Content Marketing

9 – Record Valuable Videos & Video Tutorials & then Promote them as Much as Possible.

Having a Youtube Channel can really help you gain more readers for your blog online. The concept will be the same as with the Blog Posts for your blog.

Your videos need to solve problems and encourage people to follow you for more. You also need to have a Link to your Blog in the description of the video and make sure you have a call-to-action in the video encouraging people to visit your blog.

Video Tutorials are very popular and that is because people love them. Video is a great way to connect with people in a different way than through written words and sentences.

Video can help you connect with people on a more personal level where they will be able to see who you truly are online. So make sure you come off as an expert in your niche. This is why is really important to always be learning and improving as an expert in your field.

You don’t have to go crazy with this process here and get tired recording videos every week if you would not like to, but it is important to upload at least couple of valuable videos every month to promote your blog online. Remember, little things add up with time, so you will definitely need patience with this entire process before you see good results.

10 – Build a List & Keep Offering them very Valuable Information through your Blog Posts.

The money is in the list….

I’m sure you have heard that many times online already. And that is the truth, the money really is also in the list. So make sure you optimize your Blog to Capture as Many Leads as Possible from the traffic.

Anyone can build a list, but not everyone will make money with it. Email marketing is also an Art you need to learn about and master to get the best results from it.

Just like the art of blogging for money online, email marketing has its own process before getting the results you want to see. You will need to learn a lot more on email marketing and how to build a good relationship with your subscribers.

It will be all about how you treat your subscribers. My best advice would be to keep it clean. And what I mean by ‘keep it clean’ is to not Bomb your list with Affiliate Offers and always try to sell them something. You want to brand yourself as an authority in your niche, so you need to lead with value and not pitch sales.

Learn how to make people ask you to buy from you. The only way to accomplish this is by building a great relationship with each one of your subscribers, all based on the value you bring to them.

What I personally do with some of my Subscribers List is keep sending them emails about my new Blog Posts or Old Blog Posts that I know are very, very valuable. By doing this with my list, I’m not only building a good relationship with my subscribers but I’m also driving more traffic back to my blog as the list grows.

11 – Rinse & Repeat as much as possible.

My last advice to help you get more readers for your blog online, would be to do everything you have learned so far as much as possible, as many times as possible and as often as possible. Take MASSIVE ACTION & make it happen! ;)


If you dig deep and put in a lot of massive action and hard work to get a lot done in about 90 days or so – you will have built a solid foundation online that will keep on earning money online for a while.

After this, your job will be to maintain that success and keep improving, keep enjoying life, keep growing and keep on helping others have the same success during the process (at the same time).

This is the best way to get more readers for your blog and I hope you have learned a lot today. :)

I shared with you specific methods to gain more readers for your blog and of course another tip I’m going to give you is to learn as much as you can about Internet Marketing.

The bottom line here is that you need to learn how to market online the right way and drive as many visitors as possible to a website online very consistently.

I tried to put all of the information here in very simple words so you can understand everything I’m teaching your here and help you get the results you have been looking for online. I hope this really answers your question; “how do I get more readers for my blog” ….

What do you think?! …

Please leave your feedback, thoughts and opinions about this information on a comment below! .. :D .. share your experiences and your best tips on this topic… get into a blogging discussion!.. lol ;)

If you want to learn more ways to get traffic to your Blog for free – I wrote a valuable post about it :D : How to Get Traffic to Your Website For Free? Learn How to Do It Here…

Don’t forget to share this post and leave your comments below to let us know your own knowledge on this subject. ;)

Thanks for reading!

I wish you the best success everrr!!



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