How Important an Email List is and How to Build It!

If you want to make a lot of sales online – you need to build an email list.

But is it really important to build an email list?


Building an email list is very important for anyone that wants to succeed online.

An email list will provide you with the ability to sell and recommend anything you want at any time.How Important an Email List is and How to Build It!

If you are a newbie trying to make money online – I highly recommend you to get an Aweber account or any other email marketing program -….

…..if you can’t afford it at the moment – you can also get a free account at MailChimp or you can also use TinyLetterbut as always the paid versions are better.

Start capturing leads as soon as possible – get ahead of everyone else and start ASAP!

Alright, now that you know how important it is to build an email list – the next thing you need to learn is how to capture emails.

There is only one way to capture an email – by offering something people really want – and they are willing to give you their information for it.

Without an Auto-responder (an email marketing program like Aweber)……

… will not be able to capture leads and follow up with them….

…sign up for a free or paid auto-responder ….

….go through the training they will provide you with that will teach you how to create a new list, how to follow up, how to design a capture button and such…. all of that information you can find it with them….


After you are all set and ready to go with your auto-responder, is time to find a way to get a squeeze page you can use….

… can build and design a great squeeze page yourself or invest in a squeeze page creator service.

There are other ways to get an squeeze page – you can join an online business and they will provide you with their best squeeze page…

You need to take advantage of that!

One Company I highly recommend you to use to capture leads with and also make money online while you do it, is Empower Network – click here for a quick review on what this company can do for you!

Once you have a squeeze page that converts very well! (if you want to learn more on conversions just follow this site)

The next step is to drive traffic to that squeeze page – you want to send targeted traffic to it if you want better results and more good leads.


There are a lot of ways to drive traffic on the internet – you can pay for traffic or you can get it for free.

You will learn a lot of ways to get traffic to your websites in this site.

In this post I just wanted to share with you how important an email list is and the necessary tools to build it.

It is really a simple concept;

Auto-Responder + Squeeze Page + Traffic = Leads = Money $$

If you understand this very well then you are very well on your way to be successful online!

Start building your email list right now!

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