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Hello there!!!!! 🙂

I am back!

If you have been following me online for quite a while, you probably have noticed my absence in the blogosphere for the past few months.

Today is January 20 – 2017.

I took a huge break from blogging to work on other things in my life. I have been focusing a lot on my personal health. I lost about 50 pounds since last summer (2016). And I’m currently on a 21 day fasting challenge. 😉

I will be sharing more about my journey and adventures on upcoming blog posts so you might want to subscribe to get updates.

Anyway, you came here because you have a question ……

If you are wanting to build a successful blog online, one that gets you traffic, leads, and sales, you might be wondering ….

How long should a blog post be?

If you do some research online you will read many different opinions that can leave you more confused than anything else.

Hey! … that was me when I first started blogging online!

You will find some pro bloggers who say the longer the blog post the better. At the same time, you will also find other pro bloggers who disagree with that.

To be dead honest with you, there is not a “golden rule” when it comes to blog post length.

How long should a blog post be? – As long and as short as it needs to be – for your audience.

It does not really matter how long a blog post should be.

BUT ….

If you want the search engines (like Google) to LOVE your blog, publishing 2,000+ words epic blog posts often can make a big impact on your rankings.

The search engines love in-depth, detailed blog posts that are 2,000+ words. But not every online reader does, right.

A lot of people online tend to have a short attention span. But not every single person online does, of course

So … you gotta mix it up a little bit! 🙂

Some weeks publish blog posts that are 500 – 600 words long and some other weeks publish epic blog posts that are 1,500 – 2,000 words long.

Don’t stress too much about the length of your articles.

Because you don’t really have to.


Write without worries.

Once you are done, go through the entire blog post and edit it.

Take the time to make your blog post EPIC, no matter how long it is.

The QUALITY of your blog post is what really really matters.

Not the length of it.

But the quality of it.

You get what I’m saying here?

Let me know in the comments section below 🙂

I can tell you from my own experiences that it does not really matter how long your blog posts should be for your blog to start building up traffic.

What matters, and will always matter, is the quality of the content you are sharing.

Of course, you should definitely mix it up with the length of your blog posts, to benefit from the search engines as much as possible.

Focus on Quality – not Quantity.

I, honestly, do not pay a lot of attention at how many words my blog posts are, anymore. I want all of my focus on the content I want to share with my readers (my niche).

Sometimes my blog posts would be 500 – 900 words long. And sometimes my blog posts would be 2,000+ words long.

I am telling you to mix it up cuz I mix it up and make sure you go for quality over quantity. You can see how well my blog is doing by just looking at a few Google rankings …. …. so I know what I’m talking about here 😉

I know what I’m talking about here so take this advice seriously.

You can see for yourself how well this internet marketing blog is doing on Google …. because I implement everything that you are learning here – myself. 😉

All I do is focus on QUALITY CONTENT. Google loves that!

I’m showing you a few keywords some of my blog posts are ranking for – naturally. I did not do any “Off-Page” SEO to any of these blog posts. All I did was FOCUS on the QUALITY of the content I share with the people in my niche.

I did not do any “Off-Page” SEO to any of these blog posts. All I did was FOCUS on the QUALITY of the content I share with the people in my niche.

Google is aware of how valuable your content is to a certain niche, so they help you out by ranking your blog posts up in the search results for a specific keyword.

They do that because you are also helping them by providing their user with the best content possible. Makes sense?

You make a Google user happy – then Google gets happy and ranks up your blog post organically. And thanks to that you get more exposure and traffic. So, at the end, because YOU really cared about the quality of your content, now everyone is

So, at the end, because YOU really cared about the quality of your content, now everyone is happy happy 🙂

I hope you get what I’m saying here kid! haha

Let’s wrap it up

Bottom line is, you shouldn’t stress too much about how many words your blog post should be and how long – because most people online do not really care. What they care more about is the INFORMATION.

But you do want to mix it up with the length of your blog posts. Test things out with your audience and see what type of blog posts they engage with the most. It all comes down to learning more about your audience and delivering exactly what they are looking for.

And, of course, there is a little bit more that you can learn about blog post length. Here is a valuable article by Joe Bunting at thewritepractice.com.

This should answer your question “how long should a blog post be?”! 😉

Do you have any questions on this topic? – leave your comment below!

Please, share this with other blogs online. Thanks, you are awesome!




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