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This is a common question amongst the new bloggers online …. how often should I publish content on my blog??

The answer will depend on what exactly you want to accomplish with your blog online. Of course, I’m guessing the main goal would be to make good money from your blog online. Right?! ..

If you want to earn money from your blog online, then you must work hard on building up the daily traffic flow to it … in other words, the revenue of the blog.

In this post, I’m going to answer this common newbie question, the best way possible, to help you get started on the right path to build a successful blog online.

How Often Should I Publish Content On My Blog?

There is so much blogging advice online – and it can really get too overwhelming for a new blogger. Sometimes, too much information, can actually hurt you more than it can help you.

This is why I always try my best to keep the knowledge as simple as possible, and as clear as possible. When it comes to building a successful blog online, you need to follow the right process, learn the right knowledge, and take very consistent action with everything.

Just like there is a lot of good blogging advice online, there is also a lot of bad blogging advice online. This is why you must always learn who you are getting the advice from, don’t just take the first advice you find!

Do the best research you can, on the topics you really want to learn about!

Back to the main question here; how often should I publish content on my blog online? …..

From my own experiences blogging online for a long time, I’ve learned that publishing content on a daily basis can really help you boost up the traffic flow to your blog.

It has been proven that blogs publishing content on a daily basis, get a lot more traffic.

How Often Should I Publish Content On My Blog?

But, one important part most people never really take very seriously, is the content they are publishing online. A lot of people get carried away with publishing content every single day; and they worry so much about it, to the point they completely forget about the quality of the content they are publishing.

Now, when I talk about publishing content on your blog, very often, I do not mean just any type of content. If you really want to build a successful blog online, creating the best content possible, is a very crucial key here.

Quality Content is KING Online!!Quality Content is King Online!

Publishing very valuable content on your blog online, is very very important for its success. If all you publish is crappy, short, boring content on your blog, no matter how often you publish blog posts and how often you promote, it won’t get very far online.

If you want to build a successful blog online, you NEED to be publishing quality content as often as possible!!

Now, I know how it is to try to come up with very valuable and unique content for your blog every single day. It is hard to write articles every single day, I’ll be honest. And especially at the beginning, and when you are not very passionate about your blog’s niche.

This is why you must build a blog on a niche you are very passionate about!

You know what they say……

The best way to do great work, is to do what you love. πŸ˜‰

If you want to create great things, you must do what you love!

Passion is the best motivation to help you create great things, and accomplish greatness in your life. The best artists, the best athletes, are the most passionate about what they do.

Find the niche you are most passionate about, and you will have no problems coming up with new content as often as possible.

Writing quality content for your blog is very important. You must take the time to create EPIC blog posts that are solving specific problems for a specific audience online.You MUST Write Quality Content For Your Blog Online!

The success of your blog online will depend a lot on the quality of the content you are publishing. It will also depend a lot on the marketing you do for that content, of course. But it all starts with the content!

Now, I know it can be a very challenging task to come up with very good content for your blog on a daily basis (even when you are passionate about the niche). This is why you must get yourself very well-organized online and learn the right process to building a successful blog. Doing this will help you come up with a good blogging plan you can follow.

If you would like to learn good ways to help you come up with content for your blog online, check out the following blog post; How to Find Content for Your Blog – Quick Ways to Do It!

Once you know exactly what you need to be doing to build a successful blog online, and you start to organize yourself online – you can come up with your own Blogging Plan.

Create a Blogging Plan you can follow every day, every week!

Create Your Own Blogging Schedule to Follow!


Take some time to come up with your master plan to build a successful blog online. It is a must that you take the time to create your own schedule and your own blogging plan. You are your own boss here, after all, right?!…

Become a pro blogger!

You can definitely master the art of making money blogging online. It is a matter of taking the settled decision to make it happen, learn the right knowledge, and take as much consistent massive action with the entire process, as possible!

Take the Time to Create Your Own Blogging Plan!

You have everything you need to build a successful blog online, and make good money from it, right here, right now. It is just a matter of putting everything together the right way, and TAKING ACTION.

Let me share with you my current blogging schedule for this blog; I publish a new blog post on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays – every week. And I implement multiple internet marketing strategies to promote this blog on the days in between (Tuesdays, Thursdays).

With this simple blogging plan/schedule, I can make sure I publish high quality content every week. I have more time to create very good, high quality content. I also spend a few hours on the weekend to prepare the blog posts for the week.

Of course, it would help a lot more if I published content on a daily basis, but you also cannot forget the marketing part of the entire process of building a successful blog online.

So, publishing new content 3 times a week and spending the rest of the time promoting, works very well for me right now. If the days were a lot longer, I would definitely publish new blog posts daily.

You can do and follow something similar. Just make sure you really follow your blogging schedule, and you keep very good consistency with the entire process. With time, you will find what works best for you, and with your life’s schedule.

You don’t have to publish a new blog post every single day to build a successful blog online. If you can do it, do it, but if you cannot do it, compromise. Come up with a blogging plan and your own schedule to work online, and follow it until you get the results you are looking for.

The search engines will definitely love your blog a lot more if it is pumping out very valuable content on a daily basis, no doubt about that! …

But, sometimes, we can find it very challenging to write on a daily basis. And this is why coming up with a simple blogging plan can really help you build a successful blog online, fast, even if you do not publish content on a daily basis.

Just make sure you have a strong discipline to follow your blogging plan with consistency!

Eventually, you want to earn a living from your blog online, right? …. and this means it will become your main income stream, and your main job …. so, you must treat it like a real job, a real business, from the get-go! … if you want it to pay you like one! πŸ˜‰

It’s your turn to speak up!!

Do you have a blogging schedule/plan that you follow? … do you have any more valuable blogging tips to add here? .. please leave you thoughts and comments below! …

I hope this has answered your question; how often should I publish content on my blog online?

Thank you for passing by my internet marketing blog here – feel free to snoop around, bookmark this site, and learn as much as possible!

Take massive action with everything we teach you here! πŸ™‚

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Have a great week!




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