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How to Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer - Step by StepSo you came here because you want to learn How to become a Successful Affiliate Marketer step by step -> well you came to the right blog site. :D

You will learn a lot on making money as an affiliate marketer on this blog online, make sure to bookmark it.

The concepts to making money online are very simple and it will be no challenge to learn it all. The massive action you have to put into it, will be what might challenge you. I think that’s where most people get challenged online.

Not everyone will be “okay” with taking massive action online. For example; writing articles on a daily basis for a while, is just not for everyone.

I know writing on a daily basis and marketing online on a daily basis can seem like a lot of work for you, but that is what it takes to build up traffic online. You also need to make sure you are doing it all right, otherwise all that work will not be worth it.

This is why you need to learn the right internet marketing knowledge and take massive action right away, to learn what works best for you and what doesn’t.

Now, lets talk about making money online as an affiliate marketer…..

The concept is very simple:

How to Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer - Step by Step

As you can see on the image above, the way you make money online as an affiliate marketer is very simple.

The main problem most new affiliate marketers come across online is the traffic generation part.

Most newbies in this field might not get the right internet marketing education to reach out to a huge amount of targeted people online – people who might be interested in what you have to offer (the affiliate products).

Driving Targeted People to the Affiliate Websites is another challenge most new affiliate marketers encounter online. The truth is that it is not a challenge, and it is simply a matter of knowing the right knowledge and implementing the right internet marketing skills online.

Anyone can make money online as an affiliate marketer, but not everyone will. There are real reasons behind why – this is just how it is online, and it will always be.

We cannot really change the statistics of how many people succeed and fail with affiliate marketing online, and that is because we cannot really change people. Some people will just not get it right and struggle so much that they tend to lose all hope in making it happen online.

Hold on there!
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You need to understand that your success online will be about 80% Mindset and 20% Actions. If you cannot change the inside, you cannot change the outside. So you need to change yourself first if you are not getting any good results as an affiliate marketer online.

The problem to your failure so far, it’s most likely you, not what you are really doing. Your mindset has probably not changed or evolved since you first started online, so your outcome will remain about the same.

Anyways, I’m just giving you some great tips on mindset so you can become the best affiliate marketer you can be online!

So far I hope you are already learning how to become a successful affiliate marketer online!

Here are the simple steps to becoming a successful affiliate marketer….

How to Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer – Step by Step

1 – Find your Niche Market & Affiliate Products

This is where you need to do a little bit of research and also decide what type of affiliate products you want to sell online. Find something that you are passionate about, so it will be easier to promote for you.

You can sell a huge variety of products online and earn a commission for the sales through you. Do some research on Niche Markets and also sit down to think about what product you would be really comfortable selling online.

There are many niches online. From Weight Loss to Parental Tips. You can use affiliate websites to help you do the research on different Niche Markets.

You can use sites like and Go to their Marketplace and look around the many different affiliate products on different niches online.

Once you know what Niche you want to make affiliate money with and what Affiliate Products you would like to promote online and profit from, you are ready to go.

Check if the Vendor has an affiliate program with affiliate tools you can use. They usually have affiliate tools like Banner Ads and Email Swipes you can re-use.

If they don’t offer you affiliate tools, do not worry too much. You can learn how to create your own Banners and affiliate material.

2 – Buy a Domain Name  & Hosting to Build a Niche Blog Site

I’d highly recommend you to invest on building a successful niche blog online. I would recommend you to learn How to start a WordPress blog online – and get building!

You might not really need a blog site to make money as an affiliate marketer, but if you want to make money for the long run and on autopilot, a blog site is the best way to go online.

When you buy a Niche Domain Name, make sure you do a little bit of keyword research and settle for a relevant, short and sweet, domain name. Avoid having hyphens in the domain name.

Don’t stress “too much” about the blog’s domain name if you are struggling a little bit coming up with the name for it. Don’t get stuck, learn to make the right decisions and move on. We want to be making money as an affiliate marketer soon, right!

Once you have a nice domain name, you need to invest in the Hosting Service and then Install a Blogging Platform. WordPress is highly recommended here.

If you want to learn more on this process, you can watch some video tutorials on how to build a WordPress Blog Site from scratch, at the video section of this blog – or just go here. :D

3 – Monetize your Niche Blog with Affiliate Products

Once your blog site is done and set up right, it is time to monetize it.

This is where you will need some of the affiliate material from the affiliate program, if the vendor of the product has one. Use the Affiliate Product Banners, place them in good places around your blog site.

One way to monetize your blog site is by looking at how other successful blog sites are monetizing their revenue. Take a look at this internet marketing blog for example – to help you out, just place an affiliate banner where I have banners and capture forms.

Place a Banner at the Top of your blog, right below the Header. Another Banner on the Widgets Area. One Banner at the bottom of every blog post and one banner all the way at the bottom of your blog site.

You also want to make sure the Banner Ad converts very well!

So when it comes to monetizing your blog, you also need to learn about conversions. You want to get the most out of the blog’s traffic. Learning about conversions and working with it, will help you get the most clicks, leads, and sales from your niche blog.

Play around with the way you monetize your blog, just do not over do it. Keep it simple and clean. When there are many things to click on your blog, people tend to get a bit overwhelm unconsciously and leave. Less is sometimes better than more.

4 – Build an Email List

I’m sure you have heard this line before; “the money is in the List” …

Let me re-phrase that a bit; “the money is in the Targeted List”…

And well, yes it is!!

This is why you need to start capturing targeted leads right away. It will take time to build it up and profit good from it.

Legendary Marketer by David Sharpe - Frequently Asked Questions

You should invest in an Auto-Responder Service like and capture the emails of those who are interested in the affiliate products you are promoting on your niche blog.

One of the best ways to capture targeted leads is by using Capture Pages or “Squeeze Pages”. You should send your traffic to a Capture Page first and then to a Sales Page. This way you will be able to follow-up with the people if they don’t buy.

If need some help creating capture pages by yourself, here is an interesting article that will teach you how to do it: How to Build an HTML Page from Scratch

5 – Learn Internet Marketing Strategies to Build up the Blog’s Daily Traffic Flow

This is where the challenge will take place. You know that the most important piece of this affiliate marketer puzzle is the targeted traffic you need to make the money.

Without targeted traffic or any traffic in general, you will struggle a lot here. So it is very important that you spend a lot more time marketing your blog than working on your blog.

You should be blogging daily and also marketing daily. It will be a lot of work for a while, until you start making good money online at least. Once you have a lot more money to play with, you can outsource a lot of the work you don’t want to continue doing.

I suggest you to learn many internet marketing strategies to help you build up the traffic flow to your blog online and to your affiliate websites online.

You can learn a lot on Traffic Generation Strategies here: Traffic101

6 – Take Massive Action!

This last step is very obvious and simple. Once you learn everything you need to know to make money online as an affiliate marketer, Take as much massive action for at least 90 days or so.

Take a lot of productive action on a daily basis. Okay, you can take the weekends off if you want. But at the beginning of your journey online, you need to get off the ground as fast as possible. If you want, of course.

The best and only way to start making some good money as an affiliate marketer online, is to take as much action as possible. Even if you fail many times, keep on going and implementing.

You will fail alright, just realize it, deal with it, and move one. Keep on working hard to get the results you are looking for. Learn the right information before taking massive action, of course.

This is how to become a successful affiliate marketer – step by step!

What do you think?! …

If you have any more tips to help someone become a successful affiliate marketer online, leave them below. Leave your comments and thoughts below…. :)

Thanks for passing by and reading this!

Don’t forget to share the knowledge online! :D

I wish you the best success online!


How to Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer in 2024 - Step by Step by

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