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How to Become Successful Online: The L.D.T. Rule Never FailsWhile painting a wall, back when I was a miserable construction worker, I would just think and think……. how to become successful online??!….

And even though I didn’t even know what a ‘domain name’ was at that point, I always knew there were a lot of people making money online from a simple website.

I just had no idea HOW!

I was getting sick and tired of being sick and tired of living paycheck to paycheck. I worked in construction for a long time, and I was sick and tired of that lifestyle. Doing heavy labor work for 8+ hours every day and every week, for 3+ years, is not really the way I wanted to live my life here in the USA.

I could not go to college, for some dumb reasons. So all of a sudden I found myself trapped in a cycle I knew it will lead me to an “average” life in the future. And you see, I am not average because I refuse to live an average life.

An average life in today’s society means living poor! …

Yeah, that’s right, I said it!!..

If you are 26 years old right now, and you do not have at least $20,000 sitting in your bank account right now, then you are living poor. I know you must think I am a crazy dude for saying this. But it is the damn truth!

In today’s world and society, you need a big chunk of money to live the life that YOU want to live. If you want to afford the lifestyle you want to live, then I know $20,000 to play around every month is not much, when you really think about it! LOL 😀

Why am I so sure about this?… simply because I know how much it costs to wear nice clothes, drive a badass car, eat the best food around, give the best gifts, travel anywhere you want, etc…..

You get what I’m saying here!

Okay okay…..

Now, let’s get back to business here……

You came here because you want to learn the L.D.T. Rule to become successful online and not only there but in your life as well.

This is something I have learned over the years of working online. I’ve met so many people online and learned from the top producers and ‘gurus’ online. So what I’m teaching you here is very very powerful.

How to Become Successful Online: The L.D.T. Rule Never Fails!

What does L.D.T. stand for?

Learn > Do > Teach

This is a very simple formula to become successful online.

You can even apply this to anything in life. Whatever you want to master and become successful at, implement the L.D.T. Rule the right way and accomplish success!

The formula is very simple, of course, but not too many people will actually become successful when implementing it. And that is not because this doesn’t work, it will be because people do not work!

As with everything else, you have to do this right in order for it to work!

If you don’t do it right, then why would you expect the right results?

You seriously need to check yourself, before you wreck yourself! LOL

Alright, let me talk to you a bit more about this simple rule to success online.

1 – Learn

In order for people to trust you, buy from you, and work with you, you need to become an Expert, a very knowledgeable individual.

When people start seeing you as an authority in a niche online, that’s when you start to see more success online.

It just makes sense. The more you know, the more people will want to learn what you know.

Become an expert in your niche. Study daily and learn new things daily. Read books, listen to informational audios, and learn from the other experts online.

Grow your knowledge as much as you can and just never stop doing growing. If you are not growing, you are dying.

Invest whatever it takes in learning knowledge. Knowledge is power and a lot of power will make you very successful in life.

2 – Do

Once you are learning the right knowledge, it is time to implement!

Experience is your best teacher!

The best way to learn if something works or not, is by DOING! … and nothing else beats that!

The best lessons are learned while taking action. Theories and information are knowledge but the better knowledge comes from experiences.

Take massive action and go get results online. Do not move on to the Teaching part until you are taking a lot of action with what you are learning and you are actually getting results online.

There is no point in teaching something you have no experience with. Lead by example and also put in the hard work!

3 – Teach

Teaching is one of the best ways to learn!

Hands down! … teaching what you learned and implemented – will help you understand the information a lot more and better!

Teaching will help you become a great expert in your niche.

You know what they say; “the best teacher is also a student, and the best student is also the best teacher!”

It just works both ways. You need to be a great student to grasp the knowledge very well, but you also need to be a great teacher to go deeper than just knowledge and become a Master.

You will become a true master and expert, once you start teaching others the great knowledge you have acquired from others and from experience.

You will find yourself learning a lot faster and mastering a skill very fast, when you teach to other. I don’t know what it is, but the art of teaching is just a very powerful skill we all have!

This is the L.D.T. Rule ladies and gentlemen!

Very simple uhh!!

This is how to become successful online!

Just think about it for a minute…..

…….. ….


Who are you most likely to work with online?

Who are you most likely to follow and learn from online?!

Who are you most likely to trust and buy from online?!!

A Successful Leader, of course!

And who is a successful leader online? … someone who is an expert and a master at certain skills, someone who is not only learning but also doing and teaching!

Are you connecting the dots yet?! … LOL

So if you want people to work with you, follow you, learn from you, trust you, and buy from you online ….. you now know exactly what to do and how to do it!

No excuses my friend!

I hope you are pumped up now and you are getting ready to become a successful person online!

…because you can do it too!

What do you think? …

Have you heard about this simple concept before!? … leave your thoughts and opinions in a comment below!

Learn how to become successful online and just do it!

See you next time! 🙂

Thanks for passing by and reading this!

Don’t forget to share the knowledge online! 😀

I wish you the best success online!

Love&Harmony! …




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