How to Build a Home Based Business From Scratch?

So you want to learn how you can make money online….

…you want to build an online business you can manage from home…..

….and this website will help you accomplish that!

How to build a home based business from scratch?

How to Build a Home Based Business From Scratch?

It’s easy – just build a website – have a product or service to offer – drive traffic to your sites – capture leads – follow-up and make sales.

Sounds very simple and easy….right?

Well it is not. You guessed right. It is easier said than done. I’m not going to argue with you about it.

But let me tell you this; once you start making money using nothing but the internet – your life will never be the same. It will change your entire life forever.

How bad do you want to make it happen now?….

If you know that making money online will literally change AND improve your entire life, then why not go all the way with it?

Working on building an online business is just like working on building any other offline business.

You are building your business from scratch so be aware that you might not get paid at the beginning. Take this process as an internship.

It is even cheaper to start-up a business on the online than off-line. You already knew this right?….

Most new people online quit very fast because they don’t see a paycheck very fast. You cannot build a business with this mindset.

And I hope you are not one of these people, especially not anymore after reading this.

You cannot allow to fire yourself when your goal is to build an online business.

Get it in your head from the beginning that this works and ANYONE can make it happen. Period.

If you are a complete newbie to internet marketing and making money online, don’t worry, you can still use and follow this information to build a solid online business from home.

In this article you will learn how you can build an online business you can manage from home – or anywhere you have an internet connection.

With today’s technology you can now build an entire business online straight from your iPhone or Smart Phone.

You can literally create a monthly residual income from the internet using nothing else but your smart phone or your tablet. Amazing uh!!!

As you should already know, this post will teach you how to build a home based business from scratch using the internet.

The internet is the main tool you will need to get started.

This is what you will need to start-up your online business:

  • A good internet connection.
  • A computer, tablet, a very smart phone or any latest device that lets you access the internet.
  • Some writing skills.
  • A budget to invest and play with. ($1,000+ or more if you can – the more the better)
  • Time to get the work done every day. At least 2 hours a day. Again, the more the better here too but only temporarily. πŸ™‚
  • A bank account and a debit card. So you can pay and get paid.
  • A quiet and peaceful space where you can work. An office.
  • A notebook where you will write your goals, plans and everything you learn.
  • A fan to stay cool.
  • A burning desire to make this happen no matter what!

Are you ready to learn what to do next?

You have to be willing to do all of the work though.

There is no point on “trying” this and just giving it a small try. NO!

I have seen people quit very fast because they want to get results very fast and sometimes the work is “too much” for them.

But what they do not realize is that they would work even harder and even more on an average job, getting paid a tiny portion of the money made there and being bossed around by a “boss”.

Why not spend the same amount of time and effort to build something that will pay you over and over again in the long-term?

I understand that you would want a fast cash flow and of course that can happen once you build the business.

But previous to that you will have to suck it up and just be okay with working without getting paid for a while.

Here are the things you will need to learn once you are ready to build your online business:

  • Free Internet Marketing Strategies.
  • Paid Internet Marketing Strategies.
  • How to create your own product/services or sell someone else’s products/services as an affiliate.
  • How to build a website from scratch.
  • How to brand your name online.
  • How to capture leads and follow-up with them (email marketing)
  • How to monetize your revenue.
  • How to re-invest at least 20% of the money you earned online.
  • How to outsource most of the work.
  • How to live the way YOU want to live. Period.

By now you should have a better idea of how you are going to build your own online business from scratch.

Hopefully the way I put this information here will be easy for you to understand, I know how it is to try to learn from a complicated article.

I’m going to keep the information as simple as possible but very valuable at the same time. The main key to success here though, will be CONSISTENCY and MASSIVE ACTION.

Get ready to be best friends with both.

You will need to follow and do the necessary process to get traffic, capture leads, follow-up with them and eventually make sales.

There is no other way around it. Get it straight from the get-go.

The way you get traffic will depend on you and on the size of your budget.

If you a good amount of money to start-up then you might want to learn about Paid Internet Marketing Strategies.

You can either pay for traffic or pay for the tools to get free organic traffic.

Now, if you are low in money, you can still get results with the free internet marketing strategies but be aware that you will have to work a lot more here.

You can get free organic traffic with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for example but the process will take time, patience and effort.

Now……lets dive into the whole process you need to take to build an online business.

How to build a home based business from scratch?

How to Build a Home Based Business1 – Pick a Niche

What are you passionate about?…… painting, art, cars, movies, sports, boxing, product reviewing…. ?

You need to find your niche.

If you don’t know what a Niche is….

…here is the online definition:

  • a comfortable or suitable position in life or employment.
    noun: one’s niche; plural noun: one’s niches
    “he is now a partner at a leading law firm and feels he has found his niche”
  • a specialized but profitable corner of the market.
    “important new niche markets”

Find what you are really passionate about so you can build an online business around it.

That way you will love what you do for a living and it will make it much easier to work on it.

The more comfortable you are with the work you do the easier it will be to accomplish your business goals.

Let’s say you like “drawing and art”. And you would like to write about drawing and art.

You probably would want to share your drawing techniques and share the art you love.

If you want to do that and make money at the same time you probably would want to share your thoughts and knowledge through a blog site.

A blog is what will make you the money in your online business. Your blog site will be the heart of your online business.

It will basically be the store that represents what you have for sale related to the topic you keep talking about.

Hope this helps you pick your niche.

2 – Do a Keyword Research

Once you know what you want to work with (your niche) – it’s time to learn how to do a keyword research so you can buy a domain name, build a blog site and start sharing search engine optimized content so you can get free organic traffic.

Before you buy a domain name – I highly recommend you to do a good keyword research on your niche.

Try to get a keyword as a domain name for your blog. Pick something short and sweet.

If your blog site is going to be about drawing and arts then your domain name should be something like:

Now take a look at how many people search for the keyword; “drawing tutorials online” in the search engines.

How to Build a Home Based Business From Scratch?

Getting a domain like that will help people find your site in the search engines. It will also be very targeted traffic since the people is actually looking for that information.

This is the best free targeted traffic you can get.

Of course you would do all of this if you are building a niche blog. If you want to just build a blog with your name as the domain name for an instance…..

….you can do that too and you can still make money with that blog site.

You will need to do a lot of keyword research related to the things you are going to be talking about on your blog site.

If you are going to be blogging about drawing techniques then you should gather a bunch of long-tail-keywords with good monthly traffic and low competition so you can write your content with them.

Once you have your keywords you will have to optimize your blog posts with them.

This is called search engine optimization and it is very simple to learn and follow.

Learn more about SEO here:

*What is SEO and How it Works for Dummies

You will learn everything you need to learn about SEO in that blog post.

Here is a quick video on keyword research:

3 – Build a Website, a Capture Page and a Sales Page

This is where it gets very technical.

If you have no idea how to build a website – don’t worry, it’s not complicated to get done and you could also pay someone else to do it for you. It is up to you.

You can use a website called to find people who will help you with almost anything for $5 bucks.

If you do not have enough money to outsource this process or buy a website then you are going to have to do it all yourself right?

Here is what I personally do every time I want to get a new website:

  1. I go to to find the domain name I want.
  2. I do a search and try to find the domain name I want.
  3. Once I bought the domain name I go to (I’m already a customer) and set up the hosting for that domain.
  4. I use the application called Fantastico Deluxe to install WordPress on the root domain name. (WordPress is a blogging platform)
  5. I either pick a free blog site theme or I try to buy a cheap one. Up to you. Free themes work fine.
  6. I create a sub-domain for a capture page and a sales page (sales funnel). I usually design the squeeze pages myself but you can also outsource this part and pay someone to do it for you. Here is an example of sub-domains: and
  7. I set all of the sites up and I use internet marketing strategies to generate traffic to all of these sites.

You can learn how to build your own WordPress blog site from scratch here.

4 – Monetize your Website

This is where you decide how much you want to get paid.

This is where you organize your online store (your website) with banners and affiliate links.

If you are selling your own products then you should already have banners and text ads around your site.

If you don’t want to create your own product and go through all of that – you can still a lot of money selling other products as an affiliate. Affiliate marketing is a very profitable business.

Today most big and popular retails stores also have an affiliate program. Take for example – they have an affiliate program where you can get paid a percentage every time you refer someone to their site and they end up purchasing something.

You will be amazed at how many stores today have an affiliate program where you can get paid for passing the word around.

There is no excuse now why you wouldn’t be able to make a sell online. You can sell almost anything online and get paid for it.

You can also monetize your site with PPC ads (pay-per-click) – this is where you get paid by advertisers every time someone clicks on their ad from your site.

The most popular advertising program today is Google Adsense.

There are many ways to monetize your website’s revenue – you can also try being creative with this.

There is no rules when it comes to monetizing your site. As long as you do everything ethical and with good intentions – you’re good.

You will need to work on the conversions of your site though.

You will have to keep moving your banners and affiliate links around, tweaking, testing and analyzing them to get the most clicks out of the traffic you are getting.

5 – Become an Affiliate

As I already talked above, you want to become an affiliate of different products so you can have different income streams.

You can become an affiliate of most of the tools you personally use for your internet marketing strategies.

If you are using tools for your backlinks in SEO for example – you can become an affiliate of those products and recommend them to people.

Since you are a customer as well, your reviews will have more value.

Let’s say you are using a good source for paid traffic – you can also see if they offer an affiliate program so you can make money by helping people buy good traffic.

You will know better than anyone else because you are using it – right?.

Just give in order to receive! lol πŸ˜‰

6 – Drive Traffic to Your Website

This is where your will power is tested.

I would say that “generating website traffic” is what people struggle with the most online.

I know how it is to struggle trying to drive traffic to your website. I tried driving a lot of traffic to my sites (enough traffic to make good money online) for 3 years and I failed miserably.

It’s hard, I know and I understand if you are struggling with this.

Now, I want to make you realize, why is it that you’ve failed so far? ….and why do you keep failing at driving a good amount of traffic to your sites?…..enough traffic to earn good money online…..

I’ll tell you what I’ve realized and what was keeping me from my goal to get tons of visitors to my sites; it was lack of consistency and the laziness created by the idea that there had to be a faster way to get faster results – so I hesitated on taking massive action daily.

Once I started taking massive action – that is when I started making money online. It took more consistent action than knowledge to start getting traffic to my sites.

You are able to learn all of the internet marketing strategies to drive traffic to your sites starting today – here on this website. I’m going to talk about the most popular ways to get traffic to a website very briefly here – if you want to learn more in-depth about Internet Marketing Strategies – explore this site.

Here are the internet marketing strategies you can use to drive traffic to your websites:

SEO – Search engine optimization is the best method to get free targeted traffic to your website.

The entire process to get search engine traffic is not complicated and you can learn it all here on this site completely for free.

Article Marketing – This is simply the action of writing articles on a daily basis and share them in as many article directories as possible.

You want to keep your article fresh, valuable and as unique as possible.

Make sure you link back to your main website in order to get the traffic. Remember; the more you do this, the more results you will get.

Video Marketing – The same concept as with article marketing. You want to record daily videos that are valuable to people.

Record tutorials and valuable information that will solve people’s problems.

Upload the videos in as many video-sharing sites as possible with a link back to your main website.

Social Media Marketing – Share valuable, interesting and engaging information in the social networks.

Try to create controversy with your comments and conversations. You want to get people’s attention.

Create and grow a following of people in your niche. Become an expert in front of them by sharing information that will solve their problems.

Forum Marketing – Almost like the Social Media Marketing Strategy, you want to share valuable information in the forums.

Make your name known in the community. You want to be looked as an expert and the person to ask when there is a problem.

Make sure you are allowed to link back to your website in your Forum Signature.

These are just some internet marketing strategies you can use right now to start driving traffic to your website.

It is very very important you remember that you will need to be as consistent as possible with the work and you do it as often as possible.

Every single day of the week if possible. πŸ™‚

For more information on how to drive traffic to a website for free – read this post.

7 – Capture Leads

Once you are getting a good amount of traffic to your websites – it is time to capture targeted leads.

This is where you are going to use a capture page and if possible different capture pages.

You want to keep good opt-in rates. You will need to use an Auto-Responder Service like

There are free and limited auto-responders you can use. Just do research on them.

The one I’m personally using for the moment is Aweber.

The capture pages will help you get targeted prospects for your products and services.

One you capture someone’s information like their email or phone number, then you will need to follow-up with them.

You want to make sure they know your only intention is to help them solve their problems first before you ask for their money.

In other words, FOCUS on helping people and solving their problem first before you ask them to pull out their credit card.

Gain their trust, help them with what you can and then the money will just flow to you.

The money is the by-product of the value you offer to the market-place.

The more value you put out, the more money you will attract. Simple mathematics dude! lol πŸ˜‰

8 – Follow up with your leads

This is where you share your story and build relationships with it.

As I mentioned above, once you capture leads you will need to follow-up with them.

What you want to do here is build a relationship with them. Build trust with each one of these leads.

The way to do it is with an Auto-Responder and follow-up messages.

The best way to start a good relationship with your leads is by sharing your story.

I’m sure you have a story about how you overcame problems in your life.

Stories like going from struggling to pay the bills to now making a good income online.

Or maybe you were able to lose a lot of weight very fast by following a simple technique.

Especially if your niche is weight-loss.

You want to share the stories that got you involved in building a business online and what made you go after your passions.

People like to read about real people.

People can relate more to someone who seems like the average Joe than to someone who is in a suit and a tie.

Be real with people in your follow ups and try to reply to each one of them when they reply to you.

The sales will come after the people in your list trusts you.

9 – Make Sales

Once people trust you, your bank account will grow.

The last thing to this game will be to make an offer to your list and prospects.

Do not be scared to recommend a tool, product or service to your list.

Once they trust you and they know that your only intention is to help them and that you never share crappy products – it is time to make an offer.

You should send a sales pitch to your list once in a while and make sure what you are promoting is very valuable.

Just make sure there will be NO REFUNDS when you promote a product.

Dive in with that mentality so all you promote is QUALITY Products and not just any product under the sun.

Do not become a spammer “guru” who slams his list with every shiny product that comes out.

You want to make sales for a long time right? …and you also want to have a good reputation online ….right?

If you are going to build an online business so you can work from home then you need to build it right!

I really hope all of this information helps you get started online and helps you build a solid online business you can manage from home.

I know you want to spend more time with your family and friends so this is how to do it! πŸ˜‰

I know this post is very long but……..

This is how to build a home based business from scratch!

Please leave your comments below and share your stories with us here. Share this post in the social networks if you think is valuable. I really appreciate it!

Thanks for reading!


I wish you the best success online!!




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