How to Build an HTML Page from Scratch

Today you can learn how to build an HTML Page from scratch and start creating your own Mini Capture Pages and Google Hangout Pages and any simple, static HTML Page you want.

This can save you some money when you are getting started online. 😉

How to Build an HTML Page from ScratchThis is a very simple process for the newbies online. If you are someone who knows a lot of HTML and have built HTML Pages before, this might not be for you – I’m keeping this information very simple for someone brand new who doesn’t know much of these things.

These are the very basics of building a simple HTML Page from scratch. Once you learn how to do this, you can create your own mini pages and get creative with it.

I’ve recorded a simple video where I show you how to build an HTML Page from scratch using a free Software called KompoZer – you can download it here.

Please Note: You will need to know some basic HTML. You will need to own a self-hosted domain name and know how to create sub-domains and sub-folders. You need to know how to upload files to the root domain, sub-domain folder or sub-folder. You will need to know these basic things to complete the entire process I teach you in the video.

How to Build an HTML Page from Scratch


I forgot to mention what happens when you add an image to the page. It’s a very simple process, all you need to do is upload the same image file to the same place where you are uploading your HTML file.

If you have any problems building pages, please leave a comment below with your questions. If you have any advice and extra tips on this topic, please leave them in a comment below. 😀

You can build a very simple capture page for anything you want. Of course you can also outsource most of this work but if you want to save some cash and get creative with your own stuff, then this is a very simple way. 😉

Another software I highly recommend you to use is DreamWeaver. This is not a free software but it’s by far one of the best ones out there to help you create your own HTML Pages.

This is a good way of creating your own mini capture pages and also your own Google Hangout Pages. Google Hangouts are becoming very popular amongst internet marketers and even bloggers who share value through them.

If you are someone who would like to build your own simple Google Hangout Page – this is one alternative. All you need to do is get your own Youtube Channel and start a new Google Hangout – then get the Code to put your Video anywhere you want.

This is just one more marketing tool you should have in your arsenal. This information might seem very simple to you but it is something brand new to someone else. This is why I had to share this today.

You can learn more on how to build an html page from scratch in future posts on this blog, so make sure you are subscribed to the newsletters. This simple knowledge can really make a difference in your marketing.

This is How to Build an HTML Page from Scratch for Newbies! ..

What do you think? ..

I’m not saying here that you need to use this method instead of using software or plugins to do the same. I’m just sharing this in case you wanted to know how it can be done from scratch. You can experiment a lot more with this.

I really hope you have learned something new today and that you use this to help you succeed online. Please leave your comments and opinions below. 😀

Thanks for reading!

I wish you the best success!


-Freddy Gandarilla

“freedom blogger”

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    Knowledge of HTML is important because it can save the newbie of issues that may arise after automation is used.

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