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Are you looking to earn money through affiliate marketing but need followers with whom you can promote your brand?

The great news is that you can encourage traffic without depending on social media or other similar platforms.

To do affiliate marketing without followers, you need to create a blog with a niche that will give you a wide range of blog topic ideas to cover that will quickly become lucrative.

Monetize your site to help grow the brand.

WordPress is an excellent option because you can regulate your content.

Many people think you need followers to make money online, but it is invalid.

In this review, you will discover some tips on affiliate marketing without followers and how to drive sales and build income.

How to Do Affiliate Marketing Without Followers

How to Do Affiliate Marketing Without Followers in 2023

Affiliate marketing can be beneficial to the company whose product you are promoting and to you, the affiliate marketer.

You make a commission each time you link a product or service to your blog.

The company benefits because they get to sell their product.

Everybody wins.

The following includes the best way how to do affiliate marketing without followers:

Research Niches

A good affiliate marketer selects the right niche to blog about.

Try researching niches to find one you are passionate about and can make money doing.

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You also want to select a niche that best reflects your tone and style of writing.

The following includes some examples:

  •         Sports
  •         Travel
  •         Gaming
  •         Finance
  •         Fashion
  •         Pets and animals
  •         Health and wellness
  •         DIY and home improvement

These niches have proven extremely lucrative and tend to have a large following.

Relationships, news, and entertainment are also enormously popular.

These niches are all safe bets if you are interested in any of them.

Just make sure it is a niche you have some experience with.

Perform Good Keyword Research

As a general rule, you need the right audience to do affiliate marketing, and you will only have the right audience if you do adequate keyword research.

For instance, if you have an animal website and want to sell a dog or cat product, you want the keywords relevant to what the audience is looking for.

This method is called Search Engine Optimization, otherwise known in blogging circles as SEO.

It simply means that your site contains content that answers a specific question.

SEO can work wonders considering most people click on the first Google search that comes up.

There are four types of search intent:

  •         Commercial
  •         Navigational
  •         Transactional
  •         Informational

Understanding SEO will help you increase traffic and rank high on Google searches.

You need to cover all your bases; however, your primary concern will be commercial and transactional.

You must get into the user’s mind and determine what they need to know to move forward with a purchase.

Create Great Content

You need to present your audience with quality content they can only get through your website.

This marker means that the content must be well-researched and unique.

You want to have a killer headline that will generate traffic and headings that draw in readers and answer the user’s question within the second paragraph of the article.

It is a well-kept secret among bloggers that a clear subject and answer, demonstrated by the second paragraph, is how to write a compelling post.

Knowing how to do affiliate marketing without followers requires your copy to read so well that it keeps the user engaged from beginning to end and persuades the reader to purchase the product.

E-Mail Marketing

E-mail marketing will help you promote affiliate products or services to your audience.

When you utilize e-mail marketing for affiliate marketing, you will already have people interested, and it takes a more targeted approach.

It also helps you build a robust relationship with your readers by increasing brand awareness.

You are offering your users something valuable which improves trust among your readers.

E-mail marketing also allows you to target better:

  •         Location
  •         Interests
  •         Behavior
  •         Demographics
  •         Purchase history

With e-mail marketing, you get to communicate with your customers in a more specialized, personal manner, which shows them that you are dedicated to supplying the consumer with all the details needed to make the best purchasing decisions possible.

This strategy increases customer loyalty and promotes confidence in the brand.

You can personalize the e-mails according to each customer’s individual needs.

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Purchase Traffic

Did you realize that you can purchase traffic to your affiliate site?

Paid traffic will get users to your site fast.

It generates instant traffic once you start paying.

You must allocate a budget for this and may lose money before making money.

You can use pop-up ads to get users to visit your site or use Facebook to get traffic to a Facebook page or group.

Facebook is unarguably the biggest social media platform, and there are thousands of groups based on your particular niche of choice.

You can also use Google Ads, as they have algorithms created to promote quality content that engages and informs readers.

You can also include texts or ads that get users to your website and entice readers to click on affiliate links.

Affiliate Links

An affiliate link lets you earn a commission for promoting a product or service.

When a reader selects this link, it takes them to a page, like Amazon or the company’s site, where they can purchase the product.

The company makes a profit, and you get a percentage on the sale.

The customer gets to purchase a product that will help them.

The result is incredible for everyone involved.

Tips to help the user with affiliate links:

  •         Describe each product or service
  •         Give them a free video related to the product or service
  •         Share with the audience that you are an affiliate marketer

When learning how to do affiliate marketing without followers, you will find that helping users purchase a product is much easier when you give them as much information as possible.

This information could mean the use of videos and descriptions.

You may also validate your opinion with the user by telling the audience who you are and your connection to the product.

Research Your Products

Finding the best merchandise to sell on your blog requires some in-depth research on your part.

Check Amazon, read reviews, and select carefully.

The more you understand the products, the better your chance of making a sale.

Customers like to know they have a reliable source they trust when learning about new products.

With a little enterprise and knowledge, you can provide that source.


Knowing how to do affiliate marketing without followers can help you when you are just initiating your blog and getting acquainted with a growing audience.

It will help if you select a niche that best suits you and your style, tone, and interests.

You must also create top-quality SEO-friendly content, rank highly in Google search engines, and generate enough traffic to get your site noticed.

Patience and persistence are the golden rules.

If you follow the suggestions mentioned in this article, you will likely find success with affiliate marketing.

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