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Does how to do Amazon affiliate marketing on Facebook stimulate your interest, and make you want to learn more?

Affiliate marketing is a very lucrative business, and you can use social media to build a formidable customer base and create interest.

The most valuable thing you need to know about Amazon affiliate marketing is that you should never use your Facebook page to share affiliate links.

You must target a specific audience and set up a page or group to generate organic traffic. With a group, you can appeal to a particular audience.

There are also specific rules about promoting affiliate links on Facebook, and it is essential to know what they are.

In this article, you will learn about promoting your products correctly and how to do Amazon affiliate marketing on Facebook.

How to Do Amazon Affiliate Marketing On Facebook in 2023

How to Do Amazon Affiliate Marketing on Facebook

You are looking for a targeted audience to promote your niche.

You need to think about the best place to promote your product.

What is the number one thing that enters your mind?

You may have guessed it is social media.

Social media marketing has become popular, and Facebook is one of the biggest platforms for advertising.

The following includes the rundown on how to do Amazon affiliate marketing on Facebook:

Locate or Generate a Correlating Facebook Group

Finding a Facebook group to advertise a product or service is a superb marketing strategy.

It helps you build a relationship with others interested in your niche.

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For example, you may have a beauty niche for women and want to sell beauty products.

There are numerous groups on Facebook interested in this topic.

You would need to promote your product without linking to the product directly.

Let us say you are selling a skin-clearing foundation you want to advertise.

It would be best if you did something like author an article about foundations that can help improve your skin and link to the article.

It could get the other group members talking.

All you need to do is include the affiliate link in the article.

It is a very smart and savvy way to advertise.

You never want to spam a Facebook group, as they would remove you.

Facebook does not like it when users promote affiliate links.

They are famous for rejecting ads because they contain affiliate links.

Instead, there is a protocol that is accepted.

Here are some tips for becoming a flourishing affiliate marketer on Facebook:

  •         Use FB groups to find an audience.
  •         Build a core and loyal audience.
  •         Interact with your audience.
  •         Sell products that users want.

Expertly placing affiliate links to the product within an article you share within a Facebook community is a great, free way to build a loyal audience interested in what you have to sell.

Once they know the product’s benefits and how it will help them, you will make an easy sale.

Of course, if you instead create a group, that will work too.

Create a Facebook Page

You may need a Facebook business page to help promote products if you have a website.

The Facebook page you utilize for affiliate promotion will be like a business website.

You can help with promotion by creating content that will hook users in right from the start.

You want images and videos to help increase traffic to your page. Anything that will enhance your business is a plus.

If you want to avoid creating a group, creating a Facebook page is the next best solution.

Sometimes niche pages are more successful than groups.

For example, if you promote pet products, a page is perfect because who does not love an adorable dog or cat picture?

They may click on your page just for that reason and then see something that sparks their interest.

One of the foremost ways to promote your site is through friends and family.

They can help get the word out about your page, and that will lead people to check out the goodies you are promoting.

However, when promoting products directly to customers, you must follow Amazon Associate’s Terms of Service.

Here is a sampling of certain rules concerning how to do Amazon Affiliate Marketing on Facebook:

Legendary Marketer by David Sharpe - Frequently Asked Questions
  •         You cannot use your affiliate link for your purchases.
  •         Offline promotion, including e-mails, is forbidden.
  •         Link shortening or link cloaking is forbidden.
  •         Only one link per user is allowed.

You will also need to meet quality standards on your site.

You can maintain that level of quality, keep your content genuine, and not copy and paste product reviews directly.

In that case, you and Amazon will have an amicable relationship that benefits everyone involved.

It is also a requirement that you sell at least three products within 180 days, or you will no longer be an affiliate with Amazon.

Try Your Hand at Running Facebook Ads

Advertising Amazon products on your Facebook page will help increase sales and expand your income.

One of the most reliable ways to do this is by utilizing Amazon Facebook ads.

When you go this route, you will attract customers, and you can even ask them for a review of the products, which will boost organic sales.

When you run ads on Facebook, the social media platform will provide the information necessary to target the customer.

For example, if you promote baby products for parents, your ad can target parents in a specific demographic, as Facebook ads are a way to target potential customers immediately.

This process negates the need to create a new group or Facebook page.

Have a Landing Page Set Up

If you purchase traffic for your site, you must have a landing page with an opt-in form to help establish a relationship with your audience.

This method is essential if your user clicks on the link but needs to make a purchase.

Trust is necessary to build a good relationship between the business and the customer.

A solid landing page helps you to connect with customers and give them pertinent information about the product.

When you have a landing page, you get the user interested in purchasing a particular product, and then you link them up with Amazon when you have finished with your advertisement.

It would be best if you were ready to spend the money to build a website that will resonate with your audience. Remember to have a call to action that clearly speaks to the user.

Make Sure Your Content is Quality

Before you start creating pieces for your website, you must ensure your content is quality.

You are persuading people to purchase a product, so you want a great description to introduce it to your audience.

You must perform keyword research to help your site rank highly on Google and ensure the keywords are relevant to the product.

Take a sneak peek at other sites trying to rank and see if you get any ideas. Refrain from copying them but note what they do well and gain valuable insight into what you can do better.

Use a site like WordPress to help build your site.

Most importantly, make sure you consistently produce useful and well-written information.


Knowing how to do Amazon affiliate marketing on Facebook means walking a fine line and following the rules of Facebook and the Amazon Associate’s Terms of Service.

You want to sell products that the users wish to purchase, create organic traffic to the site, and, most importantly, build a relationship with your customers based on trust.

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