How to Do Blog Commenting for Traffic – All You Need is One Simple Tool and It’s Free!

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Let’s begin with the simple question  ….

… does blog commenting still work for web traffic?

Yes it still works!

But you have to do it in a smart way and be super consistent with the work.

What you’re learning today

  • How to find high-traffic blogs in your niche
  • What you need to look for
  • How to use a simple free tool for your own blog commenting strategy

This is a simple way to drive traffic to your blog. It does take a lot of time and effort to get big results – but it works.

If you want more traffic, simply do more.

Let’s get straight to the point here.

First, you have to learn how to find blogs in your niche that get a lot of traffic daily. I’m going to show how you can tell which blogs have the potential to get you some visitors. There are a few factors you need to look at.

You will need to gather up a list of high-traffic self hosted wordpress blogs. I’m going to show you how you can find these wordpress blog sites.

The reason why they must be a self-hosted wordpress blog site is because their commenting system allows you to share a link with your comment.

The comment section of a wordpress blog site usually looks like this:

As you can see the simple comment form has a “Website” box – this is where you should put your main blog domain url.

I would not link to a blog post here.

Some bloggers don’t like that, and they might not accept your comment because of that. To most bloggers this might look like you are just trying to get a “backlink” to your blog post.

What you want is to get people to visit your Blog. So, send them right to your home page.

How do you find these WordPress blogs?

Use simple google search strings.

Here is one that I use the most:

intitle:photography + “leave a reply”

In the example above we are looking for wordpress blog sites in the “photography” niche. We are telling the google search engine to find pages with the word “photography” in them and also the words “leave a reply” – which is usually what it says in the wordpress blog commenting form.

You can also try other search strings like this:

intitle:photography + “leave a reply” + “website”

intitle:photography + “leave a comment”

intitle:photography + “leave a comment” + “website”

Here are good resources to help you learn more on search strings. It would be a smart idea to educate yourself on this – so you can use these techniques to accomplish your goals with your blog.


You want to find a bunch of wordpress blog sites with this type of commenting form so you can stay up to date with their new blog posts and be one of the first ones to leave a nice relevant comment!

But, before you spend your time on a blog post, you have to make sure your comment has the potential to be seen by a lot of visitors. I’m going to show you what I do to analyze the blog before I add it to my list of blogs to comment on.

You have to look at a few factors in order to decide whether the blog is worth it for traffic generation or not.

What you need to look for

Analyze the blogs

The first thing I look at is the blog’s Alexa Ranking. This ranking can tell you a lot about a website’s traffic flow. If you want to learn more about how alexa rankings are determined read this.

In order to check a blog’s alexa rankings, go to this page; – and enter the url of the blog you want to check for.

The page looks something like this:

The way I check a website’s alexa ranking very quickly is with an Add-On for the Mozilla Firefox Browser.

You can find SEO add-ons for the chrome browser as well.

The one I use for the mozilla firefox internet browser is called ‘Domain Hammer SEO Analysis’.



And it looks like this on the browser:


You should also take a quick look at the detailed ranking information for the blog.

The detailed information looks something like this:


This is just an example for you to see how much information you can look at for a website. The alexa rankings and data comes in handy for the smart blogger.

The lower the ranking number the better.

Learn to use this data to get a rough estimate for the traffic flow of a website.

For instance, I would say that an alexa ranking below 1,000,000 is a good sign a blog site is growing in popularity online.

I would avoid wasting my time commenting on blogs with an alexa ranking above 1,000,000+.

In the example image above, you can see right away this one blog site has an alexa ranking of 2,192,661 – which to me that says the blog site might still be new online and it is not getting a good amount of traffic (yet). Hopefully they get it together and work on their traffic flow but this would not be worth the time for blog commenting.

The alexa rankings is one important factor I look at when searching for blogs to comment on for traffic. The next thing I look at is the engagement on the blog posts.

When you find a blog with great alexa rankings – the next thing to do is check how many comments does every blog post get in what period of time and how much engagement there is on the commenting section of each blog post.

For example, this one blog in the photography niche has good alexa rankings – very promising data. But then we take a close look at their blog posts engagement and it looks like crickets live there.

So, the blog site in the example above, has good alexa rankings telling us it does get a good amount of traffic every day. It must – with those alexa rankings.

One small problem for this blog commenting strategy, the engagement for each blog post is just not there.

Their latest blog pots has not received any new comments in about a day – which is okay, it can take a few days for comments to be approved.

But, I have taken a look at the other blog posts and I see that on average out of 10 blog posts 1 gets less than 5 comments. This is not a good sign.

Things to consider when analyzing blog posts;

  • Date blog post was published
  • How many comments ever since (check comments date if it shows)

If you see a pattern – where it takes a very long while for a blog post to get a few comments, that means the blog post engagement is low at the moment – skip such blog site.

You want to find popular blog sites get a good amount of fresh comments within a few days of having a new blog post published.

If you find a blog site with great alexa rankings and a high rate of engagement per blog post – you have found a potential high traffic source for your blog.

All you have to do is engage on each new relevant blog post on that blog site and track your traffic data to see how much traffic you can generate in a few months of blog commenting.

Do not forget to check for important details when searching for blogs to comment on. There are two important things you need to look at, to be more specfic.


You have to make sure your name will be linking to your blog’s homepage. To do that, take a quick look at the other comments, hover your mouse pointer on the name of a few commentators and see if they link to their website.

Remember, the goal with this strategy is to get people to your blog site, so making sure of these small details is very important.

Take a look at the blog post’s social engagement as well as the comments engagement.

For example, I found this one blog in the photography niche that seems to get a lot of facebook shares and the blog posts do get comments soon after publishing.

This would be a great source of traffic if you engage consistently.

Use a simple tool to become a blog commenting ninja

Once you have gatehered a bunch of blogs to comment on for traffic generation – you want to stay up to date with their latest blog posts. To do that, you can use a simple feed reader tool like

Feedly is a simple tool that lets you organize your blog site’s feeds so you can stay up to date with the latest blog posts.

This tool looks something like this you get organized and ready to leave comments;

As you can see in the screenshot image above, you can create categories to help you organize your list of blogs to comment on.

Once you have a bunch of blog sites in your feed list, you can stay up to date with them. Check for new blog posts on a daily basis or weekly basis. Whatever works for you – but do this consistently.

You can see how old a blog post is with the feedly tool. Just look on the right side of your list (as you see on the screenshot above).

Let’s review

First, learn how to find the right blogs to comment on in your niche. Second, learn what to look for when searching for high traffic blog sites and gather a big list. Lastly, use the feedly tool to stay up to date the latest blog posts and jump right into the engagement as soon as possible.

Blog commenting for traffic is a very simple strategy. And as I have mentioned earlier, if you want more traffic with this strategy, simply do more of it.

What do you think?

Would you like to add anyting to this blog commenting strategy? – Please do so in a comment below.

Implement this strategy very consistently and grow your blog’s traffic!

This is it for today – thank you for coming by. Don’t forget to leave your comments and share this if you find the information helpful. Want to keep getting more valuable tips like this? – Subscribe for blog updates!

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