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Forum Marketing is just another internet marketing strategy to get traffic to your blog for free. Today you are going to learn how to use forums for your blogging and how to do forum marketing the right way. ;)

I personally use Forums Online to not only build up the traffic to my blogs but I also use them to find fresh ideas for new content for my blogs.

If you ever run out of ideas on what to write about – don’t worry about it because you can do a little bit of research online and go to forums in your niche to find what people are asking and talking about.How to Do Forum Marketing

If you are in the ‘Weight Loss’ Niche, for example – then find forums on that subject and become an active member.

And whenever you want to find more ideas for new content for your blog – get your ideas from those forums.

There are really thousands, if not millions of people in these forums every day of the week. And they are all interested in a certain niche.

So, we can safely say the people from forums are already filtered for you. They all are already interested in the niche. Your job now is to offer them what they want and what they are looking for.

To explain how to do forum marketing the right way a little bit better for you ….

I recorded the following video the other day…here I talk about how I use forums for marketing my blog and getting new ideas for my content….

How to Do Forum Marketing the Right Way



I hope you get the point here …. ..this is how to do forum marketing the right way ….

There is a lot you can benefit from forums online. You just got to learn how to use them to your advantage and how to brand yourself in them as an expert in your niche.

Blogging + Forum MarketingHow to Do Forum Marketing the Right Way

I don’t know if you are part of any online forums in your niche and if you are an active member, but if you are not and you are wanting to increase the traffic to your blog – then this is one more thing you can be doing for that.

Hold on there!
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If you just don’t do forum marketing just because you have an excuse every time why you are not doing it (let’s be honest!), then how can you complain about “not knowing” what else to do to get more traffic to your blog? ..

I have to be really honest if I want you to get the best results when you are building a successful blog online. There are many more ways to build up the traffic to your blog, so don’t cut yourself short and do whatever it takes. Use the information on this blog to help you. ;)

Here are a couple of websites you can use to find online forums in your niche….

Important Tips to Learn How to Do Forum Marketing the Right Way

Play by the RulesDo Forum Marketing the Right Way

Once you have found a bunch of online forums in your niche, read the Guidelines and the Rules of each forum.

It is important you know the rules so you don’t get banned for doing things you are not allowed to do.

The next important thing you need to make sure is allowed in the forums you want to use – is Signatures.

Use the Forum Signature

Make sure the Forums you want to use for this strategy, let you have a signature with at least one link to any website.

Here is an example of an online forum signature… How to Do Forum Marketing the Right Way

As you can see, a signature can really help you get more visitors to your blog if you work on your copy-writing skills and also split test text ads to learn what works best.

Working on what you put in your signature is very important. Don’t just throw any words and any links in your signature box.

Improve your copy-writing skills to learn what can get you the most clicks. Is all about improving your marketer’s skills and split testing them to learn what works the best for you.

The next key to getting good traffic from this marketing strategy online is to become an expert in  your niche. And in these online forums.

If you truly want to learn how to do forum marketing the right way then becoming an expert in your niche by educating yourself as much as possible, has to become a priority in your life.

The best way to offer real value to the market you are in, is by learning as much as possible about the niche and from the people in the niche.

You can learn so much from the people in these online forums. You can learn what people is interested in and what they are talking about. You can also learn what people is having problems with and what questions they have.

If you ever lack new ideas for new and valuable content for your blog; you can find a lot of new content ideas in online forums in your niche!

Valuable Content is King

To explain to you how important valuable content is for every type of marketing you do online… pay close attention to the following image…How to Do Forum Marketing

As you can see, valuable content is what can get you the best and most traffic online. So why not focus a lot more on creating very interesting and valuable content for the internet user?… … right! ..

Make sure you are sharing very unique and valuable content on your blogs and in the online forums. If you put it all together the right way, with a lot of constant work and patience, you can start getting a huge amount of traffic to your blog.

It is all about how valuable you can become to the marketplace and how many people is aware of that.

Learn how to solve people’s problems and also how to market your solutions as much as possible. There is no point on solving people’s problems with blog posts or videos if no one is looking at them or the wrong people is looking at them.

You also need to learn about targeting the traffic to your solutions, to your content. You need to find a way to send people looking for a problem to the solution to that problem on one of your blogs online.

Once you understand the simple concept of supplying demands very well, you will then can start making good money in any market online.

I wrote a valuable post on how to blog for profits online the right way. Read it here.

And this is how to do forum marketing the right way!

I hope you have learned a new way to build up the traffic to your blog today. There are no secrets here, the concept of attracting new visitors to your blog from online forums is very simple.

Understand it very well, learn it, implement it and take massive action and then teach it to others.

What do you think? ..

What are your thoughts on this subject? .. let us know your experience with this information and some extra tips you might have…
Thanks for reading!

I wish you the best success online!

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