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Facebook is the number one Social Network online and it has over 1 billion users and counting. This alone tell you that you might want to learn how to get free traffic from Facebook, if you are in need of free traffic of course.

Here is a video I recorded to show you exactly what I personally do to get free traffic from Facebook Groups…

How to Get Free Traffic from Facebook Groups

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If you are not taking advantage of this traffic and playing around with it to see what works best for your AND you are complaining about traffic – then you are just not doing everything it takes to succeed online. Are you???

Getting traffic online is not really a problem. Converting that traffic into leads and sales is the real challenge. I used to think that traffic was a huge problem for me but in reality, it never was! ..

Working on your conversions is very important. Converting the traffic to your blog into leads, clicks and sales is just a part of the process of making money blogging online.

Of course, we could also say that driving a lot of traffic can definitely help you make some money from the revenue too. But when you learn and master the traffic conversion skills, you can definitely increase your earnings online. ;)

So…. traffic…

Besides learning how to get free traffic from Facebook Groups, there are other ways to drive more traffic to your blog or website online you should learn.

If you would like to learn more ways to drive traffic to your blog online, I have a couple of helpful posts you should check out.

This is just enough information to help you build up the traffic to your blog or website. Just remember that it takes a lot of consistency, massive action and the right skills to make it happen. As long as you got a huge burning desire to become successful online, you’re good to go!

What I talk about in the video when you do this simple Facebook Groups Marketing is to use it to help you grow your blog online. You can get some new visitors to your brand new blog online with this simple marketing strategy. The key to get good results will be in doing it a lot and in a good amount each time.

I showed you how to get organized using your internet browser and a how to do this simple Facebook Marketing Strategy very efficiently by using the internet browser tools you already have on your computer.

There are many Facebook Groups on many different topics. Some groups have thousands of members and some might even have hundreds of thousands of members! :D

Hold on there!
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What I personally do is make sure the preview of the link to my blog post looks good when I post it on a Facebook Group.

You can see how the Facebook post looks when I paste my blog post link on the status section. You can also see how many members this Facebook Group has.

If you are wondering how to make your WordPress blog post links look like this when you post them on Facebook Groups – is very easy and here is how…

Set a Featured Image for your post and write a short excerpt about your blog post.

If you don’t see these sections below your WordPress Post Editor Section then you might need to Update to the latest WordPress Version. Go to the Updates Page for that.

If you have the latest WordPress Version then you can activate these sections by going to the top of the page on your WP Dashboard, and click on Screen Options – then click on Excerpts and Featured Image.

Now every time you write a blog post, write a short description about it and set a featured image relevant to the topic. This should help you make your blog posts look good when you submit them in Facebook Groups.

Get creative. Take advantage of your imagination and get creative when you do your marketing on these Facebook Groups and online. The best marketing strategies you can be great at are the ones you come up with on your own.

Of course there should be a lot of split testing and a lot of tracking & analyzing to learn what works and what doesn’t. Just remember that you want to do what works and not what doesn’t. It’s very important you take this very seriously.

Once you know what works best for you, go with it all the way.  Spend time and effort getting the best results you can with this strategy.

It all comes down to how bad you want to get results and how good you implement all of the internet marketing knowledge you are constantly learning.

An online marketer can be constantly learning, improving and evolving more marketing skills. Knowledge has no limits and that’s what evolution is all about.

People will always find different ways to do things online and that is what really gets me going – knowing that the internet is great place to create and do anything you want.

There are many ways to get traffic online, you just need to learn the types of traffic and what to do with each type of traffic in order to get good results out of the traffic.

It’s all about traffic and conversion numbers!

Making money from the internet is just a big process that needs to be done correctly. You need to be able to put everything together the right way and be able to be really consistent with all of the action you need to take.

Traffic and conversions is just a very important part of this process.

Especially when you are someone who is trying to earn money from a blog online, you need to be consistently learning new things and keep improving your writing and marketing skills for a long time.

Taking massive action is important but what is also important is to learn what actions are productive. You can’t just take the wrong action and waste your time and energy like that.

As you learn new internet marketing knowledge, you also need to track everything you do, analyze your data and learn what is working and getting your some results.

Then, just do the same things that are working over and over again. Rinse and repeat! … like they say…

Learn how to use any type of traffic you get online. Mastering any type of traffic could be a really good skill for you and your business online.

I hope this post is helpful to you and that you have learned good things from it. :D

This is how to get free traffic from Facebook Groups!

What do you think? ..

How do you market on Facebook Groups? .. if you have any opinions or extra advice, please leave them in a comment below

Thanks for coming by and reading this!


How to Get Free Traffic from Facebook Groups by

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