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How to Get Traffic to Your Website For Free? Learn How to Do It Here...Get ready to learn how to get traffic to your website for free here.


The main purpose of this blog post is to teach you how to get traffic to your website for free even if you are a complete newbie to Internet Marketing.

There is nothing like waking up every morning at any time you want, start up your laptop, check your email and get notifications about affiliate commissions you have earned while you were sleeping.

This life is really cool! lol

Imagine being able to build a fantastic blog site with super-fantastic content that will help thousands of people solve a specific problem.

When you build a blog site that gets thousands of visitors a day, then you will be able to make enough money to quit your boring job and live a better life.

Of course it all depends on how you make the money with your blog and what affiliate products you promote but the foundation of having a blog that gets at least 1,000+ and more unique visitors a day has to be there.

It is highly recommended to work on the traffic to your blog first before you work on the conversions and the monetization of the blog site.

I would recommend you to just throw some links, call-to-actions, and good looking banners around your blog site first and then just focus on the traffic for a while.

Of course, you would do this if you have a brand new blog site but if you are someone that is just looking to increase website traffic as well – you can follow this same information.

Getting traffic to a blog site for free is not a big challenge.

All it really takes is creativity, time, writing, knowledge and the ability to speak your mind out.

You need to be willing to write a lot and just do the necessary work.

There are no excuses when it comes to doing what you need to do in order to change your life.How to Get Traffic to Your Website For Free? Learn How to Do It Here...

I remember when I was 18 years old and I was already living alone, renting a room somewhere in northern, Virginia – got a job in a StarBucks Coffe Shop, and also in a independent Italian Restaurant.

I hated that job, I gave it a try but then ended up quitting. It just wasn’t for me. I started hating jobs ever since then.

Of course, I got many other jobs later on but I always wanted to make money in a different way than everyone else ever since I started hating to do the things I had to do for money.

At the end, I ended up working in construction for long years.

But, one day I got tired of working in construction because I have realized that I was basically making another guy (my boss) money, and I was only getting a tiny, weenie portion of that money.

I hated working for others and that’s when I started learning anything I could about making money on the internet.

I started learning about blogging but like most new people online, I wrote couple of blog posts here and there and expected miracles.

Nothing happened for about 3 years of “trying to make money blogging online”.

It was tough and it was a challenge.

Get Free Website Traffic

But, I finally learned the things I need to do in order to start getting daily visitors to my blog sites.

Of course, it will be a challenge to you if you really think you cannot do this. If you really think you do not got what it takes to follow all of the information I’m about to share with you, then maybe this is not for you.

But if you truly want to change your life by building a blog site that gets thousands of visitors a day and makes you more money than one, two or even three jobs you would have to get to match that income – then this information will help you accomplish financial freedom.

I share my story because I want you to relate and get inspired by me. I have been through a lot and I have been able to change my life because of the internet and blogging.

Now I’m on my way to changing my family’s life. I’m really proud of the things I have been able to learn over the years and now I want to share the same information with you.

I will teach you how to get traffic to your website for free.

The information is easy to understand and the steps to follow are very simple – you just need to do all of the work CONSISTENTLY, EFFECTIVELY and DAILY.

I will ask you to promise me that you will do it no matter what. You will work your ass off and TAKE MASSIVE ACTION with the information here and go get results online.

Promise yourself the same thing and go for it. Let me know how it goes.

I will keep all of the information simple here and I will only share the things you need to know right now to start getting traffic to your websites.

Remember that you do not need to know everything in order to get results. So try to empty your cup, absorb all of the information here and most importantly follow it to the teeth.

I cannot guarantee you any income here but I can guarantee you valuable information that will get traffic to your website.

Let’s say you are someone new in the internet marketing world and you are looking to buy a domain name so you can build your blog.

I will give you some tips you should know before buying the domain name for your blog site. If you already have a blog and already bought a domain name for it – you can skip this part.

Before you buy a domain name, you should do a keyword research on the niche your blog is going to be about.

For example; if you want to build a blog about Dating and Relationships then you should try getting a domain name like:

Now, you can find a keyword that people actually searches for in the search engines and use it as the domain name.

This will help you rank up in the search engines and get you free traffic.

Try to find short and sweet keywords you can use as the domain name. It can take time to find a good keyword but it is worth doing it.

Let me show you really how to do a quick keyword research for free and find a good keyword to use.

Links mentioned in the video: Google Keyword Planner |

Once you get your domain, install a blogging platform like WordPress and design your site. Make sure you have the right plugins and tools before you start writing like a maniac.

I will assume you have a domain name already and you already have a hosting account and you have installed WordPress as well. If you haven’t yet then go to for domains and for cheap hosting.

If you would like to learn how to build your own WordPress Blog from scratch: Click Here

This should help you get set up with your WordPress blog. The next step would be to start blogging like a maniac!

It is time you learn…..

How to Get Traffic to Your Website For Free

Here are the subjects I will be talking about:

  • SEO (search engine optimization)

  • Content Marketing

  • Blog Commenting

  • Guest Blog Posts

  • Social Networks

  • Video Marketing

  • Forum Marketing

I will keep this valuable, quick and to the point.


SEO Techniques

Search engine optimization is one of the best ways to get free traffic to a website. We all use the search engines to find the information we need. The internet is based on the search for information so there is a lot of traffic to get from the search engines alone.

The key to being successful with SEO is CONSISTENCY. More than knowledge you will need to be more consistent than others. Once you learn something, take massive action right away. Try doing the work daily or at least 5 days a week.

There is not much you will need to know about SEO in order to get good results applying it. You just need to learn simple things you need to apply to every blog post you publish on your blogs.

You need to learn about:

  • On-Page Search Engine Optimization

  • Off-Page Search Engine Optimization

You will have to learn and apply the search engine optimization to your articles with the keywords you want your content to be found by. You will need to optimize your Keyword in the article.

Your Keyword needs to meet the following:

  1. Keyword in H1 Tag
  2. Keyword in H2 Tag
  3. Keyword in H3 Tag
  4. Keyword Underlined
  5. Keyword in Bold
  6. Keyword Italicized
  7. Keyword in Image Description (ALT)
  8. Keyword in outbound hyperlink (a link to another website)
  9. Keyword in inbound hyperlink (a link to another page/post in your site)

This is what you need to know about On-Page Search Engine Optimization. This will allow your content to rank in the search engines for that specific keyword.

The Off-Page Search Engine Optimization would be the backlinks. A backlink is basically another site linking back to your optimized blog post.

The backlinks are likes votes for your blog post. The more backlinks you have the higher you will rank in the search engines.

Getting backlinks is pretty simple and I’m not going to explain the whole thing in this post but if you want to learn more on backlinks then I highly recommend you to subscribe to this site for future information on that subject.

Let’s not forget about social interaction on your blog post. Today, the search engines love a blog post that is very interesting and valuable and most importantly a blog post that is popular.

The more people share your content and the more they comment on it, the higher rankings you will have in the search engines as well.

Sometimes all it takes is people to really really LOVE your content for it to rank up in the search engines.

Today more than half of the world is in Social Networks every second.

If a lot of people love your blog post, they will share it and that will create a Viral Effect which will bring you not only social network traffic but also organic traffic from the search engines.

SEO is one of the best answers to the question how to get traffic to your website for free?? – Most internet marketers will agree with this. Just take massive action to get the results you want.

Content Marketing

Content MarketingContent is King.

Let me rephrase that….

Content that RANKS is King.

Just because you publish content on your blog site that does not mean you will automatically get traffic.

Unless your content is extremely interesting, valuable and controversial – you will have a very hard time getting readers to your blog posts.

Of course content is king but what type of content?

Content alone cannot do the job of getting you visitors. You need to go out there and promote the content in order to get the traffic.

Let me tell you the best advice you can get if you want to become a successful blogger online; instead of just blogging on your blog, blog on the internet.

Blog all over the internet!

This means you will have to share content all over the internet and link back to your main blog posts.

This is content marketing.

The more valuable content you share all over the place the more expert you will become on your niche and the more traffic you will generate to your blog site.

Once you publish content on your blog site, the next step would be to promote that content.

And another great way to do it is with Content Marketing, which is very similar if not the same as Article Marketing.

The key here is also to be very consistent with this technique. You want to share your content in as many other sites as possible.

This will also help you rank up in the search engines.

You can use sites like,,, and any other sites that are based on content.

Publish valuable and unique articles in these sites and link back to your main blog posts. All you have to do from here is rinse and repeat.

Remember that the more you do it the more results you will get. I would say that most successful people here will spend more time promoting their blog post than writing it.

Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting

This is a very simple technique that people online have been using for years now.

It is still very effective when applied with massive action. There is no secret technique here or any especial skills.

All you do here is use the internet to find other blogs related to your blog so you can engage in their topics.

You want to start a conversation in a comment below their blog post – try commenting on popular blog posts. You want people to see your comment so they can engage with you.

Make sure you do this mainly on other blogs that allow you to leave a comment with a backlink to your website.

Also make sure you do not leave spammy comments and that your comments initiate a conversation instead of just being a boring comment.

There are thousands of blogs online and they are millions of people reading them.

Just look for them in the search engines and engage in the conversation.

More people will start to know about you and that means they will visit your site out of curiosity.

Guest Blog Posts

Guest Blog PostsThis is just like Content Marketing. I should’ve included this under the Content Marketing subject but I just wanted to talk about Guest Blog Posts a little bit more.

Guest posting is basically becoming an Author in other blogs related to your blog and publishing a blog post there.

There are thousands of other blogs that allow guest authors.

This is where you can take advantage to not only get a backlink for your search engine rankings but also to get free traffic from another blog site.

Make sure you find other blogs that are popular and are getting a good amount of monthly traffic.

You want to make sure you are spending time writing a guest post for a blog that has a lot of recurring readers.

You can easily “steal” some readers doing this lol but it’s all good in the blogging community as long as you are helping people.

The main purpose of guest posting is to get more readers to your blog.

You want to have recurring readers to your blog, they are the ones that will share and comment on your blog every time.

Use search engines like to look for other blogs you can be part of.

I will be teaching you how you can find these blogs online on another blog post so make sure to subscribe to get the updates.

Social Networks

Social NetworksSocial networks are the next generation to “communities”.

There are bigger communities online than offline.

Everything is going Online these days.

This means more and more people are spending a lot of time on the internet daily. The internet has become part of our daily lives.

The social networks are the number one spots to find groups of people to market to.

There are millions of people looking for information on the Social Networks.

Just like the Search Engines, the Social Networks are full of people looking for something specific.

You just need to learn how to find this people and how to market your blog to them.

There are thousands of people driving traffic to their sites from the search engines and especially

If half of the entire world is on Facebook and other social networks, would it be okay to say that Social Networks are a great place to market?

You can pay for the traffic or you can get it for free. Of course since it is free you will have to put in the necessary work.

The key to get people to click on your links is to share something no one else is sharing.

You want to share very unique content in the social networks in order to turn the eyeballs.

When you want to get people’s attention to read your blog post, you will have to have a killer-eye-grabbing blog post tittle.

You will also need to come up with persuasive and valuable sentences followed by a link to your blog post and share it in as many social networks as possible.

Depending on how good your content is, once you get a lot of people to share it you can create a viral effect.

This is when a lot of people re-share your content because they love it.

The key to success getting massive free traffic from social networks is Killer, Valuable Content.

Just put it this way, the more you deliver in your articles the more people will deliver it for you in the social networks.

Video Marketing

Video-MarketingVideo marketing is not for everyone. Not everyone is willing to make videos and be in front of a camera.

Make sure you are comfortable recording videos before you try to get traffic doing it.

As many of you know video is one of the most powerful marketing tools you have today.

One video can be played over and over again bringing you traffic forever.

You just need to deliver very valuable and unique videos that are hard to find in order to have free traffic with a viral effect.

You can get traffic from a Youtube Video for as long as the video is up there.

The most popular video site is of course I highly recommend you to create your own channel and start recording valuable videos as often as possible.

If you are just starting online and you want faster results then I highly recommend you to shoot one video a day to get started.

Don’t forget to tell people to go to your site on the video and also have a backlink to your site in the description.

You can also use tools to record a screen-tutorial video which will make you look like an expert in front of your visitors.

You will also get traffic from the video site itself. Sites like have their own inside search engine.

If you apply the same SEO techniques I talked about above to your videos then you will be able to rank higher in the search engines as well – not only in the site’s search engine but in other search engines as well.

Uploading videos very often can really get you free traffic. You just got to do it very consistently and always make the next video better than the previous one.

Forum Marketing

Forum MarketingThere are many Forums you can be part of right now and get people from there to visit your site.

Forums are the most popular sites for Q&As – and also for sharing valuable content.

You can also share a short article in the forums and have a backlink to your site in the signature.

Make sure you use forums that allow you to have at least one link in the signature box.

Use to find a Forum within your niche and start interacting with people. The more you interact and share valuable content in the forums the better reputation you will have.

You will become an expert in the forums and people will click on the link to your blog just because they would like to know more about you. Of course this process can take time but it is a great way to get free traffic to your sites.

Become a valuable member of the community and always help people first before you tell them about your blog site. You want people to want to follow you instead of you asking and begging them to follow you. Makes sense?

Forum marketing has been around the block of internet marketing for a long time now and it is still effective today.

You just got to be involved in the forum community very much in order to start getting a good amount of people to click on your links.

I know this blog post has gotten very long and I was seriously thinking about breaking it into parts but I said what the hell….I will have to share all of this information anyways…. :)

I really hope all of this information can help you get free traffic to your website.

This is really how to get traffic to your website for free. Just remember to TAKE MASSIVE ACTION with all you have learned today.

Do not forget to share this information and leave your comments below. I highly appreciate your visit and I really hope you follow this site for future valuable content. :)

This is How to Get Traffic to Your Website For Free Ladies and Gentlemen!

Thanks for reading!


I wish you the best success everrr!!



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