How to Get your Website on Google?

How to Get your Website on Google

If you want to know how to get your website on Google Search Engine; you need to sign up for a Google’s Webmaster Account, and then submit the site you want Google to index.

Remember you must verify ownership of your website.

Before your try to get your website indexed by Google, you need to make sure your site meets Google’s Indexing Rules; Google will index your site page by page, your home page being the first one.

You need to make sure your home page meets the requirements for indexing; otherwise your submission to get indexed might be denied.

Now, if you want to learn how to get your website on Google top search results, there are several steps you need to follow correctly in order to get great results.

If you’re not very familiar with SE Optimization, then I highly suggest you to take a time to learn about it, learn as much as you can. You can access to a lot of free information in this site, download the free ebooks from the right sidebar>→

But…How to Get your Website on Google Top Results Fast and Easy?

The key to rank number one for a keyword is research; your results depends mostly on the keyword research you do.

You need to find the right keywords to rank for; if you’re a newbie I highly recommend you to start with really low competition keywords and whenever you feel that you have enough SEO experience to compete with more sites then you should definitely go for medium competition keywords.

However, I like to rank for low competition keywords, but rank for a lot of them.

You have the following choices:

  • Rank for a low competition keyword = around 400 – 600 – 800 monthly traffic
  • Rank for a medium competition keyword = around 1200 – 1600 – 2200+ monthly traffic

Of course these numbers are not exact; it’s just an average monthly traffic you should go for in order to rank fast and easy.

Imagine ranking for keywords that will bring you about 15 visitors daily; ranking on the number one spot of the Google results for several of these low competition keywords is a great way to get fast and easy SEO traffic.

I hope you are really learning how to get your website on Google top results, just put these techniques in practice.

Just do the math:

Ranking #1 for 10 keywords; each bringing 15/daily visits; 15×10 = 150/daily traffic; 150×30 = 4500/monthly traffic.

Now imagine you do this, after you’re successful with the 10 keywords then you can simply rinse and repeat as many time as you want.

You can go for 5, 10, or more keywords at a time and you can also change the numbers above. I highly recommend you to go for no more than 10 keywords at a time, and go for keywords with 400 to 800 monthly traffic, with low competition.

For keyword research you can use free software or paid software; of course a paid software will always offer you a lot more, putting you ahead of many of your competitors.

These are the most important tools for SEO, I suggest you to try them and get familiar with them as you will be doing a lot of keyword research. I highly recommend you to try Market Samurai – is a great tool!

There are many other factors you need to look into when doing a keyword research; please subscribe to this site as I will be posting more about how to get your website on Google top search results, more about keyword research and how you can get SEO traffic really fast and easy!

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  1. kimsea May 7, 2012 at 11:09 am - Reply

    thanks for sharing your idea and experience. I am recently created my niche website. I worry about how rank up my website faster

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      You’re welcome!! Thanks for passing by! Hope all of this information offered in this site is really helpful to you!! Much success!!

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    If anyone wants to get the website on the top of Google results than backlinks is the only way.

    • freddycashjr December 30, 2012 at 3:27 pm - Reply

      @Neil Patt yup! it is the best way to rank up in the search engines! thanks for passing by!! much success!!