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How to Keep Yourself Motivated

aaallriiight!!! … woooohooo!! .. are you MOTIVATED to work on your business online today!!??

Did you get pumped up with this video!!? … let me know in a comment below! 😀

Learn How to keep yourself Motivated!

It is very important for you stay motivated throughout your online journey. Especially at the beginning.

It will always be hard at the beginning of building anything.

You want to have the “perfect” body? -> you gotta work hard for it.

You want better grades in school? -> you gotta study hard for it.

You want to build a money making business online? -> guess what …. you gotta work hard for it!!!

I’m not telling you that making money online is really “hard” – because it is not. It is actually, by far, the easiest way to make money.


As with everything in life…. you have to start from somewhere…. and that somewhere will be the BOTTOM.

For everyone! ..

No exceptions.

Every single person you see making a lot of money today, started at the bottom at the beginning. No one can skip this stage of the process.

No one came to the internet, snapped their fingers, and leads and sign ups started flowing in.

With all of that being said….

…because of all of the work you need to put into building an income stream online – you NEED to stay motivated and inspired to keep working on it -> EVEN when you fail many times.

Fail your way to Success!

Failure is part of the process of becoming successful.

If you don’t fail -> you don’t learn -> when you don’t learn you can’t improve -> and when you cannot improve then you can’t evolve as a human being.

Plain and simple.

Now let me go straight to the point here.

Here is How to keep yourself Motivated to keep on going, keep on pushing, keep on grinding, keep on hustling, keep on working on making your dreams a reality! ..

Dig deep and find your Real WHY

WHY are you working online? … WHY are you building a successful business online? …

And do not say .. “to make Money” …

LEAVE Money out of this equation.

Now… think deep…

..dig deeper than that… come on’!!

WHY is it that you want to work online and make money online?…

What is driving you each day to make this happen? …

Once you find your real why – and you think about it every day -> it will give more energy to work on your business than 1000000000000 energy drinks and shots!! 😀

You heard my WHY on the video above.

Here is my WHY ..

I want to provide a better life for my wife and my family. I come from a poor class family – we never had a lot of money to enjoy life the way we wanted to. And I had ENOUGH of that.

My family needs my help. And the entire world does too.

Helping Planet Earth and other Human Beings is also one of the reasons WHY I’m building a successful business online.

And yeah the online business is being built to make A LOT of money.

Money – money – money

We need money for everything in these days.

So if money is on my way of doing something GREAT in my life, not only for me, but for my family, and others, then I have to make as much money as I can, while I can.

Money is not everything.

And money is not my WHY.

But WHAT money provides me with -> IS.

Get it!?

So find your WHY and let it Fuel you with motivated & positive energy to keep you working hard to take one step closer to your goals online.

Follow and Listen to the Successful People

There is nothing more powerful than surrounding yourself with successful people in your field.

You know what they say… “tell me who you hangout with and I’ll tell you who you are… “

When you surround yourself with successful people who have nothing but GOOD & POSITIVE Energy, success will happen to you a bit faster.

There is great power in hanging out and listening to successful people.

If you hang out with broke people with a poor mindset, then you are most likely to remain broke.

If you hang out with successful people, people who has made it BIG online, then you are most likely to end up like them. Wealthy and successful.

And if you can’t afford to be around the successful people … you still can.

You don’t need to be physically surrounded by successful people. You can trick your brain by listening to Audios from these successful people.

This is something I have learned over my years of studying self-improvement and the power of the brain.

When you listen to audios – where successful people are talking to you and sharing valuable knowledge -> your brain does not know that sound is coming out of an Audio Player.

It might not be as powerful as literally surrounding yourself with successful people, but it is a great way to work your way there.

Plus+ by listening to successful people you will get really motivated to go after your dreams no matter what.

Guys like Tony Robbins will really motivate you and inspire you to work hard on what you gotta do for the day, any day of the week, any time.

Take breaks and think about your life for a moment

Taking breaks, away from the computer, can really do you very good. And when you take a break and spend it thinking about your life, your goals, your mission in this world, your WHY -> you will come back online Fresh and PUMPED UP!

Have a Vision Board

Take the time to create a collage about the things you want to have in your life.

Place it somewhere you will be able to see it every time you wake up.

When you look at images of things that you really want to have badly in your life -> you will get motivated to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Images and words have more power than you think.

Use that power to give you the motivation you need – to keep on going each and every day.

Use anything and everything you want to use to motivate you every day.

Watch Motivational Videos Online

There are so many videos on Youtube.com that will motivate you like no other! … just look for them and use them to your advantage.

USE them to pump you up! …

Here is one of my favorite motivational video online:

How do you feel after watching this? ..

Amazing right!

These are some powerful tips to teach you how to keep yourself motivated to keep working on making your dreams come true.

Use them! ..

What do you think? ..

How do you keep yourself motivated every day? … what other tips do you have to keep yourself motivated? …leave your comments below .. 😀

Thank you for passing by!

I wish you the best success online!





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