How to Make Money Online Blogging Daily

Blogging online is not something an Internet Marketer should care less about. A blog is a huge source of information for other online – and that is the best way to express your thoughts, opinions and knowledge to the world.

Most people that want to start up an online business SHOULD be blogging daily while the business is built and even when your online business is up and running good – you should STILL keep on blogging daily or as often as you can.

Putting out a valuable piece of information on the internet, will not only give you a good reputation but it will also help you make sales online for a very long time. How to Make Money Online Blogging Daily

One important thing about blogging online is the fact that the content you create will always be there and it will always be read by someone online.

Of course there are couple of things you should do to your content and website in order to get visitors to it.

But the bottom line is that the more content you publish on your blog, the more people you will attract. If people really enjoy your writing and your content, then that means they are more likely to come back and follow you for a very long time.

Eventually these readers will become your customers – well not every single one of your readers….but you get the point here….right…

The more posts a blog site has, the more authority it will get in front of a crowd – and what does that mean to  you?

Potential Customers!

Make sure you don’t share other people’s content on your website – make sure you always publish fresh original content- this is the best way to become an expert in your field and in front of people.

Of course sometimes you could re-publish an article on your blog as long as you give credits to the original Author. You can do this from time to time when you cannot come up with original content.

Do not only publish other people’s content on your blog – just because it’s okay to re-publish other articles giving credits to the original authors – doesn’t mean that’s all your blog is going to have!

The people do not like that and the search engines don’t either!

So make sure to mix it up – if you’re going to use other people’s articles in your blog.

How can YOU make money online by blogging daily?

Well the answer is simple and you should already know that the best way to profit from blogging is by sharing VALUABLE content and lots of it!

First, make sure you study your field very good so you can start writing valuable information for others.

The second thing you need to do is make sure your website is well-optimized to make people click on stuff. On banners and stuff. This is where Conversions come into place. You need to make sure your visitors are clicking on stuff around your website because if they aren’t then you will not make much money with your blog.

The position of your ads and what you say on your site is very very important for your conversions.

Now, how can you get a good conversion rate?

Simple answer….


Testing, testing, testing…..

How do you know if something works or not?

….you know the answer!

Once you get a good conversion rate- is time to start blogging DAILY!

The more you blog the more visitors you will attract, the more leads you will get and the more money you will make!

That simple!

Of course most people will want to start making a lot of money with like 10 or 50 blog posts. LOL

Let me tell you right now from experience that you shouldn’t be mad if you aren’t seeing any results after 50 posts – do not think that it doesn’t work because it does….there could be a couple of reasons why you aren’t seeing any results yet.

One, could be because your website is very very new to the Search Engines and without the proper SEO done to it- it will take a long time to get organic traffic.

SEO is very important in a blog site. Without SEO a blog site can be as loney as a lizard in the middle of the desert.

There are a lot of things that you need to know about blogging online before you try to get results online.

Because if you do not learn these things first then you will get frustrated when you see something that you do not want to see – and because you don’t know much about the whole process you will then get really frustrated.

Isn’t that right?….

The very first thing that you need to do if you want to make money online blogging- is GET A BLOG SITE!

Make sure your blog site is well-optimized and it is well-designed for you to get the best of the traffic generated by your articles.


Get to blogging as soon as possible!

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