How to Start a Blog Online, the Best Solution

How to Start a Blog Online, the Best Solution

A very simple title, how to start a blog online. But the answer can get complicated for a lot of people and that is because not everyone will be able to understand many of the technical stuff.

Building a blog site from scratch can really become a challenge for you and most of the time you could spend up to 3 months online just trying to set everything up.

How long did it take you to build your website?

I know there are also a lot of people out there that are actually really good with the technical stuff and can build a simple WordPress Blog Site from scratch in just couple of hours and sometimes minutes.

Yes, it can be set up that fast, but then you will want to rank up in the search engines fast in order to get free organic traffic right, and that will take a long time and a lot of work. Especially when you are a newbie and you do not have much money to outsource.

You will also have to work on the Conversions, the monetization, the Viral Structure in the design, the content, etc.

There are a lot of things to get done when you are starting a brand new blog online. The most work and challenge will be at the beginning of this process. The technical stuff can really make some people quit.

The content part and the traffic generation part can also be a reason why people quit when trying to build a successful blog site online. Just imagine how long it would take you to start profiting from your blog online.

I have seen people spend more than 3 months online just to get set up, to set up their site, their squeeze page and all of the other necessary things to earn money from a blog. And when things get too complicated and things take too long to get started, most people tend to get discourage.

But why am I telling you how hard building a blog from scratch can be?

By realizing what are some of the things that make people quit when trying to build a successful blog online – you then will try to find the best way to go around all of this technical stuff. You will seek for solutions.

I’m going to tell you right now that the best thing you can do in this situation, if you do not want to go through all of the technical stuff that can drive anyone crazy sometimes, is to invest in a pre-built blog site ready to go.


A Blog Site that can help you get better rankings in the search engines, very easy to customize for your own branding and very simple to use. The Marketing Phycology and the Conversions have already been tested and people have spent countless months developing the blog site.

You can find a site like this Today Here. But be aware that this Viral Blogging Platform is still Brand New and it has not been launched yet so the Shopping Carts are currently Closed. BUT you can Get the Updates Here.

Now if you still want to go the other route and build a website, a blog site from scratch, on your own – here are the steps.

  1. Buy a Domain Name. You can use or NameCheap or just Google cheap domain names. Just buy a domain name.
  2. Buy a Hosting Service. You can use, or even – you can also Google for cheap Hosting or get Unlimited Hosting for $5 Here.
  3. Install a Blogging Platform. You can install WordPress, use the Template, or you can use the Blog Beast Platform Here.
  4. Take time to Customize and Design your Blog Site. Create a Header and choose a Template to go with it. You will also want to work on the Monetization of the Blog right off the bat. The monetization will take time and you will have to run a lot of tests to see what works best with your traffic. If you want to leave all of that to the Professionals and get a ready-to-go blog site – click here.
  5. Start Sharing Valuable, Unique and Fresh Content on a Daily Basis.

That is pretty much all you need to follow and do in order to get set up online and start blogging for cash. The procedure is simple; the processes is not long or challenging but for someone that has never really used the internet or someone that does not have a lot of technical skills – this process can really wear them off.

This is why I always recommend the solution to buy a pre-built site and just blog there. You will actually get better and faster results with a Pre-Built Blog Site than with your own blogs.

The main reason why you will get better and faster results with such a blog site – like the blog beast blogging platform – is because of the thousands of people already blogging on a same domain.

You would need to know a bit of SEO and Internet Marketing to fully understand what I’m saying here – but everyone should know how powerful it is to work in a team.

Here is a quick lesson on SEO and why it is very Powerful to blog on a site where thousands of people are already blogging daily.

SEO stands for search engine optimization – and this helps you get Search Engine Traffic which is Free Organic Traffic.

The best way to get this Free Organic Traffic is by ranking up very well in the search engines, and the way to do it is with SEO. You need to search engine optimize your blog posts and also your domain name.

This means daily backlinks, fresh unique content on a daily basis, a website that loads very fast, an aged domain the better, social interaction on each of your blog posts, etc.

There are many things that you need to take in consideration if you want to get better search engine rankings and faster rankings as well. You want to get traffic ASAP (as soon as possible) ..right!.

Now, imagine how much work you will have to put into your own blog site, the one  you just built from scratch. The next thing you will have to do is go out there and get as many backlinks to your root domain as possible on a daily basis and also backlinks to all of the pages within your site.

Do not forget that a brand new site should not get too many backlinks at once; this means you should not consider buying backlinks for a brand new blog site. Google and the other search engines know how to detect this type of behavior on a brand new website and to them; a crap load of backlinks to a brand new domain name seems fishy.

And this part can also play in the delay to start profiting from your blog site. I hope you see now, why most people fail at blogging online for money. Not too many will get the same benefits when blogging and that is because some might be buying backlinks and some might be manually getting them and some might not be getting them at all and not all of them have the same authority on their domain names.

Just think about this and make the best decision that will help you get better results, the results you want to see.

Oh I almost forgot….

…this is for those newbies reading this; you can also get a completely free blog site as well – just got to and or just Google how to get a free Blog Site.

Of course I do not recommend people to start with a free blog site but you might want to if that is all you can afford right now. I know how it is to start from the bottom but now I’m here Anyways, just know that the Same SEO Strategies apply to a free blog site.

Another important thing that can REALLY make a difference in the success of a Blog Site is the CONTENT. Content plays a HUGE Role in the success of a blog site.

So this is how to start a blog online and what is the best solution for it.

Learning how to start a blog online is not hard but understanding the power of a blog site can be a little bit hard to understand for a lot of people. I really hope this post can help you understand that.

I will be talking about Content on following blog posts, so make sure to follow me and please leave your comments below and share your story about your Blog Site.



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