How to Start a Successful Money Making Blog Online

One of the biggest questions asked online; “how to start a successful money making blog?”How to Start a Successful Money Making Blog Online

A very simple process anyone can do but not everyone will. When it comes to making money from a blog – there are a lot of things to learn before jumping in. Do your research before you start building anything.

Of course I highly recommend you to invest in your education and spend some time learning first – but don’t take too long with the learning part of this process.

You want to take massive action as soon as possible so you can really grasp onto what you just learned.

One of the best ways to learn even better is by teaching the same information to others. There is a lot of power in teaching to others – it just brings the passion in you and the knowledge will flow easier through your mind.

Learn, take massive action and teach to others what you have been learning and how they can accomplish what you have accomplished so far with the same information.

This is how to start a successful money making blog online from scratch.

The beginning will always be the tough part of any process and if you are not ready for that then maybe this is not for you and maybe you should keep your boring job for now.

If you are someone who is a real go-getter and a person that has a burning desire to succeed no matter what and do whatever it takes for however long it takes, then this is for you and I know you will make it happen.

With the right mindset you will be able to start a successful money making blog online that will pay you every single month.

It is a great feeling to truly live free and make money from anywhere in the world. Waking up to leads, sign ups, sales, is just the best feeling ever! .. you can accomplish this too if you really, really wanted to … you know it!…

There are no secrets or secret weapons to start a successful money making blog from scratch – one of the most underestimated keys to success here, though, is CONSISTENCY.

A lot of new people who come online wanting to start a successful money making blog will not be as consistent as they need to be to accomplish success.

Once you have the right mindset and you really take in mind what I have just been talking about above then you are very ready to learn how to start a successful money making blog online that will completely change your entire life! .. get ready to get started!

How to  start a successful money making blog in simple steps:

1 – Do a Research and find your Niche.

2 – Buy a Domain, buy Hosting Service and Install a Blogging Platform.

3 – Choose the right Templates and Designs for your Blog Site. Build a Fast Loading Site.

4 – Install necessary Plugins and use the necessary tools for your Blog.

5 – Monetize your Blog (banners and affiliate links). Become an Affiliate to the Tools you use and any other Pro Work on Conversions and Call to Actions.

6 – Design a simple Social Viral-ability Structure for the Blog’s Template to increase traffic through Social Networks.

7 – Encourage Audience to Subscribe to your Newsletters. Build a Targeted Email List.

8 – Use Tools and Software to analyze and track the traffic to your sites. For a Free Tool – Sign up for Google Analytics and Google Webmasters Tools to keep track of everything that is happening to your website.

9 – Invest in your Blogging and Internet Marketing Education. Learn how to drive traffic to your Blog with simple Internet Marketing Strategies you can do on a daily basis. Get the best free internet marketing education on this site.

10 – Invest in your Copy-Writing Skills. Make sure you always over-deliver in your Blog Posts and your content is very Valuable and very Unique.

Try to publish blog posts that are so good – people will feel bad if they did not Shared your content with their friends.

11 – Read Daily. Try to learn something new on a daily basis. It is very important to get into the right mindset to get the best and faster results online.

And well, it is also very helpful to learn new things every day/week so you can keep coming up with fresh new information for your Blog.

12 – Find a couple of Successful Bloggers Online and Model after them. See what they are doing  with their blogs and most importantly, How they are doing it.

13 – Publish New Unique and Valuable Posts as often as possible. Write on a Daily Basis if you can – or at least 3 times a week.

14 – Come up with a simple Internet Marketing Blue-Print you can follow on a daily basis to increase the Traffic to your Blog. It’s all about consistency and a lot of repeated work.

The more you do it and the longer you do it, the better results you can get. Spend more time Marketing your Blog Post than writing the Blog Post.

15 – Make your own Daily Work-from-Home Schedule to Follow. It is very important to keep an organized attitude and treat this as just another job you have.

Try to Print your new Schedule and stick it on the Fridge’s Door. A successful blog site will pay you way more than any other job in my opinion. 🙂

16 – The Final Step would be to RINSE & REPEAT! .. ..until you build up a nice passive income from your Blog’s Revenue…

I just wanted to put the entire process to start a successful money making blog from scratch in as many simple steps as possible. I hope you understand it and the information helps you accomplish success online.

There is a lot more that could be said about each step but sometimes keeping the information simple and easy to understand is the best way to go.

Assuming that you already have a basic knowledge on creating a brand new blog site online (buying domains, setting up the hosting, etc…) – I will try to keep the information very simple when I share with you the simple process to building a successful money making blog from scratch.

I’m going to talk a little bit more about each step mentioned above and hopefully by the end of this post you will be ready to start building a successful money making blog online.

If you don’t know how to buy a domain name or what a Hosting Service even is… then I highly recommend you to learn all of that process before reading the information on this post.

I’m not really trying to make this blog post a very, very long one by explaining every single step in too many details, you might get tired of reading after one hour and still just be half way in the blog post! lol 🙂 …

I’m going to share a quick video where you will learn all of the things you need to know about building a successful money making blog site from scratch.

The information and the process is very simple, and one of the main reasons why some people do not succeed with their blogs online is because they quit too fast and they do not take massive action or at least consistent with the action.

When it comes to building a successful money making blog online – my BEST Advice to you right now would be to….

Just Do it!!!

How to  Start a Successful Money Making Blog Online – What you need to know..

I’m still getting used to speaking about a these things behind a mic and in a video teaching people what I know – most of the time I get really nervous and it becomes hard to speak up and talk clearly but I know that only happens at the beginning and I will keep pushing forward to get better at it. Getting better will help me help you.

I really want to share my knowledge with you and teach you what I know and what I am still learning in my journey to success online. Expect better videos in the near future 🙂 ..

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How to Start a Successful Money Making Blog Online

Build a Blog Site. There are many ways to build a blog site and the most popular blogging platform to install is WordPress because of the simplicity to control your entire site right from your Dashboard.

They also have a variety of awesome Templates to choose from and play with. This site is a WordPress Powered Blog Site – I have been tweaking stuff around to make it look as good and simple as possible but at the same time powerful.

You need to work on your conversions. When it comes to getting the most from the traffic to your blog, your blog site needs to be well-monetized and needs to get the best conversions.

The best way to get the best conversions from your traffic is by split-testing different forms of advertisement and learn what works and what doesn’t – what gets the most clicks and what doesn’t.

Learn simple internet marketing strategies. There is no point on publishing content on your blog site if no one will read it. You need to spend more time marketing your blog site and your content than creating the content.

You still want to create very valuable and unique content of course but whatever time you spend creating your great content, double it when you market it.

It is very important to learn Internet Marketing Strategies to build up the traffic to your siteuse this site as you Internet Marketing Guide and Educate yourself with the Internet Marketing Knowledge I share with you on this blog.

Build a Targeted List. If you haven’t been building an email list then my best advice would be to start as soon as possible – ASAP. Building a list is very important to stay in touch with the people who has seen your content and has subscribe to you.

An email marketing tool like Aweber or GetResponse helps you build relationships with everyone that subscribes to your list from any of your pages.

Building a good relationship with your subscribers will be one of the keys to your success building a money making blog.

There are a lot more things I can talk to you about how to start a successful money making blog online – in a lot more details but this information here is enough for you to get started and start building a successful blog online.

You can do it and you can you even do it better than me because you know what, I’m not any smarter than you. English is not even my first language and I’m still learning it – so if you are fluent then you might have a bit of an advantage than me.

The best thing you can do right now, if you really wanted to, you would get started building a successful blog online. Get a domain name – you can use, get a Hosting Service from GoDaddy or from

I will be posting more awesome and valuable content on building a successful money making blog site – subscribe to this blog and get the updates and the best tips on internet marketing.

By learning the right internet marketing knowledge, the easier it will be for you to make money online – either with a blog or anything that you can come up with.

The Internet Marketing Information can be powerful if you really understand the information and get results with it.

The power is within you. Get in the right mindset and follow what I share here with you.

Thanks for reading this and don’t forget to show support by leaving your feedback and sharing this blog post.

I wish you the best success! 😉



~Freddy Gandarilla

“blogging for freedom”

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