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Building a strong personal brand is all about consistently sharing what you’re passionate about and what you’re working on. And blogging is one of the easiest ways to make that happen.

But dated or hard-to-read blog posts may push people to skip reading your insightful stories and miss out on all you have to offer.

 How to Stay Ahead with Creativity When Blogging to Build Your Brand

You must integrate pictures or graphics.

Your blog posts should always include a main picture or graphic.


Posts with visuals receive 94% more page visits than those without. We’re visual creatures, and a good picture will draw us in much quicker than a good headline.

Luckily, there are plenty of sites out there that offer high-quality pictures for free. I like sites like Pixabay, Unsplash, Little Visuals, and Pic Jumbo – because they offer high-quality pictures that don’t require attribution.

This means you can download the pictures you want, add them to your post, and you’re done. You don’t have to worry about finding the right way to give credit to the site or photographer that provided the pictures. You just download and go.

If you can’t find the right picture to fit your post, then create a graphic for your main post image instead. Don’t worry. Thanks to Guy Kawaski, marketer extraordinaire, you don’t need Photoshop or any other fancy (expensive) tools to create a nice graphic. You can use Canva.

Canva lets you create amazing graphics for free!

It’s very easy to use and makes you look like a pro by giving you great templates to work with. Canva also offers high-quality pictures to add to your graphics for $1 apiece. That’s a much better deal than you’re going to get other places, but there is enough free stuff to help you without having to spend that $1. Especially since you can upload your own pictures (the ones you’re downloading from Pixabay and Unsplash) and use those in your graphics.

More visuals

While having a main post image is a must, including other visuals in your blog posts will take your blog to the next level.


Because 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text. So adding other images, videos, GIFs, or infographics make a greater impact than writing alone.

To find these visuals for your posts, start collecting any pictures, videos, and other visuals you find interesting.

Hold on there!
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  • You can use an app like Evernote, which connects to your browser, to save them all easily in one place.
  • Just remember to always link back to the place where you got the video, image, or graphic from if someone else created it.

Want to create your own infographics or charts for your post? You can create those for free using tools like Infogram,, or Piktochart. They all offer enough free features to let you create nice infographics without a lot of extra work.

Headers set you apart.

If a post is more than two or three paragraphs long, use headers to break it up. It’s a simple way to make your posts easier to read while making you look like a pro. It can also make the writing process easier since headers provide an outline for your posts.

Stick to a blogging schedule.

Decide on a schedule and stick to it. I’ll admit this one isn’t easy for me, but it definitely makes a huge difference when you’re first starting a blog. A good way to start on the right track (or get back into it after a break) is to write about 5-10 posts at one time. Then you can simply schedule them to be released weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

Since your blog is about building a brand, you don’t have to blog daily to make an impression. But you do want to blog consistently enough that you have the chance to build and maintain connections with those reading your blog.

BONUS: Below are 3 additional blogging tips you can try this year to not only refuel your blogging fire but help your blog grow, too!

Start a YouTube channel –

The last couple of years were all about videos on social media. More and more, readers are choosing video over text. They are not only quicker to watch but more engaging. So why not start a channel of your own? You can do live recipes, make-up tutorials, or travel tips. The intimate connection your readers will experience with you by being able to see you live will make them want to keep coming!

Network with fellow bloggers –

If you haven’t already, creating a relationship with other bloggers and getting your blog some free promotion is something that I’ve learned mainly from Ryan Biddulph. Normally, if you share other people’s content, quote their wise words in your content – you’re simply helping out them. And probably, they won’t feel shy in showing the same care and love to you.

Sell digital products –

This could be tricky depending on what you blog about, but definitely something that’s worth a try! Do you make your own crafts? Bake your own goods?

  • Online courses?
  • Ebooks?
  • Be creative and think of products you could sell online.

You could also become an affiliate and sell products on your site that way. Not only will you make an extra buck, but you’ll help your readers find the things they need!

What do you want your personal blog to say about you?

What kinds of things could you share to show your expertise, passion, or insight?


How to Stay Ahead with Creativity When Blogging to Build Your Brand by

LEARN The Number One Secret To Build An Email List & Make Money!

Download the eBook - It's FREE! | Click Here |