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Believe it or not, email marketing is a tactic that the most popular bloggers have regretted not doing earlier.

To be fair, creating an email sign-up form and building a list may not be as important as building a content strategy, composing an editorial calendar, or anything covered by blog resources sites like FirstSiteGuide and others.

However, looking at blog development from the perspective of marketing, building a mailing list from day one is the smartest and most efficient things that you can do for your blog.

How to Use Email Marketing to Improve Your Blog's Performance

Email marketing is a great way to drive lots of traffic to your blog and promote your products ad services in the hopes of converting your subscribers into customers.

With the right strategy in place for your blog, achieving these things are possible.

But, before we get into the advantages of email marketing, we need to discuss how you can craft a plan that will allow you to build a mailing list and send out effective emails to your subscribers.

To help you come up with a workable solution to this problem, below are tips and advice on how you can approach email marketing to reap its benefits for your blog.

Encourage visitors to sign up

This is clearly the most important step of email marketing.

You need to find an effective way to get people to sign up to your mailing list in order to execute an email campaign in the first place.

There are lots of tools out there to help you with acquiring more subscribers to your blog. One of them is SumoMe.

How to Use Email Marketing to Improve Your Blog's Performance

It has a list building feature that lets you position the form on top of the page (Smart Bar), at either bottom corners of the page upon scrolling to the end (Scroll triggered), or  fades in the middle of the screen  (List Builder).

Test each one and find out which among them produces the most sign-ups, so you can form a better strategy on each to drive more leads.

Build a landing page

Developing a landing page, as a general practice, help you not only create a dedicated page to encourage visitors to perform your desired action (which, in this case, is signing up to your email list), but also get the page ranking on search results for your chosen keyword.

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Building a landing page may be difficult for those who have no HTML experience.

If this is the case, you can use landing page creators to help non-designers create an attractive page to encourage email sign-ups by dragging and dropping elements unto a page.

Promote your latest posts

Once you have acquired a substantial amount of subscribers, you can start developing an email campaign that lets you promote your most recent posts on your blog.

Using email marketing tools like MailChimp, Aweber, and GetResponse, to name a few, will help you dispatch newsletters on the regular basis that promotes your blog posts.

Before you get your feet wet with these tools, however, you need to observe the best practices in releasing an email campaign for your blog posts.

Conduct surveys

Aside from promoting your content using email marketing, you can gain insight to your subscribers on the kind of content they want you to create and publish on your blog.

One way of doing this is running a survey to people in your email list.

First, set up a survey using Survey Monkey or your preferred survey creator.

Come up with a list of questions that asks them the best content they’ve read on your blog, the type of content they want to see more or less from your blog, and other questions related to this line of questioning.

The idea here is to mine information from your engaged subscribers on the kind of content they want to read more from you.

Once you have published the survey, inform your mailing list to take time to fill out your survey.

To increase the likelihood of your subscribers in filling out the survey, you can send them a freebie that they will appreciate from you (an ebook guide, resources, or other digital goods).

Greet your list during special occasions!

How to Use Email Marketing to Improve Your Blog's Performance

One of the best ways to make an indelible impression to your subscribers is to treat them like actual people.

Instead of burning them out by constantly sending them newsletter about your blog, take time to send out newsletters to those celebrating their birthdays or other milestones in their life.

You can do this by including the birthday field in the sign-up form. The visitors can choose to fill out the field or not.

If they do fill out this part, send out a newsletter that greets them during their birthday.

Aside from the greeting, throw in some freebies like an exclusive post, an advanced copy of an ebook you’re writing, or a discount to any of your products or services.

This way, you are able to give breadth to your online relationship as not just as subscribers-site owner, but as actual people with lives.

Final thoughts

Blogging is not just about writing and publishing content, but it’s also making connections with your readers, especially when you include email marketing in your overall strategy.

The tips mentioned should help you develop an email list and use the list to make the most out of your blogging experience.

How to Use Email Marketing to Improve Your Blog's Performance in 2024 by

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