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How to Write the Best Blog Post Ever - 5 AWESOME Tips!!

Do you like writing a lot? .. if not, then writing an EPIC Blog Post might become a bit of a challenge for you! .. Today you are going to learn how to write the best blog post ever…. I hope you are ready for it! ;)

Blogging and building successful blogs online is not rocket science, even a 12 years old kid can do it and make lots of money doing it. I believe it because I’ve seen it.

There are no secret tips or anything like that, for you to build a successful blog online. All you really have to do is …..

  1. Buy a Domain Name
  2. Buy & Setup Hosting
  3. Install a Blogging Platform
  4. Learn SEO & Internet Marketing
  5. Publish Blog Posts Daily/Weekly
  6. Promote your Blog & Content all over!
  7. Build Up a Readership/Following
  8. Rinse & Repeat!

Very simple uh!! :D

Sadly, only very few people will actually build a successful blog and make money from it. And the number one reason why people fail at blogging, is L A Z I N E S S !!

If you are a lazy person, someone who will have a hard time writing an article every day and implementing simple internet marketing tasks, then you are not going to make it far when you attempt to build a successful blog online.

Is just not going to happen!….

You need to do the NECESSARY work!!!

Now, you should really know by now, if blogging is for you or not. You should think about this before investing in a brand new blog online.

Are you going to be able to write article every day for the first 3 months? …

Are you going to be promoting the heck out of that blog & content every day?! …

Are you going to learn how to write the best blog post ever and actually do it??! …

These are just some questions you should be asking yourself – before you make the decision to invest in a domain name, hosting, blogging platform, etc.

I am telling you all do this because I want to give these tips to the right people. And if you are not going to become a successful blogger online, then maybe you should not waste your time reading this post.

Hold on there!
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I like to keep it real with you, and we both know that time is the most valuable thing we own….. so learn how to spend it very well!

Alright!! ….

Let’s get down to business ….

How to Write the Best Blog Post Ever?!!

1 – Find Your Passion

What are you passionate about the most? …

In order for you to find it very easy to work on something, you have to love it!

You can’t create something great with something you are not passionate about and do not love. That’s just how it is.

And the main purpose of building a blog online is to make money from it, right. But in order for that blog to make you money, it needs to become a VERY Valuable blog site! ..

In the blogging world, you want to find your Niche. There are so many niches/topics online – just find one you are very passionate about and start publishing valuable content – content people in that niche really needs!

Think about what type of content you can create very often with no problem – because if you choose to build a blog on a topic you don’t really know too much about or don’t really like … then what’s the point?!!!

Set yourself for success before you invest in a blog site online. What I’m trying to say is to MAKE SURE Blogging is for you.

I guess you should also be passionate about writing, because there will be lots of that when building a successful blog online.

No energy drink or drugs can ever beat PASSION!!! … ;)

2 – Don’t Be Afraid!

Don’t ever be afraid to be yourself through your words and writing.

Don’t try to be someone else when you are publishing content. Just be yourself with what you come up with – the only thing you need to work hard with is the Quality of your content and the Value of it.

You can write however you want …. you don’t even need to have the best grammar ever … as long as you are delivering what the people in cyberspace wants … you are good!

How to Write the Best Blog Post Ever

3 – Learn the Right Knowledge

In order for you to deliver the best content on your blog, you have to do your research on the topics you want to blog about!

If you want to solve people’s problems in your market place – then all you need to do is learn the right knowledge, the right solutions, and share it with people through your blog posts.

People online are online because they are looking for something, for information. You, as a blogger online, needs to publish the information people are looking for on your blog!

What is the point on writing content no one is looking for online and no one would even care about? ..

You need to continuously keep on learning new information, if you want to keep on coming up with ideas for your next blog post. Information is power… .. let me rephrase that … the right information is power!

If you publish the right content on your blog, then you will attract the right people to it. This is why you need to do a lot of research and become an expert in your niche. Become an expert in your niche and the valuable content will just follow behind it.

Do you think I knew any internet marketing or blogging when I first got started online? …

I was a miserable construction worker before coming online. I left the construction industry back in late 2010. That’s when I jumped online.

I did not even know what a domain name was or what a ‘blog site’ was. All I knew is that there was websites online and some people were making money from them, that’s all!

Look at all of the valuable content you find on my internet marketing blog today. Do you think someone came to me and knocked all this knowledge into my big head? .. hell no!!!

I spent countless hours doing research after research on many different topics. When I first started online I was very passionate about Science and the Human Brain – so one of my very first blogs online was about Memory Improvement Tips.

I loved working on that blog site because I was passionate about that topic. And being passionate about it helped me get the will power to learn everything I can on that topic/niche.

Legendary Marketer by David Sharpe - Frequently Asked Questions

I didn’t get far with that blog because then I got very passionate about Blogging itself, SEO, and Internet Marketing (as you can tell lol), very fast! …..

And guess what I did, for me to become an expert in these internet marketing topics?! …

I did my research day and night, very consistently, I learned the right knowledge daily, and with time and experience I became an expert.

You want to do the same!!

4 – Know Your Target Audience

If you don’t know who you writing for, then how can you write? ..

Simple uh!

You gotta know your Audience, otherwise you will get frustrated when coming up with new content, and also with the conversion numbers of your content.

If no one is reading your blog posts and it seems like no matter how much you promote them, they just don’t get you any type of results – no passive traffic, no one sharing the content, and no one clicking or opting in to your list, then you are writing to NO ONE!

When you write to no one – then no one will care about it.

Think about it! …

This is why you need to do some research again, and find out exactly who your target audience is.

Who is going to love your content? ..

Who is going to benefit from your content? ..

Who is going to share your content online? ..

Learn about Targeting your Audience very well. This is where you will need a time to think and think hard … do some research on your niche market and the people in it …

…find out what problems they are having and what type of information they are looking for online!

What you need to do next is fulfill your Targeted Audience’s needs. Solve your audience’s problems and everything will go smoothly from there!

Once you learn WHO your target audience is, it will be a lot easier to come up with new blog posts and get more results with them.

5 – Get Very Creative!

How to Write the Best Blog Post Ever

If you want to stand out in the blogging world, you don’t only need to be yourself but also be very creative with the content you create!

I think the image says it all and I don’t have to say much for this last tip on how to write the best blog post ever!

An Epic Blog Post does not even have to be really long… it just needs to be AWESOME … over deliver in the value … be 100% genuine and stand out from the crowd with unique features.

Use a lot of videos and images in your posts. People also love entertainment and laughter – so give it to them while you deliver value! :D

Okay .. this is enough information for you to learn how to write the best blog post ever! …

Get out there and make it happen!

What do you think??!

If you have any more tips on how to write the best blog post ever, leave them in a comment below – don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinions as well! ..

See you next time! :)

Thanks for passing by and reading this!

Don’t forget to share the knowledge online! :D

I wish you the best success online!


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