Increase the Visit Duration Time with a Sticky Navigation Bar

When you are building a blog online, one of the things you should really work on is the average visit duration time from each visitor.  I’m going to share with you how a simple sticky navigation bar can help you increase the duration time.Increase the Visit Duration Time with a Sticky Navigation Bar As a new blogger online, you want to test things out with your blog’s design and navigation to make people stick around as long as possible.

People go through websites and blogs very fast when they are searching for information on the internet. They will only take their precious time on those websites and blogs that not only have what they are looking for but also are very easy to navigate.

The Navigation on your Blog is really important. You need to think a lot about your visitors and the experience you want them to have.

As a blogger and website owner, it is your job to work on these things. You always want to build one of the best informational blogs around for a specific niche.

Creating the most valuable blog posts online is very important, but working as much on the visitor experience should not be overlooked.

One good way of increasing the visit duration time of your blog is by creating a simple navigation design. The easier it is for people to go through the content on your blog, the longer they might stay on the blog.

This is where a simple Sticky Navigation Bar can come in handy!

By now, if you are still reading this, you should be able to see a sticky navigation bar/menu (if you are browsing on a computer) – that follows you all the way down.

That is a simple sticky menu for WordPress Blogs. I use it to help the visitor navigate with ease through the content on this blog.

I test things out, track clicks and stuff, you know the basic conversion stuff. And with a little bit of research in the niche, I organize the navigation on this blog in a way where the targeted visitor can find the solution they need very easily.

Now, I’m not saying that by installing a sticky navigation bar on your blog, it will automatically increase the visit duration time of your blog because it won’t. Unless you have a lot of very valuable content and you always publish very valuable content.

The valuable content really matters here and it is actually necessary if you want this simple sticky navigation bar strategy to work very well.

There is no point on having the best navigation system on your blog if the content is not good. Just be aware of that!

Valuable & Problem Solving Content + Simple&Easy Navigation on your Blog + Sticky Navigation Bar

This combination can have very good results and help you increase the visit duration time of your blog site. You just need to do it right.

A simple menu that sticks to the screen and is just there all the time while the visitor reads your blog post, can really make that visitor feel comfortable on your site.

If you think about it, the Facebook Page has a Sticky Navigation Bar. Just look around the internet and see what websites are using a sticky menu.

You are probably going to find many successful websites and blogs who use a sticky navigation bar and their navigation system is probable smooth too.

Now think about this, one way to learn here is by looking at those successful blogs and websites and analyzing closely their designs.

Understand that these successful websites actually spend a lot of money in their designs to have the best numbers in website data. Of course they want to please their visitors, make them feel comfortable on the page and increase clicks to certain links, etc. It’s an entire operation.

One way to learn how to build a successful blog online, which is just another website on the net, is by looking at other sites and watching how they do things.

Learn the simple concepts and then come up with your design for your blog. Step into the user experience and work a lot on making your blog a comfortable website to spend quality time on.

Please let me know in a comment below, how do you feel about the sticky menu you see on this blog? … do you think it can help a targeted visitor stay longer on this blog?..

I also want to make this very clear; getting targeted visitors to your blog is also important to make this cool navigation system really pay off. Remember, only the people who are looking for the solutions you have on your blog, are the ones who tend to stay the longest.

I hope you understand now why I recommend using a simple sticky navigation bar on your WordPress blog. If you use other blogging platform like, just search for a plugin or a way to do the same.

For your WP Blog you can use this amazing sticky navigation bar:

This is the same plugin I am using right now for this blog. You can change the colors and upload a logo image if you want.

The only thing this sticky navigation bar doesn’t allow is a Drop-down Menu. So don’t create a drop-down menu for the sticky navigation bar. Just keep the sticky menu simple!

The title of your blog will be the default logo of this sticky navigation bar. Creating a Logo Image for the Sticky Menu is optional. I personally use Photoshop to create my own logos and images.

Once you install this sticky navigation bar plugin you will need to Create a brand New WordPress Menu. Go to Appearance/Menus & create new menu – you can name it “Sticky Menu”.

Now get ready to customize the sticky menu. Go to Appearance/Customize to find the settings.

Increase the Visit Duration Time with a Sticky Navigation Bar Customize the sticky menu the way you want it. Try to match your blog’s design. Make sure the menu is simple and it takes the targeted visitors to things they would like to learn more about.

Make your main navigation on the header of your blog very easy to use and only with helpful links as well. As you can notice on this blog, the sticky menu is similar to the second header menu. You can do the same if you want.

It doesn’t really matter how build the navigation system on your blog but as long as you keep it simple and very valuable, you are good to go!

Learn about your audience and the people in your niche. Do all the research you need and collect all of the data you can, to help you understand the visitors to your blog a lot better.

Once you know what your audience is really looking for, then you can organize the links and the menus on your blog the best way possible. Just think about your blog as an online library for a specific topic.

Just build the best blog online for someone to solve their problems in a specific niche very easily!

This is a great way to increase the average visit duration time of your blog!

A simple sticky navigation bar on your WordPress blog can really make a big difference.

What do you think? ..

Leave your thoughts on a comment below…

Thank you for reading!

I wish you the best success online! 😀


-Freddy Gandarilla

“freedom blogger”

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  1. Sunday March 3, 2014 at 8:34 am - Reply

    Well, helpful I must agree. However, I want to say that providing very valuable content can still increase the visit duration of customers! I am going to test out the sticky navigation bar to see how effectively it helps to increase engagement!

    I found this post in – the content syndication and social bookmarking website for Internet marketers. Hence, I also left the above comment.

    Sunday – contributor

    • Freddy G. Cabrera
      Freddy G. Cabrera March 3, 2014 at 2:37 pm - Reply

      Hey Sunday! ..

      The quality of the content can always make a HUGE impact on the success of your blog online. The entire internet is based on information, so working hard to create the most valuable information for the internet users will be just one important key to the success of a blog online.

      Making it easy for the user to navigate through your content is just another part from the entire process of building a successful blog online. It all has to be done right together.

      Don’t forget to test different menus to see what people are clicking on the most. Your goal is to give the visitors on your niche an easier way to access the solutions they are looking for.

      Thanks for passing by and leaving a comment Sunday! ..

      I wish you the best!

      Cheers! 😀