Jonathan Leger’s Article Builder Review – What You Need to Know

Find what you need to know in this Article Builder Review and find out if this article writing service would be a good investment or not. There is a lot you need to know about this article builder Jonathan Leger’s Article Builder Review - What You Need to Knowand how it can be used to your advantage.

In this Article Builder Review I will talk about a little bit about my own experience with this article writing software.

There are lots of Article Writing Services Online and Article Builders as well but very few deliver what you really are looking for.

When it comes to article marketing, writing all of the articles yourself can be very very overwhelming and especially when you are a newbie online – would you agree?… ..

This is why I am writing this Article Builder Review from my own personal experiences with the service – so you can have the opportunity to decrease the amount of work you need to put into making your article marketing strategy successful.

Here are the questions this Article Builder Review will answer for you:

  • Who is behind

  • What type of article writing service is Article Builder and How does it work?

  • How much does it cost?

  • How can I use Article Builder to my advantage?

  • How can I use Article Builder for SEO?

  • Is Article Builder a Good Investment?

Who is behind

This article writing software was created by Jonathan Leger on 2007. Leger has been creating internet marketing tools and he seems to have found success with that. I would say the Article Builder Software is by far one of his best Tools to help the fellow internet marketer. Especially the SEO guys.

If you would like to know more about Jonathan Leger – feel free to Google about him of course. 😉

What type of article writing service is Article Builder and How does it work?

Article Builder has a large database of PLR article’s snippets their software uses to build Niche Articles on Demand. What Article Builder does is produce High Quality Articles built around the topics and keywords that you give it using Article Snippets from their huge content database. It is still different from the old-style Private Label Rights (PLR) articles, though.

The articles are still 100% Human Edited and they can also be spun into many different readable articles you can use online. Of course I always recommend to manually edit the articles yourself if you are going to use them for your main sites. You can use the other generated articles for the backlinks to your main site.

We could say Article Builder is an automatic content scrapper that works for you 24/7 – anytime, any day of the week. This is a Tremendous Powerful Tool for the Content/Article Marketer.

So the simple answer to the first question here is that Article Builder is an Online Marketing Tool that uses a built-in software, which is pretty much an Article Scrapper, Article Spinner used all together to bring you the best articles online. Sound simple enough to understand? ..

The way it works is simple and you should have a pretty good idea by now on how this article writing service work to bring you the articles you need for your content marketing needs. To be honest, you should spend more time trying to learn how you can use this Article Building Tool to get more traffic to your sites than trying to figure out how it exactly works. As long as it works, that’s all you need!

After all the main reason you are reading this is because you ultimately want to increase the traffic to your sites – right! … …

How much does it cost?

$297 per Year for Unlimited Articles on 67+ Niches.

A very low price for the amount of money you can make using this software the right way.

If you think the price is too expensive or simply “too much” then maybe you are not aware of the Power of Content/Article Marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) – because if you did then you would not be thinking that. If you use this Article Builder Tool the right way – you can most definitely make your money back and be in profits in just couple of weeks/days (depending on your production).

How can I use Article Builder to my advantage?

Article Builder can be used for Blogging, Autoblogs, Article Marketing, SEO and anything else that has to do with Content.

The best way to use this Article Builder Software would be with SEO to get more free organic traffic to your Blogs. This is my opinion of course and one of the reasons is that I love SEO and how it gets you free targeted traffic online. It is also because SEO is one of the best ways to get targeted traffic to your website for free.

If you want to get the best results using Article Builder then SEO + Blogging should be what you need to be working on as soon as you invest into this article writing tool. If you want to learn more about SEO and Blogging then I highly suggest you to follow this Blog and read the information it already has for you.

For a quick tip on how you can use Article Builder for Autoblogging – understand the following Info-Graphic:

Article Builder Review

How can I use Article Builder for SEO?

When it comes to SEO you already know what type of work and how much work it is to get the best results – with this in mind think about how you can use Article Builder to help you with the SEO Process. Article Builder allows you to get Articles on 60+ Niches Online – think about how powerful that is.

What I’m trying to say here is very simple; you can use Article Builder to create thousands of unique, valuable articles you can use to get backlinks to your Optimized Blog Posts on your main money blog site.

Personally I would not really use the articles from the Article Builder Software on my own money site unless I have manually edited and changed words around to make it look like an Article I would write with my own style.

Don’t get me wrong here, the articles you get from Article Builder are amazing and somewhat unique – but when it comes to your own main blog site, it is always better to write the content yourself because everyone has a different writing style and you want to connect with your followers through your words – right.

A generic article written by a software would be like a Robot talking to the readers that are supposed to think that article came directly from your mind – they will be able to tell the difference. Hope you get what I’m saying here.

You can use these generic articles for Autoblogs, though and also for sites where you only care about the amount of blog posts more than the readers.

When you have a main blog site where you care about the people following you and reading every blog post you publish – you will want to communicate with them through your own words and show them who you really are through your articles. You can’t do that if all you publish are generic articles created by a software on your main blog.

Use the Article Builder Software to help you come up with content for other sites you want to use to get backlinks to your optimized blog post. The best way to use this Article Builder tool when it comes to SEO – would be for a Tiered Backlinks Strategy.

As you already should know, you need backlinks if you want to rank fast in the search engines – and the way to do it is by publishing articles on other sites with a link back to your blog post.

If you want to learn more about SEO and how to use Article Builder to help you with it – follow this blog and learn as much as you can from here.

Is Article Builder a Good Investment?

In my honest opinion, YES. Article Builder is the best investment you can make right now if you are trying to increase the Traffic to your site. Especially if you are a SEO person or a blogger or autoblogger.

The best way to make it a good investment though is to KNOW How to use it the right way and make money with it – otherwise you would definitely think that it is not a good investment for yourself. Please note that in order for this to be a good investment for you, you will have to make it work and get results with it.

There are people making money with Article Builder and there are people that are not. There are people that will tell you good things about it and people that will tell you bad things about it.

Just know the reason why. It is most definitely NOT because Article Builder doesn’t deliver because it really delivers the best articles you can find online generated by a software.

The reason why someone would not be able to make money with this Article Builder Tool would be because they did not use it the right way. You need to understand this before you buy it.

You need to learn the right SEO + Blogging Process to get a good amount of traffic to your sites so you can then make your money back and more. Makes sense!? …

This Article Builder Review would not be complete without a Video – would it? …

>>Click Here to Find Out More about Article Builder!<<

Was this Article Builder Review enough for you?…

…to take action today and get yourself a membership before it’s too late!

I really hope this Article Builder Review can help you make a decision to whether this is the Tool you have been looking for to outsource a lot of work or not. You do know how many articles you will have to manually write yourself in order to get good results online with your blogging and SEO projects – right!? …

So why not give this a try and with the right information you can earn thousands of dollars in the next couple of months – just learn and learn and learn the right knowledge so you can get the right results you are really looking for!

Jonathan Leger’s Article Builder Review

I wish you the best success ever!




– Freddy Gandarilla
“The Blogging Alien”

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