Larry Page: Where’s Google going next?

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This an interesting interview by Charlie Rose on Google CEO Larry Page and his Vision for the company. This took place Onstage at TED2014.

Google as you know, is one of the most popular search engines online. is part and history of the internet today. As the search engines evolved online, Google has managed to over deliver to the internet user.

They really care about the internet user and we could also say they do care about changing the entire world.

Because Google and the people behind it, really cares about helping others find the right information online, is the reason why is very powerful today.

As Larry Page said something like; “Google is not done yet, as a matter fact it’s just the beginning!” …and even though they have been around 15 years already … technology will never stop evolving for them.

The more progress they make, the greater things they are able to accomplish.

This is a very interesting video I highly recommend you to watch. I like SEO and working with Search Engines – so I spend some of my time online learning about search engines and how they work.

Knowing this information can really help you and inspire you to build the best blog you can build in your niche.

The world is constantly changing because of the amazing things and new information people are sharing and you can be part of that if you really wanted to.

You can change the world! .. but it all starts within you…

Information is Power and having a lot of Power is not necessarily something bad…unless that power is used in a bad way.

Here is an interesting video where Steve Jobs talks about “Information” ….

Everything surrounding you is made up of information, some type of information. It is about time you realize this entire world and life runs on information and without it, we are nothing.

Once you realize how much power information has and how it influences everything in your life… this is when you can become successful in anything you do. Especially if you are building a blog online.

A blog is basically a source of information and the more valuable information the blog has, the more success it will have amongst the internet users.

I highly recommend you to learn new information every week if you are building a blog online. You always got to learn new knowledge to blog about …right!? …

Becoming an expert in your niche, will be the best thing you can do for your blog.

What do you think? …

What are your thoughts on this topic and everything talked about on this post? … leave your comments and opinions below.. 😀

I just wanted to share this video and a little bit of my own input with you. I hope this information is valuable to you and you really understand what I’m saying to you here.

Please share this knowledge and this video online! 🙂


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