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LEARN 24 Techniques for Closing the Sale!!Have you ever had a very hard time closing a sale online or offline?! …. when you do not know the right knowledge, it can get really frustrating, right!

Well today you are going to learn 24 techniques for closing the sale!

These are simple closing techniques you can learn and start implementing right away.

When it comes to building a team in network marketing, learning the right closing techniques will definitely make a big difference in your success.

One of the best guys to teach you these  simple 24 techniques for closing the sale is Brian Tracy.

If you don’t know who Brian Tracy is….. here something that will help :)

Brian TracyBrian Tracy

Entrepreneur Brian Tracy is a Canadian entrepreneur, public speaker, author and personal and professional development trainer.

Born: January 5, 1944, Vancouver, Canada

Nationality: Canadian

Education: University of Alberta

Movies: Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires

This guy has done it, he has accomplished massive success in his life. He definitely qualifies as a successful to learn from.

Today you are going to learn some very effective sales closing techniques!

Grab some popcorn, some water, get comfortable, and get ready to learn some powerful knowledge in the following video.

24 Techniques for Closing the Sale by Brian Tracy


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After today, there is no way you cannot close a sale!! ;)

Here are a few tips to consider when selling……

1 – Don’t Try to Sell Meat to a Vegetarian!

That line says it all!…

If you want these techniques for closing the sale to work very well for you, then you must also use them on the right type of people.

Target your Audience!

If you don’t target the people who you are trying to sell a service or product to – then these closing techniques might not do you any good. You are bound to waste a lot of your precious time trying to close people.

This is why it is very important that you target your audience and use these techniques on the right type of people for your products and services.

2 – The Best Results Will Come After a Lot of Experience!

This is a no-brainer.

In order to get very good at something, and eventually get great results with it, you will need to put in the work and gain the experience.

There is no better teacher than taking action and just doing it. Learn from your mistakes and just keep on improving.

Practice makes perfect, or at least close to it. The more you implement all this knowledge, the more you will be able to master the skills of closing sales. Gain experiences, use the experiences to improve your closing techniques, and become better and better each day.

3 – Never Give Up!

No matter how many NOs you get when trying to sell – the No’s do not matter!

Of course you are looking for a YES!

But in order to get to a YES – you will need to go through all the NOs!

You will not be able to get to that one person who will buy from you, if you do not go through all the people who will not buy from you.

I hope this makes sense! LOL

You know what I mean right! …. :D

One of the very important keys to success in selling and making a lot of money doing it, is Consistency.

A lot of consistency and experience!

And if you don’t want to get rejected so much, then maybe you need to work a lot more on targeting the right people.

When you are getting too many NOs, then that means you are trying to sell to the wrong people!

Alright, this is enough information for you to get out there, get some targeted traffic, and close sales like crazy! :)

What do you think?! ….

Do you have any more ‘techniques to close a sale’ you would like to share? … leave your opinions and thoughts below! …

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