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Are you new to social media marketing online? … would you like to learn how to become a social media rockstar?

Just imagine yourself being a Social Media Rockstar and hundreds (and thousands) of people follow you, cheer for you, engage with you, visit your websites, join your business opportunities, etc …. ;)

Learn How to Become a Social Media Rockstar by Implementing 5 Powerful Tips!

That is what Social Media Marketing can really do for you.

I’m going tell you right away – what the main key to becoming a social media rockstar is ….

….. are you ready?!! …

Build Up Your Network & Following!

In hipster words ….build up your Fan base! :D LOL

The bigger you can build up your social media accounts network and following, the better. This is really what you aim for when implementing a new social media marketing strategy, right?

But, of course, there is more to the whole social media marketing puzzle than just building up the numbers here. Don’t worry; I’m going to elaborate more on this today.

I want to share 5 simple, yet very powerful, social media marketing tips with you today.

But before we get to these 5 social media marketing tips, to help you become a social media rockstar, let’s take a quick look at some of the recent statistics.

Social Media Statistics 2016

Learn How to Become a Social Media Rockstar by Implementing 5 Powerful Tips!

1 – According to Statistica, the number of global social media users is expected to reach 2.5 billion in 2018.

2 – According to Pew Research Center, 90% of adults age 18 to 29 use social media.

3 – The following apps are ranked as percentages as it relates to level of “importance” to teen and young adult users. (Mary Meeker)

Hold on there!
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Instagram (39%)

Twitter (24%)

Facebook (14%)

Snapchat (13%)

Tumbler (4%)

4 – The average user of social media typically manages five social media accounts, according to Link Humans.

5 – Also according to Link Humans, social media is a widely used outlet for developing countries when it comes to obtaining information and news regarding surrounding countries.

6 – The following are the top social media platforms that companies plan on investing more advertising into in 2016, shown as percentages: (Media Post)

Instagram (72%)

Facebook (61%)

Pinterest (41%)

Snapchat (36%)

Amazon (34%)

7 – According to We Are Social Media, 71% of women are active on social media, compared to 62% of men.

8 – 189 million of Facebook’s users are mobile only users. (We Are Social Media)

9 – Every second, two new users join LinkedIn. (We Are Social Media)

10 – Of small business owners that use social media, 92% of them believe that social media marketing is important for their business. (Business2Community)

The numbers shown above can be shocking for people just getting started with internet marketing. And they should be shocked!

It would be insane for a new internet marketer to NOT learn more about Social Media Marketing – and how to benefit from it.

I can already imagine ….

…. online social networks taking over the entire world!

But, of course, the ones without a good internet connection would be left out, right. And that still covers a big part of our world (places where communities don’t have any internet access).

But, Mark Zuckerberg is already trying to help out with that, with his Organization.

The entire world is becoming a giant social network!

It is already happening.

Facebook alone has nearly 2 billion users, so far.

And these numbers are only going up.

Are you taking Social Media Marketing very seriously?

If not, you should start!

If you don’t start with your own social media marketing strategy, after reading this post, I don’t know what is wrong with you my friend.

You would be missing out on a lot of free traffic, leads, and sales online – if you do not care to implement your own Social Media Marketing Strategy.

It is not hard to build up your social networks. You just have to learn exactly what you need to be doing, put together your own game-plan to follow, and take massive consistent action!

Here is some great advice and an awesome infographic from my friend Matt Banner (from

How to Optimize Your Social Media Posts (Infographic)

I read a statistic today that shocked me. Out of the 7.2 billion people on Planet Earth, over 2.1 billion of them have a social media account.

If that’s not enough to make your inner marketer salivate at the idea of marketing on social media, I don’t know what will.

Of course, there’s a massive amount of content shared daily.

How do we cut through the noise?

The answer, my friends, is by optimizing our posts.

Legendary Marketer by David Sharpe - Frequently Asked Questions

Today, I’ll show you what that means and how to do it with an infographic that gives you the tools to maximize your social media efforts.

What Does it Mean to Optimize Social Media?

Social media is full of tools that we can use to maximize our income, but to reach this point we need to understand the ins and outs of today’s platforms.

Much like we optimize our content, we need to also optimize our posts.

In order to have content your audience wants to read, make sure you also learn how to make a blogging resource that you can pull this content from.

What exactly does this mean, I hear you asking.

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Create amazing visuals that capture the eye
  • Make your posts easy to read and understand
  • Add social sharing tools to your website
  • Appeal to your specific audience and their interests/needs

It’s all about what you post and when you post it.

The best (and only) way to cut through the noise is to post content that is engaging. It must be content they want to read and see.

Learn the Secrets of Social Media (Infographic)

Check out the infographic below to learn more about optimizing your social media posts. Let us know how it helped you in the comments below!

How to Optimize Your Social Media Posts (Infographic)

You are already learning a lot of valuable information to help you become a social media rockstar!

And you are about to learn more.

Let’s get to these 5 powerful tips to help you become one of the best social media rockstars online!

Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

It is very important that you take the time to optimize your social media profiles for marketing purposes – because that is your ultimate goal, right?

You are here because you want to Market on the social networks.

So, with that in mind, here are tips you should follow:

  • First of all, use your real name. Using a fake name from the start is a big mistake.
  • Share legit pictures of yourself. Show your face!
  • Have a CTA (call to action) in the description of all of the pictures and videos you share.
  • You can also get creative and place a watermark with your website on top of your pictures.
  • Make sure you take the time to complete your entire Profile (about, interests, hobbies, location, etc).
  • Build a Genuine Profile!

These are the simple things you should do when creating a new social media account. Of course, what you can or can’t do will depend on the type of social network.

For instance; Pinterest is a bit of a different type of social network – you don’t have a Profile Pictures Album like you do on Facebook – you can only share Pins – so the approach here would be slightly different, right.

The bottom line is; even though you are creating a genuine social media profile, make sure you do not forget that you are also an online marketer.

But, I’m going to say this one more time; it is very important that you make sure your social media accounts are legit – as I mentioned above; you should use your real name, share real pics of yourself, complete your entire profile, etc.

I have seen many social network profiles that just look very spammy. And that is because the person did not take the time to really care for their profile.

It almost seems like they created their account, and then went straight to telling people about their products and services.

How far do you think a person like this can get with social media marketing?

Maybe you can relate here.

Let me know in a comment below!

I would love to hear from you.

Another important tip that I will give you; is to only have one social media account in every platform.

Create just one account on each social network.

Don’t become the spammer you always talk bad about!

Just saying! …

Social Media Posts & Your Network

Now that you are on a few social networks, it is time to start sharing content and build relationships.

Start posting valuable content with the people joining your network. But, most importantly, start building a good relationship with the people in your network (and those who follow you).

It is important that you lead with value and that you do not over-pitch in your posts.

I’m not saying that you should never tell people more about your websites, products, and services.

What I am saying is that there is a right (and wrong) time to do all that.

Your Social Media Posts need to be a mix of many things. Valuable information, inspirational messages, updates from your life, questions, opinions, rants, pictures, videos, etc.

Be a genuine person, and never be afraid to show who you really are to your audience – just never forget that you are also a marketer online.

One thing that you could do is have a CTA (call to action) on every post you make. You can experiment with this.

But, I would personally mix it up with my call to actions. For instance, I would only have a call to action on my valuable posts and inspirational messages.

Show people that you are not only on social media to promote, but also to genuinely connect and be social.

It can make a big difference with you social media strategies if you keep it real with everyone and with yourself.

You should also take some time to test different things out, and learn what would work best for you and your type of audience. It all really comes down to testing and finding out what works best for YOU and YOUR Audience.

Grow Your Network and Following

This is one of the most important keys to a successful social media marketing strategy!

I mentioned this at the beginning of this post.

You know what they say; “your Network equals your Net-Worth”

This is so true.

The bigger your social media network and following is, the more you would be able to benefit from it.

But, of course, you have to be able to put it all together in the right way, in order to benefit as much as possible here.

The best way to build up your social media network and following is to BE SOCIAL.

That is the simplest tip I have learned to build up my Facebook following and my Pinterest following to the thousands.

Learn How to Become a Social Media Rockstar by Implementing 5 Powerful Tips!

Learn How to Become a Social Media Rockstar by Implementing 5 Powerful Tips!

I was just VERY SOCIAL.

This means; I was all over the place in these social networks.

Doing this very consistently, will help you put your name out there.

And, that can result in a lot of people following you and adding you as a friend and wanting to connect with you.

I mean, isn’t obvious?

That, if you really want to build up your social media accounts, you just need to be all over the place and be as social as possible!


They are SOCIAL Networks, after all. Right?!

  • You can watch my Facebook Marketing Tips video training here – if you want to learn more about building up your facebook following and network.

This is the same thing that I have done for my Pinterest account. If you didn’t know, Pinterest is a great social network to get traffic from, for free.

Right now, I have about 1.4k followers on Pinterest. All I have done is what I am telling you here – BE SOCIAL.

I pin other people’s images frequently. I leave comments. I like images. I follow people who might be interested in my niche, etc. And things like that.

Becoming a social media rockstar is not rocket science!

Become the Expert

This is another important part to becoming a social media rockstar.

By becoming an expert in your Niche – you will be able to build up your social media accounts even faster.

The reason is simple; Attraction Marketing.

When people notice that you are an expert in your field (in your niche) they will want to follow you.

I mean, just think about it dude ….

…. how many experts in your niche are you following on the social networks?

Probably a bunch!

Did you know you can become an expert in your niche, as well?

All it really takes is a dedication to study, invest in your own education, and be resourceful to learn as much as possible.

Take me for an example; I am a high school dropout, former construction worker, I have been able to make good money online, and I am here running this valuable internet marketing blog.

I also coach people who want to succeed online. And do you think I went to college and got a degree for internet marketing and blogging?

Heck no!

I am a self-made man … man!

You can do anything you want in life. I’m telling you from experiences my friend.

It does not matter where you come from – what matters is where you are going.

  • You can learn a bit more about my story here.

If you really want to benefit from the social media marketing strategies you implement, it is important that you become ‘the person to go to’ in your niche. You get what I mean?

It would take you some time and experience to become an expert in your niche, but the amount of time it can take really depends on how fast you want to succeed here.

So, I would highly suggest you to get started NOW – if you haven’t already.

Become a person of great value, and things will become a lot easier for you online.

This is simple Attraction Marketing 101. You can watch my video training on this here.

Lead with Value with Your Own Blog

This is the last tip I’m going to give you.

If you plan on becoming very successful with social media marketing and you want to become an awesome social media rockstar – building your own blog online will help tremendously.

Your own blog online can also help you build your social media accounts – fast.

It is a win-win situation for your blog and your social networks – and all the people in between.

Just think about this for a moment ….

You share a lot of valuable information on your blog, you build up the traffic to your blog, and people who love your blog find you on social networks and follow you.

Now, people who find you through social networks (and don’t know about your blog), check out your profiles, end up on your blog, fall in love with the value you are sharing there, and start following your blog AND your social media profiles.

Makes sense?

I think building your own blog (in your niche) along with an effective social media marketing strategy can really help you get massive results online.

It can help you A LOT with Branding.

Running your own blog online will help you a lot with Authority, as well.

And you know what, there aren’t too many who take this Blogging and Social Media Marketing Combination very seriously, so there is a lot of room for you to get on this and become one of the best social media rockstar of all times!

You need to recognize the true power of combining blogging and social media marketing.

  • Learn how to build your own WordPress Blog Step by Step here

You can become an Authority in your Niche with just your own blog and a few social media accounts.

That is how I’m building my own online empire my friend!

And, it works very well, I must add. If you do everything the right way and with a lot of consistency, that is.

What do you think?

Are you building your own blog and also building up your social media accounts?

Got any extra tips you would like to add here? …leave them in a comment below!

This is enough information for you to now take massive consistent action in your social media accounts, build your own blog, and start building your own online business!

Bookmark this internet marketing blog and subscribe to the newsletters to receive the best tips and tricks to help you build a successful business online.

I hope you have learned a lot today, and that you take massive consistent action with everything.

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Thank you for coming by!

You’re awesome!

Talk to you on my next cool blog post.

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Learn How to Become a Social Media Rockstar by Implementing 5 Powerful Tips! by

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