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Do you think it would be possible for a foreign kid in the US, a high school dropout, to teach himself how to program websites, how to design them and build them and make a living doing that?

You will probably say Yes!

I know.

That is very possible in today’s world!

Of course!

This is my current situation.

I love building seamless websites and helping people expand their business ideas. I also taught myself a lot of internet marketing and these skills have been helping me get new customers every month.

I also do make some extra money from affiliate marketing – thanks to the traffic coming to my blog here and the email list I’m building.

Thinking about my email list ….. I have not been taking good care of it!

But that can easily change.

If you are on my email list, I would like to thank you for being a loyal subscriber and thank you for staying with me even when I send crazy emails … sometimes! ๐Ÿ˜€

I appreciate you.

(and if you are not a subscriber yet and would like to be … click here and subscribe!)

The audience of this internet marketing blog is growing steadily. Even when I’m not blogging or working on anything for this blog, I still get new subscribers weekly.

That is the power of a blog and the internet!

If you are looking to build a steady traffic flow, an email list, or an income stream online, running your own blog will definitely make all of the difference.

It really helps, in the long run, to build a steady traffic flow that will work for you 24/7.

Think about a blog site as an asset. A virtual asset if you will.It can get traffic on autopilot, and that traffic can convert into subscribers, and some of these subscribers can turn into buyers/customers!

It can get traffic on autopilot, and some of that traffic can convert into subscribers, and some of these subscribers can turn into buyers/customers!

Think about that!

You could be the one running such blog site.

It’s only a matter of learning how everything works, and how you can use a blog site to help you build or/and expand your business ideas.

The most important thing is for you to educate yourself and get to work right away.

Learn and work. Learn and work. Learn and work.

Find a good balance between the two and you will do great.

Don’t forget to be as consistent as possible as well!

Learning, taking action, and growing is also a natural cycle of life. We go through it whether we are aware of it or not.

I have been learning and working in this niche (internet marketing/make money online) for years now and it is still the same process today … I always can learn something new, implement the new information and pass along the lessons learned with that information.

You are always learning new things in life and going through new experiences and days.

And if you are a very creative, active, and passionate person, you definitely have a lot share with the world!

You just need a good way of channeling yourself and your passions to the world and most importantly to the people who want to hear from you.

There are so many people who want to hear from you!

Believe that!

If you want to become a successful blogger you need to start believing in this!

I’m telling you!

Alright, I want to give you a quick update of my life ….

Recently, my entire life has changed, dramatically!

Ever since I made the craziest decision of my life, last summer (2016), I have been reborn and a lot of my dreams in life are coming true!

You see, I was a very depressed, miserable, overweight guy, for about 3 years. But I’d like to believe I have been very depressed my entire life … up to last year.

It’s not a very good life when you live it depressed and with issues.

So, I wanted to make a drastic change in my life, and I had to make drastic decisions. I decided to get out of the room I was renting, and just leave without any plans and much money saved. Everything unfolded in an interesting way from there.

So last summer, in 2016, I was about 70 pounds overweight. Today, I’m super healthy and have a nice body. I’m still working on it, of course, but I’m about 70 pounds lighter and it feels amazing!

I also have a new hobby and a new business venture with Art!

The art of abstract painting came to me one evening I was hanging out at a Unitarian Church near Fairfax, VA.

I have been painting and organizing art shows ever since. I’m still a new artist, so I’m still learning and I’m still getting ready for my very first art showcase on May 20, 2017.

I will share pictures of the art events and some of my art with you as my new journey as a new artist begins. So stay tuned and subscribe for blog updates!

There is a lot going on in me life this year. I’m excited and nervous as well. It is normal to feel like that … I think.

Oh! .. and I also met the girl of my dreams!

A lot of amazing things are happening to me this year and I’m a guy who didn’t have much for himself a few years ago. I grew up poor and never thought I would be able to build my dreams in my life.

This year I’m starting to live my dreams and I want to share my journey with you so you can get inspired and you can learn from my experiences and maybe even from my mistakes.

I also want to teach you how to become your own boss and build your own business and your own income streams online.

The blueprint to make money online is not complicated to learn and comprehend. Anybody can learn the HOW.

The key to building a successful income stream online is in the CONSISTENT ACTION.

And of course, it does take a long time to build a nice income stream online.

But how long it takes you depends on how much consistent action you put in and how fast you do all of the necessary work.

It will all come down to how bad you want to succeed.

Because all of the knowledge and education will always be available to you and anyone who is looking for it.

You will learn a lot on this internet marketing blog alone!

So …. this is my life at the moment …..

I make a living from web design, affiliate marketing, and art. And now I have new goals to accomplish for this blog so I will be increasing my numbers here.

That means I will be able to live a better life thanks to all of the goals that I will be accomplishing online. And I want to share with you how I do it.

You really want to stay tuned!

I will be blogging more often and I will be emailing you with valuable information so add my email to your contacts once you subscribe here.

Thank you for reading and making it all the way here!

I know I can be boring sometimes.

This is all I wanted to share with you today. I hope you got something valuable from this.

I would love to hear from you. Share how 2017 has been for you so far in comment below!

And please share this if you got some inspiration from it!

Shit!ย  .. share this blog post if you got something positive from it!

It can do the same for someone else … you never know!

I’ll talk to you soon.





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