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Perpetual Income 365 Fake or Real? Is Perpetual Income 365 Legit?

What is Perpetual Income 365?

Perpetual Income 365 is an affiliate marketing program that teaches you how to promote the program to earn commissions for every successful referral.

Unlike other affiliate marketing programs, perpetual income 365 provides you with landing pages and email templates specifically designed to convert potential customers into paying program members.

Using paid advertising (solo ads), you drive traffic to these landing pages to generate leads and referrals.

With various upsells within the program, each successful referral can potentially earn you a considerable amount of money, with an average conversion value of $310.91 per referral on the ClickBank marketplace.

Essentially, PI365 transforms you into a commission-based salesperson for the program, and the more referrals you generate, the more money you can earn.

Who is Perpetual Income 365 targeting?

Perpetual Income 365 targets individuals who are new to online business.

The program’s marketing materials suggest that anyone can use it to generate a full-time income from home, even without technical expertise or in any economic environment.

They claim that 95% of the work is already done for you and that only minimal effort is required.

However, while the program is marketed as an easy and effortless way to make money online, it is not a dependable method of generating income, remember the disclaimer with ANY affiliate marketing program; results are not typical and not guaranteed, and will depend on your work ethic.

If you are new to online business or have a limited budget, I would advise you to exercise caution when considering Perpetual Income 365.

Perpetual Income 365

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Does Perpetual Income 365 have a good reputation?

Perpetual Income 365’s reputation is not great due to the misleading marketing tactics used to promote the program.

The program’s sales page mentions a “secret algorithm” called MCCA, which is essentially a common marketing tactic where an introductory product is offered at a low price to increase the chances of buying more later.

PI365 claims that big corporations like Netflix, Microsoft, and Apple use MCCA, but this is misleading.

The program also employs fake scarcity by claiming limited spots available and one-time offers.

However, Shawn Josiah, the creator of PI365, is a successful affiliate marketer with three consecutive ClickBank platinum awards, which are given to those who have made over $250,000 in gross sales on ClickBank in a year.

It is safe to say that although there are a few concerns here – we might be able to trust the creator of perpetual income 365 as an experienced affiliate marketer that knows what he is doing.

Are people getting results with Perpetual Income 365?

After conducting extensive research on Perpetual Income 365, including analyzing earnings screenshots, student testimonials, and the private Facebook group, it seems that some students are achieving positive results.

For instance, Ali, a student who joined the program a few months ago, earned over $2000 in a single month.

However, it’s worth noting that Ali purchased all the upsells for PI365 and spent as much as she could afford on traffic, which suggests that her revenue may not have covered her expenses.

Another student named Rich earned $136 in commissions, but he had to spend $626 on the 14-day trial of PI365, Email ATM upsell, and 800 clicks via Udimi, resulting in a net loss of $490.

Overall, while some students have reported positive outcomes, many have incurred significant costs without generating significant profits.

The key point to take out of these results is that the program actually works, but you have to be very smart with your budget and investments.

It is possible that students like Ali and Rich may eventually earn significant profits as they continue to develop and refine their systems.

However, it’s noteworthy that the testimonials and success stories seen so far only show earnings from recently joined students.

One possible explanation for this is that generating revenue with Perpetual Income 365 might be relatively easy, but achieving consistent profits is challenging, leading many students to abandon the system.

Despite the program’s popularity, with over 6,800 members in the private Facebook group, there is little evidence of consistent profits among its users.

Considering this, one would expect to find more compelling success stories and testimonials.

But for the record, this is merely a speculation and not a fact.

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How much is Perpetual Income 365?

Perpetual Income 365 offers a two-week trial for $9, which leads to two options for continued access: $47 per month or $297 for lifetime access.

After signing up for the trial, users will be presented with three upsells: 5 Clicks Profit Activator for $197, Email ATM for $297, and Perpetual Asset Multiplier for $127.

While Perpetual Income 365 provides landing pages, users will still need to sign up for mailing list software, with integration available for GetResponse at an additional cost of $15 per month.

Fortunately, GetResponse offers a free account to get you started.

Despite the benefit of free landing pages, the additional costs and upsells associated with Perpetual Income 365 may add up quickly for users, keep that in mind before buying the program.

Finally, it’s worth noting that in addition to the initial cost of joining Perpetual Income 365, you will also need to pay for traffic to drive visitors to your landing pages.

While Shawn provides a brief video on generating free traffic through direct messaging people on Facebook, he strongly recommends paid traffic as a better option.

Specifically, he recommends buying traffic from services such as Udimi and Traffic For Me, which typically charge at least $0.40 per click, or $40 for every 100 clicks.

Assuming you purchase 100 premium clicks each month, your minimum expenses for one year of using PI365 would come to at least $951.

Legendary Marketer by David Sharpe - Frequently Asked Questions

This figure includes the $306 for PI365 membership, $165 or more for an autoresponder with a list of 1,000 or fewer subscribers, and $480 for traffic.

This estimate assumes you don’t opt for any of the upsells and spend only the bare minimum on traffic.

Perpetual Income 365

I’m giving you the information and simple calculation, you make your own decision from here.

What’s the refund policy for Perpetual Income 365?

Perpetual Income 365 comes with ClickBank’s 60-day money-back guarantee, which means you can request a refund within 60 days of purchase.

To initiate the refund process, you need to find the email receipt you received when you signed up, which contains a link to a page where you can request a refund.

Click on “Get Support” and select “More Options” to request an order cancellation or refund.

You need to know that you won’t receive a refund for the autoresponder software or paid traffic, as those are purchased through different companies.

There have been very few complaints about getting a refund, and those who went through ClickBank to request it didn’t have any issues.

How is Perpetual Income 365 structured?

The Perpetual Income 365 program is mainly focused on showing you how to set up and promote the Perpetual Income 365 system itself.

The program is not structured to teach you much about affiliate marketing or how to build your own unique business.

The program includes some bonuses such as PLR ebooks, and also gives you access to the private member community on Facebook, which has over 6,000+ members.

The program’s training mainly covers setting up the system and driving traffic to it.

Final thoughts.

Pros of Perpetual Income 365 include a 60-day money-back guarantee, a low initial cost, and landing pages provided.

However, there are also several red flags to consider, including the uncertainty of whether students are consistently earning profits, an MLM-like structure, numerous upsells, undisclosed total cost, questionable marketing tactics, minimal training on promoting anything other than PI365, and buggy software.

If you have the budget to give this program a try – I would say go for it.

I would not spend my rent money on this program.

Perpetual Income 365

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