Powerful Leadership Online Can Take You to Massive Success!

Powerful Leadership Online Can Take You to Massive Success!

It was late 2010 …..

I was really tired of working in construction every single day, having to wake up at 5:30am every morning.

I worked in the construction industry for 3 – 4 years, and I was getting really fed up with it!

So I decided to learn how to make money online. I didn’t care what it took, I just knew it could be done and that I wanted to do it too.

Guess who the people I started following online were ….


I wanted to learn how to make money online, and I wanted to become very successful at it.

So, I automatically and naturally started looking for those who have already done it. I started looking for those successful leaders in the industry, so I can learn from them and model after them.

And I bet this is exactly what you started doing when you got online. You looked for those successful leaders in your niche and started following them to learn from them.

And guess what ….

You are probably more likely to work with those successful leaders.

Isn’t that right?

Now ….

Let’s flip the scenario here ….

If you want people to want to work with you and join your team online, you have to become that one leader. You have to be in the right position to help people get results online.

Just think about it ….

When people see that you got powerful leadership to solve all of their problems, they will be a lot more interested in working with you. If you lack in leadership skills, then people might not take you very seriously.

You have to exhibit powerful leadership in your niche online. This is the best way to start getting good results in this industry!

How can you become a powerful leader online??

You can implement a simple concept I call the ‘L.D.T. Rule’. You can read more about it here.

Learn >> Do >> Teach

Who is a powerful leader to you? …

  • The answer would be someone who is an expert in certain topics and areas in the industry.

Of course, being a leader is about leading and knowing how to take people to a certain goal. But in this industry (online), you also need to become an expert in your niche, that alone will show that you are a good leader to follow.

In order to lead the right way, you need to have the right knowledge. You need to learn how to solve people’s problems, in order for them to want to follow you and want to work with you.

How would you expect to solve people’s problems if you do not know how to?!

This is why it is very important that you take the time to learn the right knowledge. Invest in your education as much as possible. Put yourself in that position to lead others to success.

> Position

You need to make sure you are in position to help others and solve their problems.

Just like you pay a mechanic to change the oil of your car, because he is in position to do that job for you. Do you know how easy it actually is to change the oil of your car??…

But you don’t do it yourself, simply because you do not know how to do it. You pay the mechanic guy cuz he’s got that knowledge and experience.

It is the same concept online – you need to be in position to help others and get paid for it.

Position yourself as a strong and knowledgeable leader in your industry.

Your position alone will help you get massive success online, if you know how to use those skills very well, of course.

Here are the qualities of great leadership ….

Powerful Leadership Online Can Take You to Massive Success!

If you understand everything that I’m talking about in this post very well, and you take massive action with it, then you can be very well on your path to massive success online.

Becoming a powerful leader and acquiring powerful leadership skills is not a challenge, it’s not a hard thing to accomplish. You just gotta do it!

What do you think?? 

If you have any more leadership tips, please share them in a comment below! 🙂

I hope this information is valuable – and that you learn how powerful it can be if applied the right way!

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Thanks for passing by and reading this!

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I wish you the best success!

Love&Harmony! …

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  1. metz September 26, 2014 at 1:47 am - Reply


    That’s the system on how to be a leader, but if you’ll do that with passion, plus the list of qualifications that are needed, then you’ll be a good leader that has a powerful leadership.

    “You need to make sure you are in position to help others and solve their problems.” is a great take away to keep in mind.

    Every successful leader went through several hardships, trials and test to prove their knowledge, skills and passion. With that, it helped them become a thought leader and became successful.

    • Freddy G. Cabrera
      Freddy G. Cabrera September 26, 2014 at 4:10 pm - Reply

      Hey Metz!

      Thanks for coming by and leaving an awesome comment!

      the L.D.T. Rule!! LOL 🙂

      It really works!

      I’m glad this information is very valuable!

      I wish you the best of the best!

      Cheers! 😀

  2. Katja October 1, 2014 at 5:31 pm - Reply

    I think that often times the people who had to struggle the hardest make the best teachers, because they had to work so hard to learn each particular thing that the step-by-step method to do something is ingrained in them. I’ve noticed that a lot of times, if someone is especially gifted at doing something, they have a very hard time explaining how to do it to someone else because it is so intuitive.
    Sure, some leaders are very charismatic and they can charm the socks off of people and get them to join their team, but once in, they will have a hard time keeping most of those people unless they also happen to be a strong teacher. If they can’t help their team develop and progress, they soon won’t have a team.
    That, I think, should give hope to those newbies out there in this industry, because really, we all start out on a level playing field, and those who apply themselves to not only learning the methods and strategies for success, but also learning how to convey those methods and strategies to others in an understandable way, will find themselves in a very powerful position. It all boils down to who is willing to do the necessary work.


    • Freddy G. Cabrera
      Freddy G. Cabrera October 2, 2014 at 6:56 am - Reply

      Hey Katja!

      I totally agree with you here!

      Thanks for passing by and leaving a great comment! 🙂

      I wish you the best!

      Cheers! 😀

  3. Afzol December 19, 2014 at 3:48 pm - Reply

    Very interesting post, I like it and thank you

    • Freddy G. Cabrera
      Freddy G. Cabrera December 19, 2014 at 3:56 pm - Reply

      hey Afzol!! .. thanks for passing by and leaving a comment!

      I am glad you like this blog post!

      I wish you the best of the best!

      Keep up the great work my friend!

      Cheers! 😀