Reasons for Why you Should not Delete Negative Comments and Reviews

Reviews are a vital part of the creation or the destruction of a brand, where the role played by the brand owner matters a lot.

Every brand attracts both negative and positive reviews because at the end of the day, everyone encountered can’t be pleased, while you must remove negative comments in a natural manner and not forcibly.

If handled properly, a frustrated customer can be transformed into a loyal one in a simple manner, while ignoring or deleting the negative feedback can lead to a huge war against your brand.

There are a plenty of reasons that are enough to prevent you from deleting a negative comment or feedback provided by your client as discussed below.

Prevent conversation from being spread out

For a customer, who posted a negative review against your brand over the internet, you should consider it and provide a cheesy resolution.

If you delete the feedback or review, the customer might get angry and take the issue to a higher level, causing a greater trouble for you.

Different options that the customer might choose from include nastier review, a tweet or blog or others relieve his anger.

However, you can avoid all this mess by simply responding in a helping manner and trying to console the angry customer with a resolution.

Change the Conversation

Having a negative review from a customer is a great chance to make a good conversation on the page.

A negative comment doesn’t mean that the customer will not provide any business in the future, rather he/she needs a resolution to get a better service.

So, in spite of deleting or removing the negative comment, simply communicate with the customer and change his/her experience with your business by offering something better.

Chance to Display your Customer Service

Customer service is necessary to gain their loyalty, even if you are a small business or a large group.

Responding to an angry customer in a polite and a helping manner will not only please your customer to provide you a repeat business, while other customers present on the page will also get impressed.

More the number of happy customers, more prospects are attracted, improving the reputation and revenue of your business.

No negative review is considered spam

There is no business in the world with 100% positive reviews, where someone with such a profile will be considered to be a fake one having paid reviewers.

So, to have a natural appearance over the internet, you need to have some negative feedback posted against you and there isn’t any problem with those, unless you have balancing positive reviews.

Feedback to work on

A negative review is a description of lack of satisfactory service experienced by your customer.

You must focus on such reviews and act upon them to change those drawbacks to positive aspects of your business. Thus, you will be able to improve your service, attracting more customers and hence, drop down the negative ratio in a natural manner.

Negative reviews have their own positive impact.

These are the few reasons why you should not delete negative comments and reviews about your business or company. Negative comments have their own impact and people are going to believe in your business.

If you are having only positive comments then people are going to doubt about your services and products because all that glitters is not gold.

Negative comments are going to highlight positive comments. No one is going to trust a business with only positive comments.

Negative comments mean people are getting time to look for the services and have used your products. It is better that you let them where they are and focus on your weaknesses.

There are majority of business owners who believe that negative comments are going to ruin their business which is not true, negative comments have their own importance and positive impact.

Negative comments are going to balance your websites in terms of gaining trust of people.

So, instead of deleting a negative comment, focusing on the problem and acting to provide a healthy resolution will earn you more customers and hence, a better business in the future.

Also make sure that you are responding positively to the negative reviews which are left by people on your websites.

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