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Did you know that you can easily make money even when you are pregnant?

Nobody should ever declare you incapable of engaging in income-generating activities due to your pregnancy.

There are many legitimate side hustles for pregnant moms waiting for you to grab.

Read on and learn the 10 best side hustles for expectant mothers that will help you earn extra money as you wait for the big day. 

Why Side Hustles for Pregnant Moms?

10 Incredibly Stress Free Side Hustles for Pregnant Moms Real Ways to Earn Extra Income While Pregnant 2023

How did your loved ones react when the doctor called you to announce the good news of your pregnancy?

Most likely, congratulations were in order.

Now, the big day is in about eight months, and your mind is already racing because you’ve got so many things to do in preparation for the arrival of the new baby.

You will have to repaint the nursery and purchase assorted baby items like a baby dresser and a new crib.

You’re certainly excited because of this good news.

After celebrating the news and thinking much about what to do to prepare for the arrival of the new member of the family, it doesn’t take long before it dawns on you that you will need money to settle all these expenses.

The new puzzle now is where to get the money.

Don’t worry.

You have faced and conquered a lot of challenges in life, and there is so much you can do instead of sitting idly for months waiting for your baby.

There are plenty of side jobs for pregnant moms that you can do remotely and make money as you enjoy every moment of your pregnancy.

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In this article, we shall explore some of the remote profitable jobs that you can take and earn extra money as a pregnant mother.

10 Incredibly Stress-Free Side Hustles for Pregnant Moms

1.      Writing e-Books

Are you wondering what to do with your spare time?

What about writing an e-book and earning extra money from your creative ideas?

There is a wide range of subjects to choose from for your e-book.

For instance, you can write a short story, a guide on how to adjust to motherhood and life with a baby, your pregnancy journey, etc.

Besides, you don’t have to write the e-book yourself.

If you don’t have time for it, you could consider hiring a ghostwriter through a freelance website to write it for you.

This guide will help you develop and publish your e-book.

2.      Transcription

Transcription tops the list of the most lucrative side jobs for moms looking for ways to make a living while pregnant.

As a transcriptionist, you listen to audio, concentrate on what is being said and write it down.

This is a well-paying freelance job for people with good typing skills.

There are a lot of transcription jobs on platforms like Transcribeme where you can get started and earn extra money from the comfort of your home.

Most transcription sites pay based on the number of words typed or a flat minute or hourly rate.

3.      Social Media Management

Businesses are increasingly creating an online presence, with most of them marketing their brand on social media.

However, most of these businesses lack social media managers to push their brands through these platforms.

Social media management is a job that can be done remotely by anyone, including an expectant mom.

Such businesses can hire you as their social media manager where they will require you to perform various tasks like managing their sites, reviewing site and social media content, and engaging with customers and potential customers.

You will be the manager of the social media sites such as:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • LinkedIn
  • Among others

4.      Coaching and Mentorship

You’re a mother, or you’re soon going to be a mother. You understand what motherhood entails, and have used your experience and coping skills to manage and “juggle” all the roles and experiences that come with motherhood.

You know what it means to play the role of a mother, wife, and member of the family, and nurturing yourself during pregnancy, all at a go.

Why don’t you use this experience and knowledge to start a coaching and mentorship program for women who have found themselves in a similar situation and need support and guidance in playing those roles?

Consultation and mentorship is one of the best side hustles for pregnant moms which you can offer to other women through social media and technology programs.

Besides, these services can be offered through group sessions where you can reach the target audience through conference-type calls.

Like any other consultation program, you can set a flat rate for everyone who participates in your conferencing sessions.

Alternatively, you can charge a fee per person.

5.      Photography

Do you have creative skills for capturing unique photos or pictures?

What about using them to start a photography career?

With knowledge of photography techniques, you can do photo shoots for your family members and clients.

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Besides, you can take pictures of wildlife outside your window and submit them to stock photos internet sites like istockphoto, Dreamstime, Shutterstock, and more.

Additionally, you could start a photography blog or YouTube channel and it won’t take long before you get recognized for your photography work.

6.      Freelance Writing

When most women conceive, one of the most puzzling questions is “How can I make money while pregnant without a job?”.

Freelance writing is a job that anyone with a gift of writing, including pregnant moms.

As a freelance writer, you can land writing gigs on websites like Iwriter and make money to sustain you through the pregnancy.

These websites offer writing opportunities for writers with skills such as:

  • Ghostwriting
  • Creative writing
  • Grant writing
  • Technical writing

7.      Blogging

Imagine the excitement that comes with being a mom or a mom-to-be!

Many women feel the same excitement, but they are worried about how to cope with pregnancy life.

You can start a pregnancy blog during pregnancy and make money online.

Hosting sites like Bluehost help you set up your blog in a few easy steps.

Once you set up your blog, you can start writing blogs that resonate with pregnant mothers who will follow your entries or guides and ideas.

Here is a list of suitable topics for your blog:

  • How to prepare for motherhood
  • Coping with pregnancy life
  • Side hustles for pregnant moms
  • How to make money online while pregnant without a job
  • Among others

Advertise your blog on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to gain followers.

These followers are your prospective customers in case you decide to sell baby products via the blog.

Besides, these followers could be possible sponsors, while others might support you with financial donations.

Blogging could also earn you extra money through affiliate advertising.

8.      YouTube

As a pregnant mom, you can open a YouTube channel and reach like-minded individuals, possibly pregnant mothers.

A viable idea could be to purchase baby products and review them on YouTube.

For instance, you could buy a nursery baby monitor or a crib and take a video as you open the package and evaluate the product, and share the presentation on your YouTube channel.

Videos of baby product reviews can earn you a huge following of expectant mothers who consider your content valuable.

Most of them will use your insights to purchase the products as part of their baby monitoring needs.

9.      Editing and Proofreading

This is a potential side hustle for pregnant moms that you can do remotely and earn extra income.

Editing and proofreading involve reviewing documents and write-ups to check for proper use of grammar, spelling, and sentence structure, and editing them to remove mistakes.

If you know how to follow the rules of grammar and have an eye for detail, taking an editing and proofreading job is a good idea.

A lot of companies advertise remote editing and proofreading positions on freelance sites like Freelancer, and signing up for such websites will help you land such jobs.

10.  Data Entry

Companies are increasingly outsourcing traditional jobs that were once part of the in-office employee work pool.

Most of these companies are focused on downsizing, while others are finding it hard to cope with the high cost of employee health benefits.

As a result, they are outsourcing some jobs like data entry to remote freelancers.

As a pregnant mother without a job, this is an opportunity that you can grab and use to make money.

Remote data entry job requires companies to send data to you via email or other methods.

As the data entry clerk, you need to enter the data into the format requested by your employer.

Data entry jobs require you to be detailed-oriented, and disciplined to ensure that you enter the data in the correct format.

Would you like to take data entry as a side hustle as a pregnant mom?

Freelance websites like Upwork has thousands of such opportunities.

Sign-up for the website and filter jobs requiring the services of data entry experts.

10 Incredibly Stress Free Side Hustles for Pregnant Moms Real Ways to Earn Extra Income While Pregnant 2023

Side Hustles for Pregnant Moms FAQs

What’s the Best Advice Concerning Searching for Side Hustles for Pregnant Moms?

The best advice about side jobs for pregnant moms is that you should take care of yourself and the unborn baby.

Get proper rest, eat a balanced diet, exercise and avoid stress.

Here are some of the Do’s and Don’ts While Working During Pregnancy

Working isn’t always easy for pregnant mothers. If you’re in search of jobs for moms who are pregnant, you should know how to handle symptoms and live a healthy life while working.

Avoid nausea triggers, take short frequent breaks, and eat foods rich in protein and iron.

Get more recommendations on the dos and don’ts of working during pregnancy from Mayo Clinic to ensure safety for yourself and the baby.

Yes, You Can

You’re soon going to be a mom, and your responsibility as a provider started when the doctor called to reveal the good news of your pregnancy.

Taking employment early will save you from the frustrations of getting a baby without prior preparations.

With a side hustle as a pregnant mom, you will not only get congratulated when the baby comes, but you will be proud of having prepared well for the baby’s arrival.

Side jobs for moms come with many rewards, including monetary benefits.

Wrapping it up

While being pregnant comes with a lot of excitement, it means that your family is expanding.

That calls for an expansion in income because the new baby comes with extra needs which you must provide.

Fortunately, there are many side hustles for pregnant moms that you can grab and accomplish remotely to boost your income as a mom-to-be.

10 Incredibly Stress-Free Side Hustles for Pregnant Moms (Real Ways to Earn Extra Income While Pregnant) 2024 by

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