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You can build an online business (affiliate marketing business) with solo ads traffic.

It can be done.

If you’re looking to invest in solo ads traffic then keep reading before you do.

The first thing you need to do is make sure you have a plan.

What’s your strategy for the solo ads traffic?

Are you doing affiliate marketing?

Are you selling your own products?

You must have a proven plan to follow.

Solo Ads Traffic in 2023 - What You NEED to KNOW

If you’re going to pay for solo ads traffic, you better make sure you know you’re going to make your money back and more.

It’s all about ROI.

Return on investment.

If you spend $100 bucks on a solo ad, make sure you’re going to make $500. ;)

You get the point.

If you are on the fence spending money on solo ads traffic, listen to the following advice.

Number One Rule

Never spend your rent money on solo ads.

Hold on there!
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You always want to use money you are okay with losing.

That’s the number one rule when paying for traffic online.

It’s because sometimes you might not get the best return on the investment, and that’s not fun.

This is why you want to do everything in the smartest way possible.

Make the right moves and be prepared for the worst.

You can use free solo ads sites to get you familiar with the whole business.

If you follow the right strategy and implement it consistently, you can get some results with the free solo ads sites.

What I recommend.

Start building your email list.

If you are going to use solo ads traffic for affiliate marketing, I highly recommend you to build an email list.

You can use an email marketing tool like GetResponse (click here to get a free account).

Implement what some call “the bridge strategy”.

This is where you build a capture page where you send all the targeted traffic.

You then redirect people to your affiliate offer and also get to keep their email address.

You can follow up with the people that didn’t buy.

This is the power of email marketing.

You can learn more about this on this post on free solo ads.

Free Solo Ads Traffic Sites List

If you are starting out with solo ads traffic and affiliate marketing – you can use these free solo ads sites to help you get started.

The most important factor.

Remember to use a high converting capture page (lead magnet funnel).

You must put in the work to create a high converting capture page.

If you don’t then you might not be able to accomplish your goals.

You don’t want to lose money when you’re buying solo ads traffic.

You have to do everything right in order to make money with solo ads traffic.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave them in a comment below.

Solo Ads Traffic in 2024 - What You NEED to KNOW by

LEARN The Number One Secret To Build An Email List & Make Money!

Download the eBook - It's FREE! | Click Here |