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Don’t overpay for voice-over services. You can now utilize state of the art software to help you get the job done.

When looking for good text-to-speech software. Should Speechelo be at the top of your list?

I will share with you everything you must know about this new text-to-speech technology. You will be surprised at the potential of this text to speech software.

The Speechelo software might be one of the best text-to-speech software in 2024. But that’s just one man’s opinion.

Here’s an honest review of the Speechelo software.

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Okay, let’s dive into this speechelo review 2024.

 Speechelo Honest Review – READ THIS Before Buying!


If you’re an affiliate marketer, blogger, video creator, or simply an internet marketer, the speechelo software will do wonders for you and your online growth.

It’s amazing how far technology has come. Right.

I have tried multiple text-to-speech robot voices software over the years – to create my explainer videos and such.

I can tell you right now before you even start to read this entire speechelo review, that the speechelo software is BY FAR one of the best text-to-speech voices generator software I have ever tried.

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Let’s start with a simple question.

What is Speechelo?

Speechelo is an A.I. text-to-speech software. It converts simple text into a human-sounding voice. The key factor that separates the Speechelo Software from its competitors, is the tone of voice it adds to the A.I.’s voice. Making the text-to-speech sound as real and as human as possible.

Hold on there!
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Here’s the cool unique feature of speechelo.

When you use a comma or an exclamation point, the A.I. will know how to change its tone of voice to add inflections and sound as human as possible.

Isn’t that an amazing technology?

The opportunities online open up even more now.

Just think about it. You can use this technology to your advantage and create cool and interesting content for the internet.

If you would like to get some ideas on what could you use speechelo for, keep reading below for helpful tips.

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Onto the next question.

Is Speechelo legit?


I saw this question in a few online forums. I had to address it.

The speechelo software is legit. No doubt about it. Hands down one of the best text-to-speech software in 2020. Go through this entire speechelo review before making your purchase if you are still wondering.

Is Speechelo any good?

The answer is YES. The speechelo software works great for anyone looking to create voice-over for any type of video. The voices generated by speechelo are amazingly good. You can get real-sounding voices in an instant and in multiple languages. I’d highly recommend you give speechelo a try to see for yourself.

Now let’s talk about how someone like you can use the speechelo software and benefit from it.

What can you use Speechelo for?

There are many things you can accomplish with the speechelo software. If you are creative enough, you can do a lot. This text-to-speech software goes well with very creative minds.

After reading this review, and purchasing speechelo, I’d highly recommend you take a moment to brainstorms your goals with this text-to-speech software and how you are going to accomplish them.

Here’s a simple list of the possible uses for speechelo.

  • Voice-over Videos

  • Educational Videos

  • Audiobooks

  • Training Videos

  • Sales Videos

  • Lead Magnet Videos

  • Review Videos

  • Informational Videos

  • Demonstration Videos

  • Video Tutorials

  • Storytelling Videos

  • Blog Post Audiobook

  • Local Business Videos

As you can imagine, you can do a lot with this new text-to-speech software. Once you have the speechelo software in your hands – you can start creating right away.

It’ll be one of your best tools for your internet marketing strategies – guaranteed.

I’m going to share some ideas on how you can benefit from the speechelo software. Let’s begin.

Grow a Youtube Channel

Think about the endless opportunities with such text-to-speech technology. If you know how to grow a Youtube channel – or maybe you are currently learning how to do it – the speechelo software is a golden tool. Get it and use it.

Smart Blogging

If you are a blogger, you can easily turn your blog posts into audiobooks. And if you want to maximize this feature on your blog, you can bundle up a few blog posts and offer them for download in exchange for an email.

You will be able to grow a subscriber’s list from your blog by doing this. And this brings me to the next tip.

Smart Email Marketing

You can turn your knowledge into audiobooks and offer them for free as a lead magnet. This will help you grow a targeted email list fast (if you know what you’re doing). The number one rule in internet marketing – start building your email list.


You can start selling voice-overs or animated videos with voice-over in different marketplaces online. One great place is

Please take note; if you want to do this (selling voice-overs), you would need to upgrade to the PRO version of speechelo to get the Commercial Licence.

These are some great ideas for you to use speechelo and start building an income online. Don’t hesitate too much about it and just get speechelo.


Speechelo Software Features

  • NEW A.I. Software (100% Human-Sounding Voices).

  • Transform ANY Text Into Real-Sounding Speech.

  • Control Pauses for the Voice.

  • Control the Speed.

  • The Only Text-to-Speech Engine that Adds Inflections in the A.I.’s Voice.

  • Over 30 Human-Sounding Voices with Different Tone of Voice.

  • 3 Different Tones of Voice: Normal Tone, Joyful Tone, Serious Tone.

  • Easy-to-Use Click and Play Interface.

  • Works in [English] and 23 Other Languages.

  • Male & Female (Adult & Kid) Voices Included.

  • Instant Text Language Translator.

  • Background Music Library.

  • Works with Any Video Creation Software: Camtasia, Adobe Premiere, iMovie, Audacity, etc.

Speechelo Honest Review – READ THIS Before Buying!

Legendary Marketer by David Sharpe - Frequently Asked Questions

The Speechelo text to speech software is packed with all of the tools you need to create the best audio for your text (content). Don’t hesitate to give it a chance!

Speechelo Pros and Cons


You can easily create text to speech voice-overs with a few clicks.

Access the Speechelo software online (cloud-based). There’s nothing to download or install.

The standard version comes with 30 voices.

User-friendly interface. Super easy to navigate.

The A.I.’s voice sounds 100% human (with selected voices).


The standard version has a character limit (5000 characters).

The standard version has a limit on the number of audio files you can merge (only 10 at a time).

There are three other upgrades (pro, elite, worldwide).

The pro version has a recurring fee every 90 days.

The elite version has a monthly recurring fee.

The worldwide (tube add-on) version is a one-time payment.

The less you pay for the software the more limited features you have. Other than that – this text-to-speech software is great!

How does Speechelo work exactly?

The truth here is, you don’t need to know the technical aspect of how the speechelo A.I. software works. What you need to know is HOW you can benefit from such text-to-speech software.

If you are wondering how you (literally) use it – it’s simple.

To use speechelo, you will need to go to the login page and log in to the dashboard. Then, type in the text you want the A.I. to read, choose the voice and tone of voice you want and that’s it.

It’s advised to create your voice-over in small chunks and then merge them together.

Plain and simple.

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to use the speechelo software. There is nothing to download or install on your computer.

I have to admit, the people behind speechelo did a great job with the entire software. I like the fact that it is cloud-based (online). Not only that, but I can access this text-to-speech software on any computer with internet access.

Now that you are learning more about speechelo, you might be wondering about the pricing. And that’s what we’re talking about next.

Speechelo Price

If you can afford a cup of coffee from Starbucks every day or almost every day. I think you should be able to afford Speechelo.

If you are considering investing in this text-to-speech software, below we’ll break down the different upgrades and their current price.

Standard Version

(Currently 53% OFF) $47 / one-time fee / [click here]

Comes with 30 voices. There is a word limit to create a voice-over. The character limit in the standard version is 5,000. You are also limited to the number of voice-overs you can merge at one time (only 10 at a time).

The standard version is very basic but it is enough to get you started creating amazing real human-sounding voice-overs.

PRO Upgrade

$47 / quarterly

The Speechelo pro upgrade includes the Commercial License. This license permits you to profit from the voice-overs you create by selling them in any marketplace online.

In the standard version of speechelo, you only get 30 different voices. In the pro version, you get 60+ voices to choose from.

You also get 4x the amount of characters you can type into the software to create a voice-over than in the standard version. This means you can create longer voice-overs faster. You’ll also get to merge more (than 10) voice-overs with one click.

Another cool feature you get with the pro version is it gives you access to a library of background music you can add to your voice-over. It comes with over 40 tracks in different genres. This is a great feature in the pro version of speechelo – it allows you to add music background to your voice-over instantly.

ELITE Upgrade

$27 / monthly

The elite version of speechelo offers you even more voices to choose from. By upgrading to the elite version you will get an additional 100+ voices. This is an insane amount of different A.I. voices in multiple languages and accents.

WORLDWIDE Upgrade / Tube Add-on

$37 / one-time fee

The Speechelo worldwide upgrade (which is an add-on feature), will give you the power to copy the script of a Youtube video instantly and create a BRAND-NEW voice-over with it. You also have the option to INSTANTLY TRANSLATE the youtube video’s script into any language supported.

What is the Tube Add-on?

The Tube Add-on is a feature where you can use a Youtube video that has Captions and instantly turn it into a brand new different voice. You can also translate it instantly into another language since the Tube Add-on is part of the Speechelo Worldwide Upgrade.

This is a nice extra feature if you are planning to create videos on different languages and want to save some time.

The Tube Add-on allows you to copy a youtube video’s script. And the worldwide upgrade gives you the ability to translate into any other language instantly.


I think it’s demo time.

Speechelo Software Demo

By now you probably want to watch a demo. Below you will find two helpful videos.

Take a look inside the speechelo software dashboard. It has an easy-to-navigate interface. I think anybody and everybody should be able to use this text-to-speech software with ease.

Let’s take a look.

Video brought to you thanks to ICO Addict

Wondering how the different A.I. voices sound like?

You’re not alone. I wondered the same thing when I was first looking into the speechelo software.

Here is a helpful video showing you the different voices inside speechelo.

Video brought to you thanks to ICO Addict

And the last question.

Are there any speechelo alternatives?

As far as I’m concerned, there is other text-to-speech software out there. But when you compare them to speechelo, there is a big difference in the quality of the A.I.’s voice. Speechelo wins hands down. At least at the moment.

But if I were to recommend another text-to-speech software other than speechelo – I’d say to try the text-to-speech software that comes inside a tool called Vidnami. Click here to get a free trial.

Do you have any other suggestions? Please let us know in a comment below.

Wrapping it up

In conclusion, speechelo software can be the best text-to-speech software in 2020 easy. There is no doubt about it.

The people behind speechelo did an amazing job with the technology and also with the user interface. Although there is always room for improvement, it is fair to say that speechelo is well-worth its price and maybe more.

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If you have any other questions or comments you’d like to add please do that below. Thank you for coming by!

Text-To-Speech Software Speechelo Honest Review 2024 - READ THIS Before Buying! by

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