The Best 5 Lead Generation Ideas

5 Lead Generation Ideas that work – these are by far the best lead generation ideas you can use for your online business.

Lead generation is very important for any business, without costumers a business wouldn’t exist. Remember that is also important to have a sales funnel that converts well for you to generate as many leads as you can.The Best 5 Lead Generation Ideas

You also need to learn how to get more good leads instead of bad leads – eventually you will learn that 30 good leads are more valuable than 300 crappy leads.

Of course as a beginner you will work your way up to the good leads – just start building an email list as soon as possible!..

… anyone trying to make money online will have better results with an email list.

Most people say that the money is in the list – I’m pretty sure you have heard of it. The real truth is that the money is in the relationship with your list. When you build a list – you need to make sure you build a good relationship with everyone in it.

You could have about 1200 leads in your Aweber account and not make more than $200 – $300 a month – while someone else around the corner has about 800 leads and is making about $800 – $850 a month.

The best way to make a lot of money without having to build a “good” relationship with your list is by growing a huge list – so big that you could sell almost anything and get at least one sale every time.

5 lead generation ideas:

  • SEO
  • Content
  • Ads
  • Banners
  • Social Networks

More than just lead generation ideas these are the best ways to generate leads.

These different methods of lead generation are the ones most successful internet marketers use to build their list every day. You will find free and paid ways to build an email list – you can start however you want depending on your budget.

The best way to generate leads for free is by doing SEO and writing a lot of Content. SEO can be tricky and confusing for a newbie – creating content on the other hand is much easier and it can pay off really good if you create a lot of it.

Let me tell a bit more about these 5 lead generation ideas – pay attention!

SEO – Is by far the best way to generate leads on autopilot – it takes work and time but the results are long term – the traffic is also targeted so you can expect a lot of leads.

All you need to do is a Keyword Research – Select a low competition keyword – write an article on it – create backlinks to the page – and you are on your way to rank up in the search engines. You can learn more on SEO in this website.

Content – This is almost like the SEO idea but the difference is that content marketing takes more time and writing.

If you don’t really understand SEO nor have a hard time getting it right – is okay.

While you learn SEO – don’t implement it until you have completely learned it – write as much as you can in your personal blog.Share valuable information with others every day and eventually you will have a lot of readers – your blog will also become popular in the search engines.

Your site then will rank up in long term keywords – it’s not a lot of traffic but it adds up. The more valuable content you put up the more traffic you can pick up for free.

Ads – This is where you can get creative, there are many ways to advertise online and offline. This a great way to generate leads – it takes mostly money and can generate results almost instantly.

You can pay for Magazine Ads on a lot of niches – you can also advertise in the Newspapers – what about magnetic ads to put on your car? You can do that too.

You can get business cards or pass around flyers – what about local radio stations?

– You see here, you can get creative with the ways you advertise your online business – all it takes is a good amount of money to test what works and what doesn’t for you. Learn more about this in this site.

Banners – This is similar to the paid ads lead generation idea above, the only difference is that you can advertise with banners for free. (you could also pay for banner ads if you wanted to) – Have you ever heard of Banner Exchange Sites?

There are many website owners out there that will exchange banner impressions with you – now because this becomes a network of people doing the same thing – it can generate you a lot of leads for free.

There are a lot of sites that offer this type of banner exchange service. Stay tuned for a list of these banner exchange sites. If you don’t have a banner or would like to create your own – bookmark this site for future post I will be writing on how you can create your own tools.

I usually use Photoshop but there are some free tools. Anyways, a good banner can generate you a lot of leads – consider this lead generation idea!

Social Networks – If you like to check your Facebook or Twitter every hour then that means you like the social networks and wouldn’t mind talking to people.

Building relationships with people is a good way to get leads – go to a Forum or Social Network Group related to your niche and chat with people.

Be careful; do not try to sell to people right away – offer those short solutions to their problems and then create a product that will solve their biggest problem.

By then they should trust you and they know you are there to help them.The people that you meet in these forums and groups will be long term costumers – is like having 5 thousand friends that want to make money online – you suggest something to them and some of them will buy.

Facebook Groups are good places to meet new people in your niche – just search for them. Learn more about Social Networks in this site.

These are the best lead generation ideas and ways to make sales online.

…in my opinion of course – what do you think?

 If you have any lead generation ideas of your own – please share them in the comments below.

There could be a lot more lead generation ideas, but the ones I use, which are most of the one I have mentioned above, they work great – they can generate leads on autopilot if you really know what you’re doing.

For more lead generation ideas, stay tuned to this site!


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