The Best Blogging Tips Online Are Here!

Are you someone who would like to make money from your own blog online?Or maybe you already have a blog but you are not making enough money yet….

Whatever your case is….you will learn the best blogging tips online on this site.

The main goal of this information, is to help someone who has no clue on how to get started blogging online and how to make money with it, – to making money blogging online in their first 90 days or so.

Of course, it will be a challenge, for anyone and everyone new online, but it is NOT IMPOSSIBLE. I hope you agree with me on that.

There is no point on following the information I share on this site, if you are not going to take it very seriously. You MUST be willing to TAKE MASSIVE ACTION and never give up.

Becoming a successful blogger takes time, effort, and a HUGE desire to make it happen. The knowledge to become a successful blogger is already here, and it’s just a matter of how bad you want to make it a reality in your life!?…

The best blogging tips online can  be found on this site – just make sure you are following it and you dig around for the information you need.

Here are some of the things you will need to get started blogging online:

  • A Niche
  • A Domain Name
  • A Hosting Service
  • A Blogging Platform
  • A Clean & Simple Website Template/Theme
  • A Capture Page
  • An Auto-Responder
  • Affiliate Products or you own Products
  • Internet Marketing Knowledge
  • Internet Marketing Tools

These are very simple things to get, aren’t they? ….

Would you agree?? … maybe if you are a newbie here .. this might not seem “too” simple….

You will have to put everything together and follow a website-building process. It will always take a lot of work and time, at the beginning of building anything.

I’m not going to explain every single thing in details about how you can build a blog site from scratch (I have video tutorials for that here) – I’ll leave that for another blog post.

I will share with you the process to get started blogging online and start driving traffic to it, so you can start making money online from the revenue to your blog.

The process is very simple but following it seems to have a bit of a bad reputation amongst the newbies online.

And what I really mean by “bad” …I mean “challenging” ….. it looks like more than 90% of the people who try building a successful blog online… will fail!

Not everyone follows everything and will actually do the necessary work DAILY but everyone complains….right! …. Ironic uh!

You need to be as consistent as you can ever be in your life, and you need to do the work as often as possible. The more the better. If you want to get your brand new blog off the ground and become a successful blogger online, you will need to publish fresh content on your blog, on a daily basis if possible. Especially when you are new online.

You have to be all over the internet for a while, until you build up a following and get a good daily traffic flow to your blog.

You want to get noticed as a valuable blogger online.

Once people start liking and trusting the content you share on your blog – they tend to follow you by following the blog.

This really builds up over time, when you are very consistent.

People like to read new fressh, interesting & valuable content, all the time.

But if you think about it, most information online is just the same information written in a different way, from a different perspective.

We can say then, that people might actually look for the information that is told in a different and unique way.

They want to listen to this guy more than to this other guy, even though they are talking about the same exact thing! –Get it? …

Everyone has a different way of writing and talking. You can really see the difference on the tone of voice from one blogger to another.

We all have different ways of expressing and sharing the information we know.

You can’t never tell yourself that you cannot write a blog post on a certain subject, just because you saw another blogger blog about it already.

This is small thinking, and if you think like this, then maybe you will not make it very far in the blogging world.

Here are the simple Steps you will need to follow every day, when you want to start blogging online:


    • Write a Search Engine Optimized Blog Post with the keyword you chose. Make sure is Valuable, Unique and Interesting.


    • Once the blog post is Published, Share it in as many Social Networks as possible. Try to get a lot of Social Network Shares.


    • Record a Tutorial Video or just a Simple Video talking about your blog posts subject. Upload it to and/or Facebook or any other video site you want.
      [This is optional and you don’t have to do it daily but it is highly recommended for better results.]


    • Publish unique content related to your Blog Post on your other Blog Sites (if you have more blogs) with a Backlink to your Blog Post. [It doesn’t have to be daily but do it very consistently]


  • Market/Promote your Blog Post as much as possible. Go really crazy here, and drive as much traffic as possible to your blog posts. Use many Internet Marketing Strategies. If you have some money, learn about paid advertising and invest on targeted traffic to your blog.

Do you think you can do this every day? …or at least 5 times a week?…

And take note that the hard work here, will most likely be at the beginning.

Those who are already earning a lot of money online, can tell you that it actually becomes a lot easier to make more money, when  you start earning good money.

You actually work less, when your income goes up, online.

And that is because you can outsource a lot of things and automate a lot of processes.

The internet with a lot of money, can really help you turn your computer to an ATM machine. LOL 😀

So are you really serious about building a successful blog online!?? ….

I really hope so! …and if you get any results with this information I will really appreciate your feedback in a comment below.

Here are more valuable blogging tips I’m going to share with you today……

– Learn How to Monetize your Blog Site Very Well!Learn How to Monetize your Blog!

The way you monetize your blog site is very important. You should be split-testing and often working on improving conversion numbers.

A blog site very well-monetized, can make all the difference.

Use different tracking links on different advertising methods on your blog, to find out what gets you more clicks.

For a self-hosted WordPress Blog, you can use a Plugin called “Pretty Link Lite” to track the clicks to different links.

You can also track the clicks of a url on a blog post.

Tracking clicks and testing different things to find out what works the best, so you can do it as many times as you want to keep getting the same results, is one of the best things you can do to profit the most from your blog.

– Use an Email Marketing Software to Capture Leads and Build a List!

I’m sure you have heard about building a list and how the money is in “the list”.

Build a List and Make Money from it!

An email list, with targeted leads, can really become a great source of free traffic for you.

Put a Capture Form somewhere on your Blog’s Sidebar and at the bottom of your blog posts.

You can also use a Sticky Widget with a capture form, so it will always be visible for the visitor.

There is one WordPress plugin I use to have a Sticky Widget. This plugin is called “Q2W3 Fixed Widget”.

Learn what your visitors want and offer them something they will be interested in, and be willing to give their emails for.

Once you start building an email list, the next step would be to follow-up with the leads.

You can automate this part of the process, by setting up some pre-written follow-up email series.

How often you send an email to your subscribers can depend on you.

There are no determined numbers or permanent rule to how often you should be emailing your list.

To make it easier, let me say that the most often you should email your list, should be two times a day.

Some people might say two times a day is “too much”.

But the reality is that I’ve seen and heard of people who email their list as much as twice a day and make a bunch of money every time.

What you can do as a blogger, you can set up a series of emails about your most valuable blog posts.

Keep sending people back to your old content to help you get better ranking in the search engines.

If you build a list very consistently and all you email them about is your blog’s best content, that means consistent traffic to your content.

Consistent traffic to your old content, can help you get good rankings in the search engines.

There are a couple of email marketing services you can choose from….

Email Marketing Tools

Tiny Letter→click here!

This is a Free Email Marketing Tool you can use. The signup form you can create here is elegant and easy to edit, so you can make TinyLetter your own.


Mail Chimp→click here!

More than 5 million people use MailChimp to design and send email marketing campaigns. You can sign up for a free account and start using this email marketing tool.


Aweber→click here!

One of the best auto-responder software online. This is one popular email marketing software used by millions of marketers online. Take a free test drive!


iContact→click here!

Another email marketing tool to use. You can also get started for free using this powerful tool.


Get Response→click here!

Just another email marketing tool to use online. You can get started for free here.


GoGVO→click here!

GVO offers you a lot of marketing tools. Their email marketer tool is amongst the best ones out there and the one to use for internet marketers. Check it out!

If you know some HTML or want to try to create your own Capture Pages from scratch, I have a good post with a video tutorial, to help you out. Read this post about creating HTML Pages from Scratch.

– Write Epic Blog Posts!

Content is king. Write Epic Shit!!

Content that Ranks, is King.

The point is that content is a very important part of blogging.

And blogging is actually all about information, content.

With that in mind, you need to realize that in order to become successful at blogging, you will need to be successful at writing.

And not just writing cool blog posts… but epic shit! …

I’m serious.

The best blog posts will be the ones that are not necessarily “really long”, but are very unique and present very valuable information in a very interesting way that makes you want to keep reading until the end.

It is crazy how much you can do by putting words in a good order, make them mean something and send a message to other people like that.

That is the power of words through writing.

I don’t think it would hurt you to learn more about writing, the grammar, and how to become a better writer.

You can either pay for training to become a better writer or you can use the power of the internet and the free information you can find on Youtube and by searching on Google.

Become a better writer, and always keep learning new knowledge and information.

Always keep evolving as a human being, and share your knowledge with others through your blog.

– Make sure your Content is easy to be Shared on Social Networks!

This is something that I’m just going to talk about. I haven’t seen too many people talk about this.

Make Sure You Share This Blog Post Too!! :)

From time to time, I come across new blogs online, and I notice that the blog post page does not have a Social Network Button anywhere, or just one or two all the way at the bottom.

If you want to take advantage of the free traffic the social networks can send you, then you need to take care of the viral-ability structure of your blog’s theme and design.

You should at least have a Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Stumble Upon, Pinterest Button, at the bottom of your blog post and pages. And an option for more social networks, if possible.

I would also recommend to put some social network buttons at the top of the blog post.

Just make sure your posts and pages are easy to be shared by your visitors, and also encourage them to do so.

– Build a Facebook Fan Page for your Blog!Create a Cool Facebook Fan Page for your Blog!

A Facebook Fan Page can help you get consistent free traffic to your blog.

Try to create your own logo and cover photo for your blog and your blog’s Facebook Fan Page.

You can do it yourself or pay someone else to do it for you.

You can go to and pay $5 to someone who is good at creating great graphics.

Post on your Facebook Fan Page very consistently.

Right now, I’m posting a link to one of my old blog posts on the Facebook Fan Page for this blog, about every 4 hours.

I do the same for the Twitter Account – which by the way – just got a cooler Profile Page! 🙂 ..

Just be consistent with the value you provide on your Facebook Fan Page for your blog and build up the Likes to it.

– Build up your Social Network Following!Build a Social Network Following!

Another good way of driving free traffic to your blog posts, are social networks and the relationships you create in them.

I always recommend people to keep learning new knowledge, and new information, as often as possible.

By doing this all the time, you will have a lot more information to share on your blogs and social networks.

One of the best ways of building up a following on the social networks, is by constantly posting new, valuable, and interesting content on them.

Try to also engage with everyone who leaves a comment, and the people who shared your content as well.

Building up a big following on different social networks, takes time and effort. It is a process you need to work on, one day at a time.

But you certainly do get to a point, where your following takes a “snowball effect”, and can start growing rapidly for a little while, almost on autopilot.

It is a matter of working consistently and doing all of the right things.

How bad do you want to build a successful blog online? … and a successful business online with that!? …

Blogging might not be the quickest way to get a lot of traffic online, and make a lot of money really fast, but it is a long-term marketing machine, that has the potential of becoming your best and most valuable asset ever!

Think about this….

If you built up a blog, that gets about 5k+ visitors a day, every single day, very consistently…… how much money would you be able to earn from that revenue, every single month!? …

What do you think?? ..

do you have any valuable blogging tips? … what is your blogging story? … what else can you add to these blogging tips? … leave your comments below! …. 😀

I hope this post was helpful to you and I want to congratulate you for making it all the way here….. thanks for reading all this, alright!!

Make sure you are following me and this blog site for more valuable blogging tips, internet marketing strategies, and making money online. I really appreciate your support – share this post on the social networks! 😀

I wish you the best of the best!! ..


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    I found this post shared on, the Internet marketing social news site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

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